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Ladies Ask: How To Wear Loafers With Jeans?

Ladies Ask: How To Wear Loafers With Jeans?

“How to wear loafers with jeans”, is the question that ladies keep asking me. Loafers are quite trendy right now and have been for the past few years.

Just like every other trend, they made an appearance again after a while, and they’re here to stay!

Everyone seems to be wearing them with fancy pants, mid-length skirts, or full-length skirts. Loafers add a bit of sophistication to every outfit, so dressing them down with a pair of jeans would make them suitable for everyday wear.

Unfortunately, some people don’t really know what style of loafers are out there and how you can combine them with your jeans. I mean, different jeans require different types of loafers!

Sounds silly, but it’s very true.

This is why we’ll go through all the different types of loafers and how you can wear them with your jeans. There’s something here for everyone!

A brief history lesson on loafers

Ladies Ask: How To Wear Loafers With Jeans?

Many people believe that loafers originated a long time before us. Loafers may date back to the reign of King George IV.

However, the more commonly known origin story is that they’re of Scandinavian design and descent. It is thought that loafers were meant to be created for Scandinavian fishermen.

In the past couple of years, we have seen a slight change in design. Even though they’re being modernized, the base style of loafers remains the same.

In the late 90s and early 2000s, there have been many variations of these shoes. They were a huge contender for the most popular footwear of these years. People would leave their favorite sneakers just to put their loafers on.

Now, that we are living through a rise in the popularity of these shoes, we can definitely consider styling them with another timeless item – jeans!

So, what loafers go well with which jeans? I hope you find the perfect combination for yourself so that you can live out your fantasy of being an elegant baddie!

Ladies ask: How to wear loafers with jeans?

1. Loafer mules

How to wear loafers with jeans, ladies? When you look at your loafer mules, you don’t really think that they’ll go well together.

However, you’re wrong!

Imagine pairing them with cropped jeans or simple skinny jeans. I know that not everyone is a fan of mules in general, but if you enjoy wearing them, then you should definitely pair them with your denim.

You’ll look sophisticated while also adding a dash of simplicity to your outfit.

You can even wear loafer mules with baggier jeans. They’ll peek from underneath the big jeans, which is quite trendy right now.

2. Kiltie loafers

Kiltie loafers are a little bit on the chunkier side. I wouldn’t recommend that you wear any other type of jeans than skinny jeans. They’re very elegant, and pairing them with other styles would be a fashion crime.

Kiltie loafers would look much better with dress pants.

They’re also not the most comfortable loafers to wear on a daily basis, as they’re very stiff and their chunkiness won’t allow you to walk for a long while. You’ll need something more comfortable for those adventures.

Kiltie loafers should be worn only in situations where you’re ready to pair a fancy blazer with your jeans and a simple top. A coat will definitely help put together the whole outfit.

Ladies, if you’re wondering how to wear loafers with jeans, just make sure that you take the occasion into consideration.

3. Penny loafers

Penny loafers can be worn on a casual Sunday just as much as on a busy Monday. They’re the classic representation of everything that loafers stand for and that their customers are looking for.

They’re elegant, chic, timeless, and simple.

If you want to wear these loafers with your jeans, then you should start by looking for jeans that have a dark wash. Light-wash jeans would look horrendous with them.

Hemmed or cuffed jeans would look stunning for this combination because they complement the loafers perfectly. But most of the time, simple skinny jeans will be perfect for every occasion.

4. Tassel loafers

To be honest, your trusted pair of skinnies will look amazing with every loafer that you have on hand. Nonetheless, tassel loafers are perfect for every professional occasion, for work, or for a business meeting. (I feel like a broken record at this point.)

By wearing skinny jeans, you’ll make sure that your shoes are the main event of your outfit.

These are some of the youngest styles of loafers, they haven’t become mainstream yet, which means that you’ll add a dash of uniqueness to your outfit by wearing them.

5. Horsebit loafers

Ladies Ask: How To Wear Loafers With Jeans?

Horsebit loafers were introduced to the public by the House of Gucci, back in 1953. They have a horsebit chain over the front part of the shoe, which many different fast-fashion brands have copied.

If you’re wondering how to wear loafers with jeans, ladies, you should understand that they can be the main piece of every outfit that you’re wearing.

In my humble opinion, you should try pairing them with dark-wash jeans. This isn’t to say that you can’t pair them with an eclectic outfit that has vibrant colors and combine it with a different shape of jeans.

These loafers would look amazing even with cropped jeans or jeans that are a little on the baggier side. Play around, and see what looks best to you!

6. Slingback loafers

One of the newer styles of loafers is slingback loafers. This hybrid is absolutely fantastic for the warmer months when you want breathable shoes, but don’t want to give up your elegant aesthetic.

I would definitely choose a wider fit of jeans to go with these loafers. Simply because the little point of the shoe will show beneath the jeans, and it will add to the flirtiness of the shoes.

They’re more popular than ever! Women choose to wear them to date nights and to work, as well. You can’t go wrong with whatever type of jeans you choose to wear with them.

However, I would advise against cropped jeans. This combination may make your legs look shorter than they actually are, and it’s just not flattering.

7. Lug sole loafers

How to wear loafers with jeans, ladies? Do you have an idea?

Well, lug sole loafers are the chunkiest ones, I’d say. They have a platform sole that gives you a couple of inches in height, which doesn’t make them very appealing for someone who loves their skinny jeans.

Your feet will look huge if you pair those two.

However, a wider fit of jeans would be perfect. For example, some cargo jeans would go pretty well here, if you don’t choose ones that look too casual.

Lug sole loafers aren’t elegant. If that is the aesthetic you’re going for, then you should probably wear another style of loafers with jeans. Chunky loafers are for the girls who want to look cool and edgy, but also girly at the same time.

8. Driving loafers

Could you guess what these loafers were designed for? Driving, obviously.

However, the comfort that they provide is beyond anything that can be found elsewhere on the market. That’s why so many people opt for driving loafers on a daily basis.

So ladies, how to wear loafers with jeans? These types of loafers aren’t the most fashionable ones, but they’re definitely among the most comfortable.

Considering that you’re choosing shoes for comfort, you may also want jeans that are comfortable to go along with them. My recommendation would be wide-leg jeans, mom jeans, or loose-fit jeans.

9. High-heel loafers

Although all the previously mentioned loafers have a little bit of a heel, these loafers are becoming more popular as we speak. Especially the square-toe high-heel loafers that were trendy in the 70s.

It’s quite hard to imagine that this style of loafers would go well with jeans. However, cuffed roomy straight-leg jeans will complement your shoes perfectly.

I’m going to be honest with you, these aren’t the most comfortable shoes out there. The chunkiness of the heel does provide a sturdy stride, but you won’t be able to walk around in them for hours.

Which is something that every type of heel is guilty of.

10. Slipper loafers

Ladies Ask: How To Wear Loafers With Jeans?

Last, but definitely not least, are the slipper loafers.

Believe it or not, slipper loafers are considered the most formal and elegant type of loafers to exist.

They were created for the Royal family of Great Britain. Which only makes them more sophisticated and not the best shoes for everyday activities.

To be honest, most people wear them only indoors. They can also be worn outside, but keep in mind that the fine materials are not resistant to all types of weather.

Ladies, if you’re wondering how to wear loafers with jeans, then make sure that you’re picking the right loafers. Considering the elegance of these loafers, they’re not meant to be worn with jeans.

Rather, pair them with a skirt or a formal dress. Jeans simply wouldn’t do them justice!

Ladies Ask: How To Wear Loafers With Jeans?