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Lazy-Day Favorites: 9 Best Men’s Slippers For Wide Feet

Lazy-Day Favorites: 9 Best Men’s Slippers For Wide Feet

Slippers are a key part of your footwear repertoire, especially when the temperatures drop and you’re ready to get comfortable after a hard day at work. Whether you gravitate toward the woolen slippers to warm your feet with or the sturdy slides you wear outside, what are the best men’s slippers for wide feet?

We all know that slippers are a worthwhile purchase, but what are you supposed to do when you struggle to find the right slippers for your feet even when you’re willing to break the bank? Shopping for slippers when you’re dealing with a set of wide feet can be a tough task, but we’ve got your back.

Sneakers, Oxfords, and boots seem to be the type of footwear that gets the most attention when you’re out and about. Because you wear them all day long, whether you’re working, running errands, or working out, you make sure to get the ones that fit your feet to a tee and accommodate your foot-related issues.

Slippers, on the other hand, don’t seem to get enough attention because they’re the type of footwear you put on when you’re napping on the couch, walking over to the fridge to see whether there’s something to eat, or watching your favorite show. Slippers matter, though, and that’s why they’re worth your while.

Besides the practical reasons for wearing them, the health benefits you can get from wearing the right pair of slippers are bigger than you might think – especially when you’re struggling with wide feet. Be they velvet-covered or shearling-lined, the right pair of slippers can make a world of difference.

What to look for when in slippers for men?

Lazy-Day Favorites 9 Best Men's Slippers For Wide Feet

When shopping for the best men’s slippers for wide feet, you need to pay attention to a few tips and tricks to ensure you’re spending your money wisely. Slippers are typically made with soft, stretchy fabrics that work well with wide feet, but that doesn’t mean that all slippers will fit you the right way.

Wearing the wrong footwear can cause you a myriad of health problems, from calluses, bunions, blisters, and bruises to sore and swollen feet at the end of the day. Cramming your toes together when you’re supposed to be relaxing them at home sounds terrible – for happy and healthy feet, nothing’s too much.

Start by contacting a podiatrist and checking whether you’re dealing with wide feet or suffering from a foot-related disease that’s causing you pain and discomfort. A podiatrist might offer you orthotics or recommend a specific brand that offers slippers for wide feet. And you’re good to go!

When shopping for slippers on your own, make sure you pay attention to different widths, fabrics, and even styles of slippers. Brands sometimes offer different widths to ensure you can choose between narrow and wide slippers, depending on what your needs are. Fabrics play a huge part, too.

Soft, stretchy fabrics are a must because they’re able to wrap around your feet more comfortably and prevent rubbing, chafing, and overall discomfort. Breathable, lightweight fabrics that prevent your feet from sweating are the right way to go – wool, shearling, and cotton are soft, leather and suede aren’t.

Slippers refer to a broad range of footwear, from open-toe sandals to high-ankle booties. When trying to get your hands on the right slippers, make sure you go for styles that can accommodate your wide feet and make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. Let’s go!

Our top picks for the best men’s slippers for wide feet

1. Allbirds Wool Dwellers

With a true slip-on design, Allbirds Wool Dwellers are the closest you can get to classic slippers without going for the cheap, poorly made ones you can get for $5.99 at Walmart.

Roll out of bed and slip them on for a stylish and comfy morning or throw them on when you get home from work and your feet are going to be happy and healthy.

Crafted with cushioned insoles and rubber outsoles, these slippers are perfectly supportive and protect your wide feet. Contrary to popular belief, slippers with an open heel are typically much more forgiving than moccasins or booties.

2. Ugg Fluff You Slides

UGG Men's Fluff That Slipper
$99.95 $79.90
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03/16/2024 08:49 pm GMT

When you get over the amusingly addicting name and stop harassing your family by yelling “Fluff you!” every time you can’t find your slippers, you might want to acknowledge how soft and comfortable Ugg Fluff You slippers are.

Uggs are known to produce some of the most comfortable, wearable footwear ever, but they’ve managed to outdo themselves with these slippers. Engineered with an open toe, they’re guaranteed to prevent your toes from getting crammed together.

Made with Ugg’s famous shearling upper, a padded midsole, and a flat rubber sole with a bit of bounce, these slippers are what dreams are made of.

