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Boots With Cropped Jeans: 8 Ideas For The Baddie Within

Boots With Cropped Jeans: 8 Ideas For The Baddie Within

How to style boots with cropped jeans?

You’d love to wear cropped jeans because you’re seeing so many different people wearing them. You can’t help yourself! They look so good on others.

However, the colder months are right around the corner, and it’s not like you can wear your Converse with cropped jeans when it is pouring outside.

So, what could you wear with them to make them look presentable and fashionable?

Fright not! We have the perfect combinations for you because shoes really are an important part of your style. At the end of the day, your entire fit will look better when you have actual ideas at hand.

In this article, we’ll give you the inspiration you need, so you don’t have to lose your mind thinking about ways how to style these two.

Boots with cropped jeans: 8 ideas for inspiration

Boots With Cropped Jeans: 8 Ideas For The Baddie Within

1. Ankle boots

When you’re wondering how to style boots with cropped jeans, you need to understand that you have to pick the right boots first.

For example, ankle boots.

When you’re wearing ankle boots with cropped jeans, you give both of them a chance to take up space and show the world the uniqueness of both these things.

When it comes to boots like these, I would recommend wearing leather ones for an edgier look, but you can also wear some other material if you feel like it’s calling your name. By doing so, you won’t have to overthink what top to combine with this outfit.

You can wear whatever you want. A bodysuit is a basic that will be amazing during the colder months, and it’ll give your body a wonderful and snug hug. Otherwise, I would always recommend a well-fitted shirt with this combination.

The biggest plus about this combination is that it elongates your legs. It makes you look taller than you actually are!

2. Bright-colored boots

So, this will probably be the only one on this list that isn’t a specific type of boot. You won’t know what to do with this information when you first read it at first, but let’s use our imagination for a moment.

When we talk about boots, we almost always refer to basic black or brown boots. Especially, if we’re talking about real leather boots.

However, jeans usually come in quite standard, almost boring colors. Even cropped jeans will look basic if you don’t choose to change something up.

My recommendation for you would be to wear bright-colored boots. Especially ankle boots.

You can wear green ones, red ones, or pink ones, and try to pick a shade that suits your vibe the best. You shouldn’t just stick to a few colors.

Jeans really give you the possibility to experiment with your choice of footwear. Because they’re cropped, your boots will be the main protagonist of the story that’s your outfit.

Wearing funky boots will draw everyone’s attention to you, and you’ll be turning heads wherever you go!

3. Combat boots

When you’re trying to figure out how to style boots with cropped jeans, combat boots may not be the first ones you’ll think of.

Combat boots are almost always made of leather, black in color, and you can even find ones that have chains on them. This means that they’ll give you a less elegant look. However, during the colder months, they will make you feel quite warm.

Dr. Martens are the most popular ones, but they’re not the most comfortable boots on the market. If you ever owned a pair, you know the blisters and the pain you need to go through before they’re worn in.

On the other hand, combat-style boots are the type of boots that are very sturdy, and you can wear them for years.

Styling these boots with cropped jeans gives you the freedom to experiment with the type of top you want to wear. For example, an oversized graphic T-shirt would be my first recommendation. However, you can also pair this outfit with a simple shirt that’s well-fitting and a flannel or a leather jacket.

You’ll look mysterious, edgy, and cool! They’re not suited for a business meeting, but an outing with friends would be the perfect occasion for this.

4. Cowboy boots

I’ve said this a million times, and I stand by my words: Cowboy boots look perfect with any type of jeans that you may want to wear!

When you’re wondering how to style boots with cropped jeans, these boots will do the job for you. You don’t even have to worry too much! Once you put these two things together, everything will fall into place.

The mid-length ones may not let the cropped fit of the jeans show, but you can wear ankle-high cowboy boots. They’re not really the best representation of this style, but they’ll do the job.

You can wear denim on denim with these boots or combine your favorite floral shirt with it. A simple top could also do, but I believe that this outfit deserves a statement shirt that will tie everything together.

Styling boots with cropped jeans isn’t that hard once you let your imagination flow freely.

5. Glove boots

Boots With Cropped Jeans: 8 Ideas For The Baddie Within

Glove boots with cropped jeans are the perfect combination.

Glove boots have become extremely trendy in the past few years, and you can definitely see the impact that they have in this day and age if you scroll through TikTok for more than 5 minutes.

Glove boots hug your feet nicely, and they make you look taller than you actually are. They’re most commonly black with a heel, which gives the illusion of a very slim foot.

These are probably the most elegant boots that you can wear with cropped jeans. They’ll make you look sophisticated, which is perfect for a business meeting or any work event.

So, once you put these on, you’ll feel like you own the entire world! Your shirt options aren’t limited, but I wouldn’t recommend anything too flashy. These boots require a simple top.

Warning: This outfit will make men swoon over you, and you’ll turn heads wherever you go!

6. Kitten-heel boots

Kitten heels are also coming back in style. People are going crazy and wherever you look, you’ll find them (if they’re not sold out already). However, kitten-heel boots with cropped jeans are a unique combination.

Even though these boots may not be very appealing to the eye, they’re the type of boots that are chic and classy!

Just like glove boots, kitten-heel boots will give you the illusion of being taller than you actually are. Your legs will be elongated, and the outfit altogether is going to make everyone stare in awe.

The downside of boots with a kitten heel is that they can be quite uncomfortable to wear for longer periods of time. If you’re just running some errands in town, you should avoid wearing them.

However, if you have a desk job, and you don’t have to walk around too much, this may be the perfect option for you.

You can pair them with a simple blouse, a bodysuit, a blazer, or a long coat. Either way, the colder months can’t stop you from looking your best!

7. Platform boots

When you’re thinking about wearing boots with cropped jeans, you’re not thinking of anything too chunky. You want something elegant to complement your jeans and let them be the star of the show.

Nonetheless, you should definitely try to combine platform boots with cropped jeans. This combination will make for a very modern and chic look, I can promise you that!

Unfortunately, these boots won’t make you look taller. These chunky boots don’t suit every person and they’re probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but you should try and make the best out of it.

If you’re going for more of an edgy look, these boots are probably what you should reach for.

8. Ugg boots

Uggs are one of the most comfortable shoes that go with everything!

If you want to look cozy and put-together at the same time, you should opt for Uggs. They’re fluffy and comfortable and they’ll keep your feet warm the entire autumn and winter.

When you’re wondering how to style boots with cropped jeans, Uggs will be the most versatile ones that you can find out there.

So, take them out of your closet, and show the world that you can be cozy and elegant at the same time!

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, who can tell you how to style boots with cropped jeans? Who can tell you which boots look the best with these jeans and which would look absolutely atrocious?

You can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and give it an amazing and unique twist.

If you’re asking me, what boots NOT to pair with cropped jeans, then I’d probably say knee-high boots or thigh-high boots. Actually, anything that would mean that you have to tug your jeans into the boots to make it work.

This will only make your jeans look too big on you, even if they aren’t. This combination won’t fit well on anyone’s body. So, we recommend sticking to the options listed above!

Boots With Cropped Jeans: 8 Ideas For The Baddie Within