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How To Make Converse More Comfortable? 11 Tips And Tricks

How To Make Converse More Comfortable? 11 Tips And Tricks

How to make Converse more comfortable? That’s the question I have been asking myself my entire high school. I loved wearing these sneakers, but I have to admit, my feet would sometimes suffer a huge amount of pain! And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Even though Converse shoes are widely popular (and I honestly believe they are the favorite footwear option of the majority of people worldwide), we can’t deny the fact that they are a bit stiff and not supportive whatsoever.

It’s challenging and time-consuming to break them in, which is why many people (including myself) suffer the consequences of wearing them, like blisters, foot fatigue, and others.

And why do we endure such torture? Well, you know what they say: beauty is pain. And if that pain is only temporary, then I’m definitely willing to persevere through it.

Because these sneakers are undoubtedly worth the pain. They are a stylish, timeless, and classic footwear option that goes well with any outfit. From sweatpants to dresses, our trusty Chuck Taylors are there for us.

So, if you wish to find out how to make Converse more comfortable, here are 11 useful tips you certainly don’t want to skip.

How to make Converse more comfortable?

How To Make Converse More Comfortable? 11 Tips And Tricks

1. Buy the right size for you

You may be thinking now, “Well, duh! Of course, I’ll buy sneakers in my size. I’m not a dummy.” I totally understand that. The first tip on this list is undoubtedly an obvious one, but nevertheless, it has to be mentioned.

In order for your favorite Chucks to be comfortable, you simply have to buy them in the appropriate size.

On its original site, the brand states that its sneakers usually fit a half size bigger, which is something you also have to take into consideration. Some people even claim that they had to go a full size down when they were buying their trusty Chucks.

The best thing for you – especially if it is your first Converse purchase ever – would be to go to the nearest store and try them on in person. By doing so, you’ll be able to determine the right size and fit for you, and see what is most comfortable for your specific needs.

And once you establish your Converse size, you can easily order the next pair online. Because who stops at one pair of All Stars, right?

2. Break them in

Another obvious one, I know. But again, it has to be mentioned. The break-in period is crucial for comfort!

If you want to make your Converse more comfortable, you have to give them some time to adjust to your feet. These sneakers tend to be a bit stiff in the beginning, so be patient. Trust me, in no time you’ll be able to comfortably walk in them.

And what can you do to break them in quicker? Well, my mom used to tell me to wear my new shoes around the house before I take them outside. I would wear a pair of fuzzier socks with my new kicks indoors for as long as was needed.

So, take a page from my mamma’s book and try her hack. It truly works.

3. Switch up the insoles

Now, here’s a real hack! If you’re wondering how to make Converse more comfortable, your mind simply has to go straight to insoles. They are of vital importance when it comes to the comfiness of any footwear.

Converse suggests their customers opt for special orthopedic insoles which ensure amazing support and cushioning. You can also experiment with gel inserts or thin foam pads that can also add to the comfort of your sneakers.

There are also heat-activated insoles you can try. You’ll have to wear them with socks around your home for not more than 10 minutes, or until they adjust to the shape of your feet.

Determining what type of insoles work best for you is a true trial and error process, but it’s the one worth going through.

4. Pay attention to how you lace them

Ah, yes! The way you lace your Converse sneakers can either make or break their comfort. When they are laced and tied properly, they feel more secure, and they are also easier to put on.

We recommend you try the heel lock method.

Lace your sneakers using the standard criss-cross method, or basically any method you prefer. Then, when you reach the top, take the left lace and thread it through the top left eyelet to create a little loop. Do the same on the right side.

Once you have your two loops, cross your laces and thread them through the opposite loop – the left lace through the right loop, and vice versa. Then comfortably tighten your shoes, tie a bow, and you’re done.

This method keeps your feet in place, preventing your heel from slipping out of your sneakers, in turn reducing excess movement and preventing blisters.

Also, if you prefer using colorful laces, and you want to switch things up a bit, make sure you always opt for flat laces since they feel more comfortable than those round ones. And if you tighten them too much and notice your feet are hurting, just loosen them up a bit, and voilà – the comfort is back!

5. Choose the right pair of socks

How To Make Converse More Comfortable? 11 Tips And Tricks

Apart from wearing fuzzier socks during the break-in period, you should definitely watch what kind of socks you wear with your Chuck Taylors in general.

It all depends on your personal preference. And the temperature! Thicker wool socks are great because they add a layer of cushioning to your sneakers, and are perfect for those days when you need to keep your feet warm. Thinner cotton socks are great for when you need something more breathable.

All in all, what kind of socks you wear with your Converse truly matters, but it’s up to you. Just please bear in mind to never wear them barefoot since that’s a recipe for blisters. If you don’t like when your socks peek through, give no-show socks a try.

6. Use ice to stretch your sneakers

Believe it or not, ice can help you stretch out your Converse thus making them more comfortable to wear. And here’s how to do it.

Put some water in two Ziploc bags and freeze them. Then, place the ice bags inside your sneakers and leave them overnight. In the morning, remove the bags and put on your sneakers right away while they are still cold.

By doing so, you will be able to completely stretch them out without causing too much damage to your precious sneakers.

7. Or simply throw them in the washing machine to stretch them

Another thing you can try, especially if you’re impatient, is to wash your Converse sneakers in the washer. This will speed up the process of breaking them in and make them more comfortable.

Remember to first remove the laces from your Converse sneakers (if you want to wash them, too, put them in a mesh laundry bag or pillowcase). Use some mild laundry detergent and set your machine to a gentle cycle, so your sneakers don’t get destroyed.

However, never put your Converse in the dryer. Because that will definitely ruin them for good. Dry them at room temperature and stuff them with paper to preserve their shape.

8. Use steam to soften your Converse sneakers

If you want to know how to make Converses more comfortable, your answer may just lie in your tea kettle. Yup, that’s right!

Boil some water and pour it into a big container. Hold your sneakers over the steam for 3 to 5 minutes. Just be careful not to burn yourself. After that, put your sneakers on and flex your feet inside to stretch the fabric. And that’s it!

9. Use shoe stretchers

If you’re not the biggest fan of DIYing your way through life, you can always go down the money-spending road and buy some shoe stretches.

Shoe stretches are very useful and practical. They expand your shoes and make them comfier to wear, especially in those areas where you usually feel the most discomfort, like the instep, for example.

10. Use tongue pads

Speaking of insteps, a great way to reduce the pressure on this area and make your Converse more comfortable is to get yourself some tongue pads.

They easily stick to the inside of your sneakers and provide an additional layer of cushioning, ensuring your foot doesn’t rub against the stiff Converse material.

11. Opt for Converse One Star

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And lastly, if none of these tips work for you, maybe you should try a different model of Converse sneakers altogether. I suggest you consider Converse One Stars since they are generally more comfortable than the original Chuck Taylors.

They feature a padded tongue and collar, and they feel like they’re broken in – right out of the box!

How To Make Converse More Comfortable? 11 Tips And Tricks