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What’s The Best Place To Buy Work Boots? 14 Suggestions

What’s The Best Place To Buy Work Boots? 14 Suggestions

Work boots are one of those workwear must-haves. However, everyone hates searching for them because the wrong ones can make your life miserable. We would argue that most workers spend hours on end searching for the right work boots, scouring the stores, and coming home empty-handed. What’s the best place to buy work boots, then?!

Depending on what type of work boots you’re looking for, you might find shopping for them exhausting, overwhelming, and absolutely awful. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with putting things away for a little while because you can’t be bothered with doing them.

But, shopping for work boots should (or must) be at the top of your priorities because you don’t want to know what happens when you spend the entire day wearing the wrong ones.

Coming home to blisters, bruises, and wounds doesn’t sound that fun, right? Not to mention the fact that not all workplace hazards are the same and your employer might require you to wear appropriate work boots that match their standards.

Building sites, warehouses, and even Ikea stores, for example, require that you wear steel-toe work boots. Hence, that might be one of the features you need to look for while you’re scouring the stores.

We’ve done some digging and we’ve prepared a rundown on what to keep an eye out for when buying work boots to make things easier for you. And, we’ve gathered a couple of stores (online and… offline) that would qualify as the best place to buy work boots. What are you waiting for?!

What to keep an eye out for when buying work boots?

What's The Best Place To Buy Work Boots 14 Suggestions

Here’s some food for thought that nobody really talks about. When you’re looking for high-quality, supportive, and durable work boots, there are a million features you’re hoping to get for the money you pay.

Chances are you already have your eyes on a couple of brand names that advertise those features to you on a daily, and you’re tempted to pull the plug and purchase them online. But, before you do that, there should be a checklist of things that are a deal-breaker when we’re talking about work boots.

That’s going to make the task of finding the best place to buy work boots much easier because you’re going to know which brands and which styles of boots work for you.

That means you won’t, for example, go to the official Caterpillar website looking for cowboy boots (though they do offer something that looks like a cowboy boot).

What do you keep an eye on when buying work boots, then? First off, you want your work boots to offer you enough safety, support, comfort, waterproofing, padding for warmth, and traction. Truth be told, these are the things you really can’t go without, whatever your place of work might be.

On the other hand, you want to look for work boots that possess the necessary features for the workplace – granted that your employer or the environment seeks such features.

Maybe you need steel-toe or composite-toe boots for safety. Perhaps you need penetration resistance or antistatic properties for the same reason. Make sure you have a talk with your employer or your colleagues and check whether there are features you must have.

Other than that, there’s nothing stopping you from making your task easier by searching for places that offer the most types and styles of work boots. Good luck, perhaps..!

What’s the best place to buy work boots?

We’re kidding, the best places to buy work boots offer a myriad of different types, styles, and features that are readily available and easily accessible to you.

We’re talking about online stores that offer one-click purchases and shy away from wasting your time on a million different steps. We’re also talking about footwear stores that carry numerous different brands rather than the ones that only offer their own brand.

And, we’re talking about those stores that might not be at the top of everyone’s checklist but offer affordable alternatives that are up to par with popular brand names. What can we say, we take shopping very, very seriously and we know what we’re talking about!

That’s right, we’ve prepared a bunch of stores that offer workwear brands such as Caterpillar, Timberland, and Wolverine, as well as some of the lesser-known brands you don’t have to break the bank for. Buckle up because we’re about to take you on a ride of your (work) life.

1. Amazon

What's The Best Place To Buy Work Boots 14 Suggestions

We’re not saying Amazon’s the best place to buy work boots, but we’re also not saying that Amazon shouldn’t be your number one stop when you need to get things done “right there and then.”

Amazon happens to be the world’s most popular online outlet for a million reasons, and we’re here to shed some light on them.

First things first, Amazon offers competitive pricing and worldwide availability which can make a world of difference for workers who aren’t USA-bound.

Then, we can’t brush over the fact that Amazon features some of the most known workwear brands out there – Timberland, Red Wing, Georgia, Keen Utility, and Carhartt.

Therefore, you have a bunch of work boots to choose from. You can easily focus on finding the ones that offer the features you need. Amazon also offers Prime Membership, a deal that gets you free, fast shipping.

That’s pretty perfect for workers who have to change their work boots and workwear more often than others. Oh and, Amazon has a 30-day return policy that provides you with added security when you’re online shopping.

Does Amazon have any cons, though? According to some of the reviews we read, Amazon doesn’t have the most reliable customer service and doesn’t always offer the lowest prices.

However, you can always scour the world wide web, employ numerous extensions that allow you to check the lowest prices, and go from there.

2. Dick’s Sporting Goods

“Wait, what?!” Don’t worry, we know you’re not searching for the best place to buy sporting goods. But, Dick’s Sporting Goods might be the best place to buy work boots (or at least, one of the best places).

So, the store that became popular for offering a wide selection of sports gear, equipment, apparel, and footwear happens to carry a bunch of work boot brands, too.

That’s right, you can discover brands such as Timberland, Ariat, Carhartt, Durango, and Wolverine at Dick’s Sporting Goods, depending on the store you end up visiting.

