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Shoes To Wear With Black Jeans: Options For Men And Women

Shoes To Wear With Black Jeans: Options For Men And Women

A pair of black jeans is a clothing item that most men and women own in their closets. They’re a safe option whenever you don’t know what to wear. But sometimes we all struggle with the simplest things, so it’s no surprise that you’re wondering what shoes to wear with black jeans.

It may seem easy, but choosing footwear that matches your black pants isn’t always a piece of cake. Why? Because of the color.

The general advice is to pair black with complementing darker shades such as burgundy, dark brown, dark green, and of course, black. But, if you plan on wearing your jeans with sneakers, you can break the rule with a lighter color of shoes – even white will work great with your black denim.

Now that you have some basic guidelines, let’s see which shoes work best with these black pants. We have answers for both men and women.

What shoes to wear with black jeans: Tips for guys

Shoes To Wear With Black Jeans: Options For Men And Women

We all know that guys are simple and don’t like to complicate things. So, no wonder they love wearing black jeans. And who can blame them?

Darker denim is easy to wear, as it’s suitable for different occasions and you can dress it up or down. These are all logical explanations for why some men consider black jeans a real staple.

If you’re struggling with pairing your black denim with shoes, then keep on reading. The following footwear options will make your life easier.

1. Chelsea boots

Black jeans can look classy when you style them with the right pair of shoes. During cold, winter months, Chelsea boots are a great option when you want to look put-together but don’t feel like wearing formal shoes.

Choose boots in dark brown or black and they’ll match your jeans perfectly. In less than a minute, you’ll look smart and all dressed up.

2. Chukka boots

When you’re getting ready for a more formal event, give chukkas a try. Combined with slim-fit black jeans and a darker shirt, these boots will round the whole outfit together and make you look like you know what you’re doing.

These boots are not as casual as Chelsea boots, which makes them suitable for occasions when you need to dress up but don’t feel like wearing dressy pants and a pair of Oxfords.

A combo of chukka boots and black jeans is perfect for company parties and even date nights. You’ll look and feel terrific, without sacrificing comfort.

Chukka boots are both practical and stylish – it doesn’t get any better than that, right guys?

3. Sneakers

You can’t go wrong with sneakers. They’re a safe choice you rely on whenever you have no idea what shoes to wear.

You can pair your favorite sneakers with black jeans and look great. These shoes are a saving grace and they work well for different occasions.

Wear them when you’re going for a drink with the boys or heading to the office for the day. Just make sure to choose the right style of sneakers that fit the occasion and you’re good to go.

Another great thing about pairing your favorite black jeans with kicks is that there are no limitations on shoe color. As already mentioned, darker jeans should usually be paired with darker footwear. But sneakers are an exception.

You can easily wear black jeans with white sneakers and still look stylish. Since they’re relaxed, casual footwear, they won’t contrast with your black jeans. Instead, they’ll complement each other and create an easy-going, effortless outfit.

4. Loafers

Usually, loafers are best paired with dressy pants, but they can also look cool with a suitable pair of black jeans. If you own a pair of slim-fit denim, you can easily wear it with trendy loafers.

When you want to look more business-professional, match the loafer-and-jeans combo with a polo shirt. If you’re going for a more relaxed look, throw on a basic tee and an overshirt.

Loafers are a good option for in-between seasons when you’re not really sure what shoes to wear. And what’s great about them is that you can use them to make the whole outfit more or less formal, depending on your needs.

In short, they’re a shoe staple that should have a permanent place in your closet.

What shoes to wear with black jeans as a woman

Shoes To Wear With Black Jeans: Options For Men And Women

I don’t think there’s a woman out there who doesn’t own a pair of black jeans. Whenever you don’t know what to wear, put on your favorite pair of black denim and you’re all set. They’re a safe option, that’s for sure.

But sometimes, it can be hard to pair them with appropriate shoes. You would assume that black goes well with everything, but some footwear just doesn’t seem to match your black jeans.

If you’re also battling with styling shoes with black pants, let me give you some footwear options to match your denim perfectly.

1. High heels

Heels of almost any color will go well with black jeans, especially when you want to get all dressed up.

The style of the jeans doesn’t matter much since simple, pointed heels will match almost every type of black jeans. Mom jeans, bootcut jeans, or skinny jeans – they all look good with a classic pair of heels.

When it comes to shoe color, it’s really up to you. Black, red, nude, or tan will all look good when paired with black denim. Black is probably the safest choice and the great thing about wearing an all-black outfit is that you’ll get the effect of elongated legs.

2. Ankle boots

Ankle boots are always a winner. Combat boots, lug boots, lace-up boots – there are so many options out there, and I guarantee all of them will work great with your black jeans. Just be aware of the style of your denim and make sure the boots match it.

What’s great about ankle boots is that they’re fabulous for many different occasions. If you need something business casual, wear pointed-toe ankle boots. If you want to go for brunch with friends, choose a flat pair of boots for comfortable wear.

Ankle boots are truly versatile – you can style them however you want. From feminine to edgy looks, they’re a reliable option that won’t ever let you down.

When paired with black jeans, your boots can be any color you like. Black, brown, tan, or even hot pink can look amazing with darker denim. There are no limits!

3. Slingback heels

Classy, stylish, feminine – that’s their best description. These shoes have the ability to dress up any outfit, even something as simple as black jeans.

If you want to make your jeans a bit more formal with something other than your usual pumps, then slingback heels are a fabulous option. These are trendy shoes that will likely never go out of style.

The main thing about them is that you need to know how to style them properly. They’ll do the rest of the work.

The market is bursting with different options of slingback shoes. From more simple ones to those that scream bling! You can also play with the height of the heel.

My personal favorite is slingback kitten heels. They’re usually extremely comfy, but what’s even better about them is that they make you feel like you’re a real movie star (at least that’s how I feel when I wear them).

If you’re still unsure about them but would love to give them a try, then go on and get yourself a pair of nude or black slingback heels. These two colors are easiest to style with a number of different outfits and then you can make a final decision if you like them or not.

4. Loafers

Another trendy option to pair with black jeans is loafers. These shoes are versatile and depending on their style, you can wear them for both formal or casual occasions.

Loafers are good for everyday wear since they’re comfortable and easy to pair with the rest of the outfit. With a little effort, they can make you look like you’ve just stepped out of an important business meeting.

So, you can wear them however you want, whenever you want and they’ll always look great.

5. Sneakers

Shoes To Wear With Black Jeans: Options For Men And Women

And we’re finishing this article with the most versatile footwear of all, our beloved sneakers. These shoes are indispensable for everyday wear. But get yourself a pair of business-casual kicks and you’ll be able to wear them to work as well.

The color of your sneakers doesn’t matter since all of them will go well with your black jeans. Just pay attention to the style of the denim since chunky kicks, for example, won’t look great with skinny jeans.

Shoes To Wear With Black Jeans: Options For Men And Women