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How To Store Leather Boots: 7 Great Tips To Keep In Mind

How To Store Leather Boots: 7 Great Tips To Keep In Mind

There’s nothing worse than when you, at the end of the fall, decide to take out your favorite winter leather boots from somewhere in your attic, and they are all dusty, musty, and crinkly. What a nightmare, right?! It makes you wonder how to store leather boots, so they stay neat.

I know it’s December, and it might be a bit too late now to take any precautions when it comes to boots storing. Nevertheless, it’s the perfect time to learn what (not) to do when winter ends, spring knocks on our doors and our boots get replaced by sneakers.

Taking care of our footwear is of great importance, really. When we come to a certain age, and when we finally decide we’re no longer little messy rebels (“It was just a phase, mom.) the appearance of our shoes becomes our priority.

So we scrub our white sneakers trying to make the whiteness last, and we buy shoe balms and conditions and shoe protector sprays… All of that is to ensure the condition of our shoes is impeccable.

We should be taking extra care of our shoes since they can make or break our outfits. Think about it. If you have the most beautiful and expensive dress on, but your shoes are in bad shape – you have a bad outfit. It’s that simple!

In order to avoid an outfit debacle and to ensure you always look on point, especially in cold, winter seasons, caring for your boots is the key. And it all starts with proper storage!

So without further ado, let’s see how to store leather boots during warmer seasons, so they can be ready for you when winter comes again!

How to store leather boots?

How To Store Leather Boots: 7 Great Tips To Keep In Mind

As we have already said, taking proper care of your shoes is a must. Especially your leather boots! Why so, you may ask.

Well, because we all tend to break the bank when purchasing winter boots. And rightfully so! Any good pair of winter leather boots has to have a lot of features. They have to be breathable, waterproof, well-isolated, durable, slip-resistant, and comfortable. All of these features add up to the cost of the boots.

So, it’s fair to assume that taking care of something we spent our hard-earned money on is what we wish to do. Unless you’re someone who wishes to spend a couple of hundreds of bucks on new winter boots every winter season. Which I’m sure you’re not.

So, in order to avoid unnecessary seasonal splurge and to save money for nice holiday gifts, this article brings you eight useful tips on how to store leather boots, so they could peacefully rest during the warmer month and wait for the next time you decide to use them.

1. Properly clean and condition your leather boots

No matter where you live, colder months usually mean a lot of rain, snow, and frost, which often result in mud and dirt sticking to our boots.

So when winter ends and spring comes, in order for you to know how to store leather boots, you first have to make sure they are cleaned. It’s very annoying when you have to clean your boots before your first seasonal wear. It’s much better when they’re already clean and ready for you to wear them.

Make sure you brush your leather boots with a soft nylon bristle brush. Other types of brushes might damage the surface of the leather, and we don’t want that. And if your boots are extra dirty, you can use water and mild soap to properly clean them.

You can also invest in a good leather conditioner, like a nice leather cream or balm. By doing so, you’ll ensure your boots are nice, shiny, and soft, and you’ll prevent them from drying out and potentially cracking.

2. Get your boots fixed if needed

If your boots are in desperate need of repair, make sure you take them to the shoe doctor as soon as possible. Don’t let your intrusive thoughts win and make you wait for the next winter. It’s much smarter to fix them right away, so your boots can be ready for the next wear.

So, when the winter comes to an end, and you notice your boots could use some extra care, take them to the shoemaker before you store them away. Check if your boots need to be resoled, for example.

Trust me, your future self will be very grateful!

3. Invest in boot shapers to prevent creases

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This is a good hack if you have tall shaft boots. And it’s also a small (but useful) investment. By getting boots shapers, you’ll ensure your boots stay smooth and crease-free. What more could you ask for?!

Boot shapers also mean that you can hang up your boots in a spare closet. If you happen to have one, of course. If not, they are great for your boots to remain upright and tall.

Another great thing about this hack is that you can DIY your own boot shapers. Just carve out a stiff piece of cardboard to fit the vamp of your boots and make a cardboard tube for the shaft. If you want to reinforce them, you can stuff your boots with tissue paper and that’s it.

And if you want a little less demanding DIY project, you can roll up some magazines or use poll noddles and put them in your boots.

If, however, you don’t want to use boot shapers (because you don’t have enough room to store them like that), make sure you store them lying flat on their sides.

4. Chose the right environment

How To Store Leather Boots: 7 Great Tips To Keep In Mind

To know how to store leather boots is to know where to store them. It’s recommended to put them in a cold, dark, and dry place in your home. Extreme temperatures and humidity can damage the leather fibers and sun exposure can bleach them out.

It’s not advised to store your leather boot with mothballs or any other chemical pest repellents. Leather is a natural material, and it is highly absorbent. So, if you don’t want your boots to smell like mice repellents, you better store them far away from any nasty chemicals.

5. Have a sorting system

When it comes to knowing how to store leather boots, a storage system is an obvious answer.

First of all, keep the original shoebox. These boxes are specially made according to the size of your boots, so you don’t have to worry about whether they will have enough space or not.

And second, if you need your boots within a hand’s reach every day, make sure they are not stored on top of each other. Various shoe storage solutions are available, including shoe racks, shoe cubbies, and shoe ladders. There are even shoe closet rack doors on the market.

Determine which solution works best for you, the space available in your home, and the style of the boots you have – then simply go for it. If you want to be extra boujee, you can even consult professional closet organizers. They’ll surely know what’s best for you and your leather babies!

6. Prevent the mold

The chances of your leather boots becoming moldy are unfortunately very high. Especially if they are stored in a damp area.

To prevent this, make sure the place where they’re stored is humidity-free. However, if that’s simply not possible, and you have no place else to put them, try using silica gel packets. You can stick them inside your boots and that will prevent the mold from appearing.

However, be aware that silica gel packets can cause your leather boots to dry out. So, you’ll have to go back to tip number one and use a good leather balm to ensure your boots stay conditioned.

7. Check on them until the next season

You know how they say, “Out of sight, out of mind.” But please, don’t apply this saying to your leather boots.

Make sure to check on your boots halfway through the storage period and apply a bit more cream or balm if needed. If you notice mold, refer to tip number 6 and use silica gel packets. And if you spot a crease or any other damage, use boot shapers or take your boots to the shoemaker.

Just keep in mind that it’s never too late to show some extra love to your leather boots!

How To Store Leather Boots 7 Great Tips To Keep In Mind