There are around seven hundred and twenty stores across the country which means you shouldn’t have a hard time finding the nearest one. And, there’s an online store, too, for those of you who aren’t from the US.

What can we even add about Dick’s? Whether you’re searching for affordable boots or you’re willing to spend a little more on brands such as Georgia Boots, Muck Boots, Carharrt, Keen, and Wolverine, you’re guaranteed to find them at one of Dick’s stores or online.

With great customer service and a 30-day return policy, you have nothing to worry about!

3. Boot Barn

We thought we might have a couple of cowboy boots and western boots fans, and we made sure to do some digging on that front. We’ve settled on one of the best places to buy work boots when you’re looking for unique, never-before-seen styles – Boot Barn.

Whether you’re searching for work boots with heaps and heaps of features or ones that are guaranteed to keep you supported and protected, Boot Barn probably carries something perfect for you.

We’re not claiming that lightly, but based on the fact that Boot Barn offers everything from western workwear and square-toe cowboy boots to sports shoes and hiking boots. Of course, they’re equipped with an array of brands such as Silversmith, Wrangler, Ariat, Montana, Justin, and even Cody James.

Now, Boot Barn does have over two hundred stores across the country. But, you might also be looking for an online store. Boot Barn does indeed have one, and it comes with free shipping for orders over $75 and a 60-day return policy.

One of the only things we would talk down on has to be the fact that there’s hardly any variety for workers who aren’t looking for western boots. And, they’re generally more expensive than some of the other stores that offer the same products.

4. Sears

What's The Best Place To Buy Work Boots 14 Suggestions

Sears might not be the store that pops up when you Google search “best place to buy work boots,” but you would be surprised at the number of brands, styles, and features you can discover there.

Head over to the nearest Sears and check whether you can get your hands on DieHard, Reebok, Wolverine, and Harley Davidson work boots that are waterproof, comfortable, supportive, and grippy.

When you don’t feel like going out, you can access the Sears online store from your phone or laptop and get to shopping. Sears offers numerous shipping methods and costs, as well as a 30-day return policy to ensure you end up with the best work boots for you.

Other than that, you can count on Sears to have some of the most affordable alternatives when you’re not willing to spend your monthly paycheck on a brand name.

As for the downsides of shopping at Sears, there’s always a possibility they don’t have a store where you live. And, they might not have the features you’re looking for because they don’t have that many work boot options.

5. Work Boots Superstore

“How come you didn’t start with Work Boots Superstore?” That sounds like something you might be screaming at the screen at the moment, but hold your horses.

While Work Boots Superstore does offer a vast selection of work boots for different occupations and probably carries the biggest number of brands, you can only find them online (which might not be everyone’s cup of tea).

Other than that, you can be sure that Work Boots Superstore’s the best place to buy work boots. They’re beaming with brands such as Thorogood, Timberland, Merrell, Danner, Keen, Skechers, and Under Armour.

They’re even equipped with some brands you can’t find on Amazon, such as Justin Boots.

Whether you’re searching for heavy-duty met guards and safety toes. Whether you can’t go to work without a slip-resistant rubber outsole and puncture-resistant, full-grain leather boot. Whatever your preferences might be, Work Boots Superstore probably carries something for you.

Need we argue anything other than the fact that they carry more than five hundred models of steel-toe boots?

Work Boots Superstore online store offers free shipping for orders over $150 and an excellent return policy of up to one year for new, unworn boots. We can’t give them enough credit, honestly!

6. Work Boot Wearhouse

No, Work Boots Superstore and Work Boot Wearhouse are not the same (or even connected!) Work Boot Wearhouse appears to be a haven for high-end work boots and brands such as Timberland PRO, Wolverine, Thorogood, Avenger, Irish Setter, Carolina, CAT, and Carhartt.

Knowing that, you can only assume that Work Boots Wearhouse can be crowned as the best place to buy work boots, depending on what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re someone who spends hours and hours working with concrete or someone who works on hard, dangerous surfaces, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for at Work Boot Wearhouse.

One thing to keep an eye on when considering Work Boot Wearhouse – they might be a high-end store, but they offer reasonable (even affordable) prices. However, they don’t have an online store which means you can’t purchase anything from them unless they have a store close to you.

7. Walmart

Who’s surprised to see Walmart on here? While they might not be synonymous with high-quality, hardwearing, and durable work boots, we have to give credit where credit’s due.

Walmart’s the best place to buy work boots when you’re searching for affordable alternatives. Walmart offers a myriad of work boots by Wolverine, Georgia, Skechers, as well as Herman Survivor (which happens to be Walmart’s shoe brand).

Even though they don’t have that many options, the work boots that they do have are decent quality, protective, and supportive. Most of Walmart’s work boots have rubber soles, and that’s something to consider before purchasing.

Walmart does have an online store and does offer free shipping on orders over $50 as well as a 90-day return/exchange policy. Depending on what you’re looking for, you’re guaranteed to leave the store with a smile on your face and a bunch of other things you didn’t need.

