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Can You Wear On Cloud Shoes With Jeans? A Fashion Crime?

Can You Wear On Cloud Shoes With Jeans? A Fashion Crime?

With the rise of a healthy lifestyle, active footwear has become a part of everyone’s closet. But wearing your favorite, comfortable sneakers outside the gym isn’t a crime, right? Can you, for example, wear your On Cloud shoes with jeans? Is that an option?

Someone once told you that your running shoes aren’t made for everyday activities and you followed this rule to a tee. You avoided wearing your gym sneakers outside of the gym, but now you feel like you’re missing out on something.

Wherever you look, there are stylish men and women rocking their running sneakers with jeans or dresses. When did this become okay? Does it mean that you can finally wear your comfy On Clouds when running errands?

Can you wear On Cloud shoes with jeans?

Can You Wear On Cloud Shoes With Jeans Is It A Fashion Crime

Let’s face it. We live in a world where you can wear whatever you want whenever you want and call it fashion. I’m not complaining. As a matter of fact, I love the idea of wearing what makes you happy without having to follow some lame rules.

We all have the right to feel comfortable in our own skin and if that means wearing running shoes with denim, then no one should have the freedom to tell you that you can’t do that.

So, if you’re wondering if you can wear your favorite On Cloud shoes with jeans, the answer is a resounding yes! This street style look is getting more popular and we’re up for it.

4 tips on styling your On Cloud shoes with jeans

Now you know you’re allowed to wear your running shoes outside the gym (or running court), you probably can’t wait to style them with your favorite pair of jeans. It’s such a laid-back and effortless look, but what excites you the most is you know you’ll be comfy all day long.

In order to look your best, we’ve prepared some tips to help you put together an appropriate outfit with On Cloud shoes.

1. Be creative

Wearing running sneakers with jeans will require a bit of creativity. You don’t want to end up looking like a clown, but at the same time, you don’t want to go for all the basics like a plain Jane.

To ensure you don’t look as if you’ve randomly thrown clothes together, make sure that the color of your sneakers matches the rest of your outfit.

Also, just because you’re wearing active footwear with jeans, it doesn’t mean that you have to wear a hoodie on top. Rather opt for a bomber or even a leather jacket if you’re feeling extra edgy.

If you choose a leather jacket, be sure to go for a darker pair of On Cloud shoes. This will balance out your top and bottom half without making you look awkward.

All in all, don’t be afraid to experiment. When you first start wearing running shoes with everyday clothing, you’ll probably make a couple of mistakes with styling them.

But with a bit of persistence, you’ll soon understand your body proportions and what looks good on you. Wear whatever you like, think out of the box, and I’m sure you’ll become a master of styling athletic footwear with casual clothing.

2. Go for ripped jeans for a relaxed vibe

The fact that you want to wear On Cloud shoes with jeans proves that you consider comfort important. This outfit is made for those of you who are fans of a relaxed, easy-going look.

The easiest way to achieve this vibe is to choose a suitable type of jeans. Ripped jeans are a good example since they’re casual and easy to style.

Paired with On Cloud shoes, you’ll get a chilled outfit, perfect for on-the-go days.

3. Wear cropped jeans for a better overall look

Can You Wear On Cloud Shoes With Jeans Is It A Fashion Crime

Another important thing to mention when wearing running sneakers with jeans is to pay attention to the length of your denim.

Full-length straight-leg jeans aren’t the best with On Cloud shoes – they’ll cover your sneakers, and the whole outfit won’t look as appealing. Bootcut jeans that cover most of your kicks aren’t a good choice either.

You need something cropped so your shoes can enjoy their full glory. If you don’t own a pair of cropped jeans, don’t worry. You can always cuff your pants to the length that suits you best.

If you don’t believe me, then try it for yourself. Roll up the pants of your jeans and notice the difference. The whole outfit will look ten times better if your denim doesn’t cover up your shoes.

