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Strut With Ease: 10 Comfy Sandals With Arch Support

Strut With Ease: 10 Comfy Sandals With Arch Support

If you live in a city with poor public transportation, spend hours and hours on your feet in the office, or insist on walking everywhere because you’re trying to be healthy, it’s just not practical to prance around in sky-high stilettos like Carrie Bradshaw. It’s time for sandals with arch support, girl!

While arch support might not be a top priority when window shopping in front of a Jimmy Choo store, you do need to take the health of your feet seriously. Whether you’re a nurse pulling a double shift, a baker working on a batch of sourdough, or an avid hiker, sandals with arch support are the way to go.

What makes arch support your feet’s BFF? Arch support helps maintain your foot’s natural alignment and distributes your weight evenly, providing crucial support for your arches. With arch-support footwear, you can alleviate pain and pressure associated with flat feet, fallen arches, or plantar fasciitis.

If you find yourself needing more relief than the strappiest of your sandals have to offer, you might want to get your hands on arch support sandals that mimic the support you get from custom orthotics. It’s okay, we’ve rounded up our top picks that won’t leave the dogs barking at the end of the day.

How to pick the right sandals with arch support?

Strut With Ease 10 Comfy Sandals With Arch Support

Simply put, the right sandals with the right amount of arch support need to match the shape of your foot. When you put them on, you need to feel like you’re walking on clouds or like your feet are supported enough to stand, walk, or run without pain or pressure.

We’re aware that you might not have the time or the energy to go from store to store and try on a bunch of different sandals, so we’ve got your back. When shopping for the best sandals for arch support, keep an eye out for these things.

First, look for a contoured footbed. Brands like Birkenstocks are designed to mold to the shape of your foot over time, and that makes them perfect for those who need ample arch support.

Then, check for firmness. Before you splurge on a pair of sandals or slides you’ve seen on Kendal Jenner or Hailey Bieber, make sure they’re firm enough to accommodate your arches. Sandals with arch support are meant to be a little firmer to ensure you’re getting the support you need.

Press on the arch of the sandal with your thumb. It should feel resistant to the pressure you’re exerting. That’s a telltale sign that your sandals have a good balance of cushioning and support to keep your feet in alignment.

Finally, make sure your sandals are cushioned. Uncomfortable, unwearable sandals are of no use to you. You need plenty of padding for support and comfort, and to help your feet absorb shock during standing, walking, and running. For now, that’s all you need to know.

Our top picks for sandals with arch support

1. Teva Tirra

Teva Women’s Tirra Sandal
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We’re starting with a bang. Teva Tirra sandals were designed to keep your feet happy and healthy on hikes. While hiking sandals might not be your first choice of sandals with arch support, we urge you to check them out – they’re going to surprise you.

Rugged, and made with shock-absorbing heels, supportive midsoles, and rubber outsoles, Teva Tirra are high-quality and hard-wearing sandals. Rather than knocking them down because they’re not appropriate office wear, we recommend wearing them when you’re running errands or taking a stroll.

2. Sorel Viibe Slingback

Sorel Women’s Viibe Sandals
$125.00 $104.77
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03/16/2024 02:35 pm GMT

Sorel Viibe Slingback, though, might be the most comfortable, wearable sandals with arch support you can wear to the office, a coffee date with friends, or even a romantic date night with your significant other.

Chunky, chubby soles seem to have taken the world by storm, and you’re guaranteed to attract attention and turn heads with these bad boys on.

Made with contoured footbeds, supportive, slip-resistant soles, and padded straps, these sandals might be the best on the market right now. Get them on Nordstrom for not more than $125 or wait for them to go on sale on Amazon.

3. Chacos Women’s Z/Cloud 2

Chaco Women’s Zcloud 2
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03/16/2024 02:39 pm GMT

Chacos are adored by nature lovers, hikers, and campers alike, and for good reason. They’re certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association, which means they’re heaven for your feet.

Chacos Women’s Z/Cloud 2 sandals are our pick of the day because they’re made with their proprietary Luvseat polyurethane footbeds, additional padding in the heel, and adjustable straps.

Although they’re hefty-looking, they’re lightweight and waterproof. And, they’re secure and highly adjustable, which makes them great for people with wide or narrow feet.

4. Vionic Marvina Orthotic

Vionic Marvina Women’s Orthotic Toe-post Sandals Poppy – 8.5 Medium
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03/16/2024 02:40 pm GMT

Orthotics might not be the most attractive thing you can wear to work, but they’re guaranteed to get you through the day pain and pressure-free. But with a simple, sleek design, Vionic Marvina Orthotic sandals make orthotics much more versatile and wearable.