8. Sheplers

What's The Best Place To Buy Work Boots 14 Suggestions

Right off the bat, Shepler’s might be the best place to buy work boots when you’re looking for that “traditional vibe.” Shepler’s offers brands such as Carolina, Irish Setter, and Danner which make work boots that are compact, heavy, and protective of your feet and toes.

On the other hand, Shepler’s also offers western boots for those of you who prefer the “cowboy vibe.” They carry some of the most popular western wear brands such as Cody James, Shyanne, El Dorado, Tony Lama, and Justin.

Now, Shepler’s seems to be one of those stores you turn to when you’re searching for something eye-catching and one-of-a-kind. Some of the work boots they feature are made with odd leather fabrics such as snakeskin or ostrich leather.

Shepler’s works online only but offers free shipping for orders over $75 and a 60-day return policy. Depending on your preferences, Shepler’s might be the right store for you.

9. Tractor Supply Company

We’re thinking of our farm boys and farm girls, too! Tractor Supply Company’s a store that offers work boots and workwear for lawn, garden, livestock, and agriculture work. We would go as far as to suggest that Tractor Supply Company’s the best place to buy work boots for farm and ranch work.

First off, they feature brand names such as Ariat, Justin, Carhartt, Ridgecut, and Georgia. Now, they don’t have a wide variety of brands, but they offer enough for everyone to find something they like (at least that’s what they would argue).

You can go to the nearest store or order online, depending on what works for you. As for online orders, they have a 30-day return policy and numerous shipping options across the US. However, they don’t offer worldwide shipping and they don’t have stores outside the US.

Sure, that’s not a problem for everyone, but we couldn’t brush over the fact that Tractor Supply Company might not be available to you.

10. Cabela’s

When you’re searching for the best place to buy work boots, you probably don’t even think of the stores that aren’t necessarily known for work boots.

However, Cabela’s features a bunch of different styles of boots, from work boots, hunting boots, and duty boots, to hiking boots, fishing boots, and western boots. Cabela’s appears to be the pioneer of hunting, fishing, and camping equipment.

However, Cabela’s doesn’t carry brand names most workers are familiar with. That’s not to say that they don’t offer a variety of footwear, of course. Brands such as RedHead, Ariat, Durango, Reebok, Irish Setter, Bates Enforcer, Keen Utility, and Cabela’s line are readily available at all times.

As for online orders, Cabela’s features free shipping on orders over $50 and a 60-day return policy. Cabela’s prices are reasonable, but we wouldn’t argue they’re as competitive as prices on Amazon or Walmart.

11. Lowe’s

“How can Lowe’s be the best place to buy work boots?!” Don’t brush over some of the stores simply because you haven’t even heard they offered work boots and workwear.

Lowe’s might be a company that specializes in home improvement, but Lowe’s also features affordable rubber work boots, steel toe work boots, and 6-inch lace-up work boots.

Now, Lowe’s work boots aren’t high-end or branded, but they’re pretty supportive, protective, and durable for the price. Some of the brands you might stumble upon are Marshalltown, Safety Works, Georgia, Rocky, and Dunlop.

Granted that you’re intrigued by what they’re selling, you can check whether they have a store near you or order online. Lowe’s offers a 90-day return policy and numerous shipping methods.

12. Target

What's The Best Place To Buy Work Boots 14 Suggestions

We simply can’t leave out one of the most popular stores ever! But, we can (and will) argue that Target doesn’t carry safety footwear which means you won’t find steel-toe and composite-toe work boots there.

Given that your employer or your work environment doesn’t require those features, Target does offer lace-up work boots, pull-on work boots, slip-on work boots, and rubber work boots for cheap.

Target stores carry brands such as All In Motion, Universal Thread, Goodfellow & Co, and A New Day. But, the online store does feature better-known brands such as Timberland, Georgia, Iron Range, Durango, and Rocky.

Even better, the online store offers great customer service, a 365-day return policy, and numerous shipping options. Sure, Target might not be the best place to buy work boots. But, they’re a great option for workers who can’t afford to spend too much money on work boots.

13. Red Wing

Oh, Red Wing knows what’s up! When you get tired of scouring the Target online store, you might want to throw a glance a Red Wing.

While they do have steeper prices, they also feature better characteristics, higher quality work boots, and a bunch of other advantages. After all, they’re one of the best places to buy work boots for a reason!

Whether you’re searching for steel-toe work boots or composite-toe work boots. Whether you’re safer with BOA fit system work boots or metatarsal protection work boots.

We’re pretty sure Red Wing’s got something for you. But, we should underline that you’re only going to find the Red Wing brand there.

14. Zappos

Zappos might not be a work boot store specifically, but they do offer a decent selection of work boots for an affordable price.

For example, you can find anything from hook and loop, walking work boots, and tactical work boots, to relaxed work boots, heavy-duty work boots, and ASTM-approved work boots.

As for the brands, you can find Under Armour, Puma Safety, KEEN, Blundstone, Caterpillar, and Carolina among others. Zappos offers excellent customer service, a 365-day return policy, and a bunch of shipping options depending on where you are.

Whichever store you decide to go for, we’re pretty sure you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. Good luck!

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What's The Best Place To Buy Work Boots 14 Suggestions