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How To Wear Gladiator Sandals In A Modern Way

How To Wear Gladiator Sandals In A Modern Way

How to wear gladiator sandals? We’ve all thought that they’ve gone out of style, but that’s simply not true!

These sandals have a long history. They were actually worn in the old Roman Empire by Roman Gladiators, which is where the name of the sandals comes from.

The simple mention of these shoes may send you into a spiral of questions because you have no idea how to wear them or how to style them. The trends are changing, and you can’t find the things that you wore back in the day when gladiator sandals were a hit.

So, now you’re completely confused, and you’d rather try to combine your current style with these sandals. There’s no need to panic! I can give you styling advice that’ll help you find the perfect way to wear them.

In this article, we’ll go through everything that you need to know about how to wear gladiator sandals.

How to wear gladiator sandals?

How To Wear Gladiator Sandals In A Modern Way

1. Find ones that flatter your feet

When you start asking the internet how to wear gladiator sandals, not many resources will tell you that you have to find a style that flatters your feet.

If you have wide feet, they may not look as appealing as if you have slimmer feet.

For example, if you have short legs you should consider wearing ankle gladiator sandals. I would especially recommend that you wear a nude color that won’t stick out too much, but rather compliments your skin tone.

If you wear knee-high gladiators, then you may end up looking shorter than you actually are. Ankle-high gladiators will elongate your legs without any trouble.

Also, on the note of wide feet, gladiator sandals can put you at a huge disadvantage. So, you should choose ones that have diagonal or horizontal straps. Or, if your feet are small and thin, then you should look for ones with thin straps and without too many details. This could make your feet look even skinnier.

2. Know how to tie them properly

How many times have you become so frustrated with your gladiator sandals simply because you couldn’t tie them properly? If you tie them too tightly, they cut off your blood flow and the chubbiness of your legs comes through. But when you don’t tie them as tight, then the straps simply fall down to your ankles.

It’s a battle that you can’t seem to win.

However, there’s a trick that you can use. You shouldn’t wrap them more than one and a half times around your leg. Make sure that the X the straps make is in the back of your leg, to secure it in place. To make sure that it’s safe and that it’ll stick in one place, wiggle your feet a little bit. Then tie it right under your knee.

If you want to tie them around your ankles, then it’s not a big deal. You can experiment with what you like the best. If you want the bow to be in the front or in the back is completely up to you.

However, if you’re tying them around your ankles, you should make sure that it’s loosely tied, for a more laid-back look.

3. Always make sure that your feet are pretty

How to wear gladiator sandals? Well, don’t wear them if you don’t take good care of your feet.

During the summer, your feet are constantly out. Everyone can see how much you take care of your hygiene. I can promise you that you’ll ruin a perfect pair of gladiators if your feet look awful.

Treat yourself to a pedicure to make sure that your feet and your nails look flawless. You can even have a spa day at home and do it yourself. Without much trouble, you can make your feet look presentable.

Pro tip: paint your nails in a neutral color, so that it matches every outfit that you may put on.

4. Know which ones are appropriate for what occasion

How To Wear Gladiator Sandals In A Modern Way

You definitely shouldn’t wear gladiator high-heel sandals during the day, while you’re running errands. If you’re the type of girl that can do that, then I’m really impressed. However, not every girl can walk around in heels the entire day.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t wear simple leather gladiators to a fancy event.

You need to know which ones to wear to what occasion.

For a simple summer outfit, you’ll definitely want to go for the thin straps that won’t take the attention away from the outfit. But if you’re going to a special event then you’ll go for the metallic, high-heeled gladiators that will elongate your legs and make you look fancy and put-together.

5. Combine them with denim

Denim is such an amazing fabric and you can combine it with almost anything that comes to your mind. Which also means that you can combine it with gladiator sandals.

You should elevate your simple outfit of jean shorts and a T-shirt with gladiators. Put some simple jewelry on, like gold or silver, and you’ll look astonishing!

You can even wear jeans. It’s up to you if you want to tie the straps over the jeans for a modern look, or if you want to roll up your jeans to make space for the straps of your sandals. Either way, you’ll be comfortable.

6. Wear flowy and feminine outfits

How to wear gladiator sandals when you want to look feminine? Well, you can combine them with almost anything that comes to your mind. However, light fabrics like linen or cotton will give you maximum comfort, and they’re very feminine.

For example, a long floral dress with a slit on the side can look amazing when you combine it with your favorite gladiators. You can also wear a mini-skirt that makes your sandals the main star of your outfit.

Combining a mini-skirt with a flowy shirt will look feminine, it’ll give you comfort, and it’s the perfect combination for a simple night out.

With plain gladiator sandals, your outfit can look quite masculine if you’re not careful enough. However, how about pairing them with a jumpsuit? They’re a staple during the summer, and it’s such a simple thing to wear.

A short jumpsuit with some sort of print is going to give you an amazing silhouette and also make your legs look very long! Strap your gladiators under your knees and watch as the heads turn to admire you.

7. Wear prints or solid colors

How to wear gladiator sandals with prints? Well, they’re usually quite simple. They’re mostly made out of black or brown leather, so you can combine them with any print that you see fit.

Make sure that you wear a staple piece with a print, like a dress. If you choose to wear shorts with a print, then you should make sure that you combine a simple shirt on top.

My recommendation would be to choose something with a bulky print! If you wear something with a smaller print, it could be too much, and the print will compete for attention with your gladiators.

On the other hand, solid colors are always welcome.

Just take a moment to imagine a flowy white dress or a simple black dress with your gladiators. You can even wear pom-pom gladiator sandals with solid colors to elevate your outfit and make it more Bohemian.

For example, pom-pom gladiators wouldn’t look good with any print, as that would be a fashion disaster. So choose wisely what you want to pair with your gladiators.

8. Wear with shorts

How To Wear Gladiator Sandals In A Modern Way

I’ve mentioned jean shorts before, as well as short jumpsuits. However, the truth is that you can wear gladiator sandals with every type of shorts out there.

You can wear them laced to your knees or simply lased around your ankles. Either way, your outfit will look elegant and put-together. My advice to you would be that you don’t overthink it when it comes to this combination.

You can even find dressier shorts out of more elegant materials. Pairing that with gladiators, and a silk top, will look expensive. It’s the perfect combination for a night out or even if you want to be comfortable in the club.

But I would advise against wearing gladiator heels with shorts. You probably didn’t even think of that, but I just have to mention it.

9. Wear with flowy pants

Flowy and airy pants that are made out of light materials are amazing for the workspace during the warmer months. They’re classy and elegant and give you full freedom when it comes to footwear.

You may be wondering how to wear gladiator sandals with pants. Aren’t they going to completely cover the laces of the sandals?

Well, they don’t have to do that! Just tie them a little lower or make sure that you lace them over the pants. This will create a modern silhouette that will make your outfit look ten times better.

You can also tie them around your ankles if your flowy pants are a little shorter. Either way, your outfit will look fantastic!

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How To Wear Gladiator Sandals In A Modern Way