These sandals are made with cork footbeds reminiscent of everyone’s favorite Birkenstocks, high-quality double straps, and plenty of arch support. Whether you wear them with a flowy, floral dress on a beach outing or a structured suit to work, you’re bound to look and feel your best.

5. Cole Haan Original Grand Flatform

Cole Haan Women’s ORIGINALGRAND Flatform Sandal
$120.00 $102.70
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03/16/2024 02:50 pm GMT

Sometimes you want to rock a pair of wedges, right? Wedges are among the most comfortable styles of sandals, but when you’re struggling with arch support, you might have a hard time finding the right ones for you. Worry not, though, Cole Haan Original Grand Flatforms may just be the answer.

These sandals are made with a mini wedge to make your legs long, lightweight construction, supportive and protective foam, and rubber soles. And contrary to popular belief, you can totally rock mini wedges without looking like a suburban mom.

6. FitFlop F-Mode Leather Flatform Back-Strap

FitFlop F-Mode Leather Flatform Back-Strap Sandals
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03/16/2024 02:59 pm GMT

Put your best foot forward with these timeless, effortless sandals with arch support. FitFlop F-Mode Leather Flatform Back-Strap is one of those sandals you can wear wherever you go and still feel like you’re on top of your fashion game.

With the trendy chunky construction, these sandals are made for walking!

They’re made with FitFlop’s unique Microwobbleboard midsoles (that make you feel like you’re walking on clouds), luxuriously soft leather, with subtle stitching, a soft upper, and an adjustable back strap that make for a comfy fit.

7. Keen Rose

KEEN Women's Rose Casual Closed Toe Sandals
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Keen Rose sandals might not be everyone’s cuppa tea, but they’re guaranteed to support your arches and keep your feet feeling great, no matter what.

Made with sturdy outsoles, padded midsoles, EVA insoles with arch support for all-day comfort, plenty of traction, and quick-drying fabrics, Keen Rose sandals are a great option when you’re on the hunt for something straightforward and simple.

Keen describes them as an “adventure sandal you can wear with a dress” – and we couldn’t agree more. We can’t forget to add that these wardrobe must-haves are machine washable. Simply use a small amount of detergent, wash on a gentle cycle, and air dry.

8. Teva Hurricane XLT2 Ampsole

Teva Women's Hurricane XLT2 Ampsole Sandal
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03/16/2024 03:09 pm GMT

Sturdy and stylish, Teva is the right way to go when you want a rugged sandal that’ll give you a little lift and protect your feet from whatever’s on the ground.

Teva Hurricane XLT2 Ampsole sandals made our top picks because they’re made with soft, recycled plastic, quick-drying technology, straightforward hook-and-loop closures, and enough arch support to keep you coming back for more.

They’re perfect for people who want to hop on the chunky trend and rock some lug-soled sandals. Reviewers report that these Tevas are made for festivals and raves, too.

9. Sorel Kinetic Impact Slingback

Sorel Women’s Kinetic Impact Slingback Heel Sandals
$144.95 $103.95
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03/16/2024 03:09 pm GMT

What to do when you want to wear high heels but don’t want your feet to suffer? Opt for the Sorel Kinetic Impact Slingbacks and you’re good to go. These babies are high heels, but comfy and street-style-approved.

Made with a super bold silhouette, you might think they’re the opposite of what you’re supposed to wear for arch support, but you’re wrong. These slingbacks are made with EVA footbeds, lightweight Livelyfoam midsoles, and rubber outsoles that promise to keep your feet safe and secure.

10. Birkenstocks Arizona Big Buckle Slide

Birkenstock Women's Arizona Big Buckle Sandals
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03/16/2024 03:16 pm GMT

We couldn’t pass on the opportunity to talk about everyone’s favorite sandals, Birkenstocks.

If you want to make a fashion statement, need a pair that molds to your feet, or want to strut your stuff in the best sandals for arch support, you can turn to Birkenstocks Arizona Big Buckle slide sandals.

With a nubuck leather upper, dual adjustable straps, ergonomic cork-latex footbeds, a deep heel cup, and arch support, these Birkenstocks are made to stand the test of time, even with extensive use. Birkenstock sandals might be a bit of a splurge but trust us, they’re worth the initial investment.

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Strut With Ease: 10 Comfy Sandals With Arch Support