3. Subu Concept Slippers

SUBU Unisex Black Slippers
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03/16/2024 08:49 pm GMT

Subu Concept slippers are different from anything you’ve ever worn before. When you’re on the hunt for a fashion-forward statement slipper that’s going to attract attention and reflect your sense of style, you might want to check out Subu Concept slippers.

Inspired by traditional silhouettes, Subu slippers are far from outdated – they’re retrofitted with modern materials that function well in everyday life.

Ironically, they’re made to be worn both inside and outside. They’re equipped with water-repellent, Teflon-coated nylon upper and sturdy rubber soles. Subu Concept slippers are like a puffer jacket for your feet!

4. Birkenstock Boston Shearling Clogs

Birkenstock Original Tokyo Leather
$160.00 $129.50
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03/16/2024 09:14 pm GMT

Most men adore the type of slippers you can wear wherever you want to. Whether you’re roaming around your apartment, going on a quick trip to Target, or even throwing a barbecue party, you want a type of slippers you can wear with pretty much everything you own.

With Birkenstock Boston Shearling clogs, that’s exactly what you can do.

Designed with contoured cork footbeds that conform to the shape of your feet, Birkenstock clogs are one of the best men’s slippers for wide feet. Rubber EVA soles are there to ensure your Birkenstocks don’t get damaged when you wear them outside – wipe them off and you can wear them on the couch, too.

5. Vionic Alfons Mule Slippers

Vionic Alfons Men's Orthotic Comfort Slipper

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03/16/2024 09:19 pm GMT

A worthy investment, Vionic Alfons Mule slippers are simple and sleek which means you’re going to wear them all day long without a worry on your mind.

We’d argue that these slippers are perfect for people suffering from foot-related problems. Plantar fasciitis, high arches, or wide feet can benefit from the anatomic construction that these slippers come with.

Approved by the APMA, Vionic Alfons Mule slippers come with extra cushion and shock absorption, as well as a faux-shearling orthotic footbed. At the end of the day, these slippers are exactly what you need when you’re trying to soothe your sore and swollen feet.

6. Celtic & Co Loafers

Slippers with a predominantly open upper are almost always going to work for wide feet. What are you supposed to do when you’re a fan of the closed style, but your wide feet don’t seem to appreciate the added pressure? We suggest checking out Celtic & Co loafers – they’re a sight for sore eyes.

Celtic & Co loafers are made with a supple suede upper, heavenly shearling lining, and rubber soles that grip the ground and prevent you from slipping and falling. Warm and snug, these loafers are an option to consider when you get cold feet during the winter months. Loafers are almost always on trend, too.

7. Ugg Ascot Leather Loafers

UGG Men's Ascot Loafers
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03/16/2024 09:19 pm GMT

Uggs reign supreme when we’re talking about soft and snug footwear, there’s no question about that. With Ugg Ascot Leather loafers, you’re going to feel like a million dollars! Elegant, timeless, and effortless, these loafers are everything you need and more to keep your feet happy and healthy.

Ugg Ascot Leather loafers are made with a full-grain leather upper and a sheepskin lining. Add the rubber outsoles and you can wear these Ugg loafers for mornings at home, weekend plans, or casual office days.

Ugg loafers are roomy enough to accommodate your wide feet straight out of the box, but they’re known to stretch with time, too.

8. L.L. Bean Wicked Good Venetian Slippers

We couldn’t pass on the opportunity to rave about yet another moccasin, the L.L. Bean Wicked Good Venetian slipper. Most moccasin slippers are made the same way, with a suede upper, some sort of shearling or wool lining, and a rubber outsole – and these are no different.

High-quality and hard-wearing, these moccasins are known to ensure harsh winters for years and years to come.

We do, however, need to underline the fact that they’re much more narrow than the moccasins and loafers we mentioned beforehand. L.L. Bean Wicked Good Venetian slippers are soft and stretchy, but we do urge you to check the measurements before you order them online.

9. Beckett Simon Jones Slippers

Beckett Simon Jones slippers are the most classic, chic slippers on the list, that’s for sure. When you prefer the elegant look of leather, you might be taken aback by wool, shearling, and cotton slippers that seem to rule the Internet these days.

Leather slippers are always on-trend, and with Beckett Simon Jones slippers you’re going to look (and feel) like you’re on top of the world. Beckett Simon Jones slippers are on the expensive end of the spectrum, but they’re worth your while nonetheless.

Lazy-Day Favorites: 9 Best Men's Slippers For Wide Feet