4. Match your On Clouds with the rest of your outfit

Pink shoes, dark denim jeans, and a yellow top. Does this sound like a well-matched outfit? Or does it sound like something out of a cartoon strip?

Matching the color of your On Cloud shoes with the rest of your outfit is crucial. You can’t wear light-washed jeans, a flowery top, and black sneakers. This combo doesn’t work, no matter how much you love all the individual items in it.

When wearing a pair of lighter jeans, also opt for a lighter shade of sneakers. That way, your shoes won’t contrast with your pants and the whole outfit will look more put together.

Best On Cloud shoes currently on the market

Now that you have some tips on styling your running shoes with jeans, you may want to expand your collection of kicks. Since you’re reading this, you probably already own a pair of On Cloud shoes, but perhaps this is the right time for another!

1. On Cloud 5

ON Mens Cloudflow Mesh Alloy Magnet Trainers 9.5 US
$139.99 $132.94
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03/18/2024 11:50 am GMT

On their official website, On Running promises that these shoes provide next-level comfort. Exactly what you need, right?

These sneakers are extremely lightweight and perfect for those days when you know you’ll be walking a lot. With On Cloud 5, you won’t struggle with painful feet since their cushioned soles are there to absorb the shock you usually experience with uncomfortable shoes.

Another great thing about these sneakers is that they come in almost 20 colors. You’re sure to find a shade that works best with the color palette of your wardrobe. The only issue you could face is choosing – with all the options, you may want to buy more than one pair!

On Cloud 5 is an easy choice when you need comfortable running shoes you can wear outside of the gym. Once you put them on, you’ll want to wear them each and every day.

2. On Cloudmonster

ON Running Cloudmonster Men's Sneakers, Acai/Aloe, 9
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03/18/2024 11:55 am GMT

These shoes definitely have a well-suited name. With their thick soles, you’ll most certainly feel as if you’re walking on huge, fluffy, monster clouds.

They are not as sleek as Cloud 5s, but they’re a great choice when you need that extra support and cushioning. Put them on and you’ll give your feet the royal treatment, that’s for sure.

Once you’re done with your running session, please don’t take these shoes off. Your feet deserve to experience the beauty of walking in On Cloudmonster the whole day long.

I’m not overreacting. These sneakers are one of the most comfortable shoes on the market right now.

We salute the brand – they clearly know how to do their job. Well done!

3. On Cloudnova

ON Cloudnova Shoe - Women's White/Violet, 7.0
$160.00 $135.00
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03/18/2024 11:55 am GMT

These shoes are a stylish version of your typical running sneakers. They have all it takes in order to be considered great for running, but at the same time, their aesthetic won’t disappoint.

On Cloudnova has a simple design but the manufacturers didn’t want to exclude the brand’s famous cloud-like soles. That’s why they’re one of the most comfortable kicks you can choose for yourself.

They’re great for casual strolls around the city or hectic days at work (only if your company doesn’t have a strict dress code policy, of course).

You can’t go wrong with On Cloudnova – every step truly feels like a dream. Experience the sensation of walking on clouds and treat your feet to a pair. You won’t regret it.

4. On Cloudeasy

On Women's Cloudeasy Sneakers, Black | Rock, 8 Medium US
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03/18/2024 12:02 pm GMT

As the name suggests, these shoes are easy to wear. And what more do you need when you’re trying to finish all of the daily tasks you’ve set for yourself?

Another great thing about them is that they’re extremely lightweight and breathable. Even if you’ve been on the run the whole day long, you won’t for a second feel foot pain. On Cloudeasy protects against any kind of ache and stiffness – they’ll be your best friends during busy days.

Despite their cushioned soles, these sneakers have a sleek design, so they won’t feel bulky on your feet. Especially if you decide to pair them with jeans.

So, what do you think? Do you want to become their owner?

Can You Wear On Cloud Shoes With Jeans? A Fashion Crime?