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Top 10 Best Shoes For Sciatica: Kiss Your Pain Goodbye

Top 10 Best Shoes For Sciatica: Kiss Your Pain Goodbye

Ouch! Since you’re here, I can only assume you are suffering from that terrible and annoying back pain that often goes down your sides and throughout the length of your entire leg. And I guess now you’re looking for the best shoes for sciatica, so your pain can be alleviated. At least to some extent.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone in your journey. Many people suffer from sciatica, and it’s not enjoyable at all. Studies say that almost 90 percent of people experience some kind of back pain in their lives and that around 40 percent actually deal with sciatica.

Some high numbers, if you ask me!

This condition refers to the pain that travels along the path of the sciatic nerve. It occurs when a pressure of herniated disk or an overgrowth of bone is put on the part of the nerve. It causes inflammation, severe pain, and even numbness in the legs.

Symptoms of sciatica can vary. The pain can resemble a mild tingling, dull ache, or a burning sensation. And for some people, it can be so debilitating and acute that they’re unable to move.

Walking is especially triggering for sciatica. As well as standing for long periods. Therefore, a person who suffers from sciatica needs a good and comfortable pair of footwear, so the pain can be…well, at least tolerable if not entirely nonexistent.

This article brings you the top 10 best shoes for sciatica so you, or your loved ones, can suffer no more! Take a look at the options below. I’m certain at least one pair will catch your eye.

What are the 10 best shoes for sciatica?

Top 10 Best Shoes For Sciatica: Kiss Your Pain Goodbye

Choosing what shoes to buy can be extremely challenging and time-consuming. Especially when your options are limited. There are generally so many options, from ballet flats to regular white sneakers, fancy loafers, or even cowboy boots. The possibilities are endless!

Yeah, right! Not really when you’re suffering from acute back, hip, and leg pain. In that case, options are, to put it nicely, fairly limited.

Or are they?

Well, you might be surprised, but there are many various options to select from in case you’re looking for the best shoes for sciatica. There’s no need for your outfit and comfort to suffer – a good pair of stylish and comfy shoes will exceed all of your expectations!

I’m bringing you just the shoes you need! There are 10 pairs of some of the best shoes for sciatica listed below. Whatever you choose, it won’t be a mistake. Your feet, legs, hips, and back will be grateful!

1. Birkenstock Arizona Platform

Birkenstock Women's Arizona Platform Black Birko-Flor EU Size: 36 - US Size: 5/5.5 Narrow
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We are starting strong, indeed. These Birkenstock Arizona Platforms are a great option for summer when you want to take your pedicure out for a walk, but don’t want to deal with a sudden sharp pain midway.

These sandals are great because they have a cork footbed which provides exceptional arch support. With every step you take, they will mold to your feet and eventually become a part of you. Believe me, you will not want to take these bad boys off!

What makes many people crazy about these sandals is that they are extremely lightweight and have adjustable straps. So you can tighten them to your liking, and they will not slip and slide as you go.

These beauties are available in two colors, taupe and fuchsia tulip, so you can either play it safe or embrace your daring side. Either way, you won’t be disappointed with these ones.

2. Fila Men’s Memory Workshift-m Shoes

Fila Men's Memory Workshift-m Shoes, Black/Black/Black, 9.5 US
$65.00 $43.79
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03/17/2024 10:05 pm GMT

Here’s a little something for our gentlemen. If you’re on the lookout nice and comfortable pair of shoes that you can wear all day long, these might be the ones for you!

These Fila Men’s shoes are made out of 100 percent leather and are great for both work and leisure time. Their rubber soles provide friction and durability and the memory foam ensures hours-long comfort.

Additionally, these shoes feature DLC foam midsoles which are perfect for people who experience from foot pain. Also, their perforated upper gives your feet some air. No stinky feet here! And the lacing system enables you to adjust them however tight you want!

So, no wonder these ones are considered to be one of the best shoes for sciatica. With them, the pain is nowhere to be found!

Another quick thing, boys. Don’t be discouraged from choosing female-style shoes if what’s offered in the male section doesn’t suit your fancy.

Men certainly can wear women’s shoes, they just need to pay attention to some details. And stay away from athletic shoes since male and female athletic footwear are designed according to the needs of each individual sex.

3. Geox Aerantis 4×4 ABX Ankle Boots

Geox Men's U AERANTIS 4X4 B ABX Ankle Boot, Black, 8
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What makes these Geox Aerantis 4×4 Abx Ankle Boots the best shoes for sciatica is the fact that they are perfect for rainy and snowy weather. So, you won’t be suffering from sciatica pain while at the same time shivering in the cold.

However, a bonus is that these boots are not your standard, trapping-the-heat boots. They feature the brand’s signature ventilation system, which allows the trapped air to escape. So, there’s no room for sweaty feet whatsoever.

These boots have a good amount of midsole cushioning for shock absorption, offering enough support for those who suffer from sciatica.

And, they have a waterproof layer, of course. With these ones, you’ll be able to live your childhood dreams and jump into puddles without a single worry in the world. (Okay, maybe jumping isn’t the best idea if you’re in pain, but you know what I’m trying to say.)

4. Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women’s G-Defy Mighty Walk

Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women's G-Defy Mighty Walk 9 M US - Comfortable Walking Shoes for Knee Pain White, Purple
$135.00 $109.95
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03/16/2024 11:01 pm GMT

Your journey of looking for the best shoes for sciatica can pretty much stop here. These G-Defy Mighty Walk shoes are extremely lightweight, with a secure fit and soft interior lining. They are designed with VersoShock technology which is clinically proven to provide pain relief in the legs and knees.

Made out of durable and breathable mesh, these shoes are well-ventilated and decently flexible. In the toe area, they are spacious enough which ensures good comfort and better blood circulation, and their rolling front design is perfect for reducing stress.

These shoes also provide you with an option to remove the insoles, which secures the accommodate custom orthotic support.

5. Klaw 528: Women’s – Gamma White

(Source: Klaw)

What a stunning pair of shoes! No one can convince me these aren’t the perfect shoes that combine both style and comfort. With these on, even the underdog becomes one of the cool kids.

These Klaw 528 walking sneakers are stable, supportive, and made out of the softest leather. They prioritize your foot health and provide enough support to all the critical areas of your foot, emphasizing deep comfort and lavish cushioning.

They have 1/4 inch of heel-to-toe drop which decreases the amount of stress your feet can suffer. They feature a premium waterproof upper and are extremely lightweight.

This design comes in four colors, gamma white, helio yellow, aero gray, and kuiper black, and is suitable for either everyday wearing and walking or a light workout.

6. New Balance Fresh Foam x Vongo v5

New Balance Men's Fresh Foam X Vongo V5 Running Shoe, Black/Deep Violet, 9.5
$149.99 $106.49
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03/17/2024 11:32 pm GMT

These New Balance Fresh Foams are specifically designed for runners. Nevertheless, they make a great contestant for the best shoes for sciatica.

These shoes have a supportive sole that’s layered with foam with the purpose of relieving pain and providing stability. Thanks to the mesh upper, they are exceptionally breathable. And due to fun and reflective accents, they are easily noticeable.

So you can take them for a walk even at nighttime with only the streetlights present – these shoes will keep you safe since the details are purposely constructed to catch the light.

What’s amazing about these shoes is that they come in 6 fun colors which is a feature that guarantees you’ll find the right pair for you!

7. Orthofeet Orthopedic Walking Shoes

Our seventh pair in line for the title of best shoes for sciatica are these Orthofeet Orthopedic Walking Shoes. This design features premium orthotic insoles with adjustable arch boosters and several cushioning layers for added comfort.

Their main aim is to ease foot pain, heel pain, and knee pain – basically, any pain you can think about that has its roots in foot health. So yes, even the sciatica pain!

They have lightweight, ergonomic soles which help improve the ease of walking, sustain stability, and provide much-needed support.

These ones are also sensitive-foot-friendly and have a wide toe box which means there is enough room for toes to wiggle, but no room for pressure on bunions and hammertoes.

8. Ryka Women’s Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoes

Ryka Women's, Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoe Navy Multi 7.5 M
$99.99 $64.94
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03/18/2024 01:19 am GMT

This pair is for girls who just want to have fun! Being exceptionally versatile and suitable for both office and dance floor, it’s no wonder these shoes found themselves on our list of the best shoes for sciatica.

The main highlights of these shoes include being lightweight, extremely comfortable, well cushioned, and having high-arch-friendly support. They provide a snug fit and are suitable for long-hour wear. They feature a breathable mesh upper which ensures feet stay cool and sweat-free.

What’s also cool about these ones is that they come in so many colors that there’s simply no way you wouldn’t find the one you like. How awesome is that!

9. Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe

Skechers Women’s 15600-BURG_37,5 Sneakers, Burgundy, 6.5
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These are the shoes that scream, “We are so comfortable!” in your face. Upon first look, they assure you’re about to feel as though you’re walking on clouds.

Like many others, they have a breathable mesh upper, so you can be sure there will be no stinky feet in sight. They also feature responsive 5GEN cushioning and Goga Max insole, which are the main culprits behind the comfort and support these shoes provide.

An added bonus is that these ones are slip-on shoes, meaning there are no laces to be bothered about. And they are also machine washable. So it’s both easy to wear them and easy to wash them. Don’t know about you, but I’m sold!

10. Zee Slip-on Loafers

LifeStride Women's, Zee Loafer Grey 9.5 M
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And last but not least are these fancy shoes for those occasions when sneakers just won’t do.

These Zee Slip-on Loafers are a perfect pair when you want to dress for success and leave the pain at home. The platform of these shoes, although low, provides good shock absorption, and cushioned footbeds even out any joint pressure.

With a slip-on and round-toe design, they are extremely comfortable and easy to wear. And they also come in other colors like navy, black, and gray.

What features should the best shoes for sciatica have?

If the list of the top 10 best shoes for sciatica we’ve just been through didn’t meet your expectation, there’s no need to panic! I have another solution for you.

The shoes selected above are a result of my own preferences, created under the influence of the professional opinion of orthopedic doctors. However, these professionals have listed certain criteria that every high-quality shoe for sciatica has to obtain.

Below, I have explained three major ones for you. Read them carefully and try to remember as much as you can so your next shopping escapade can end up successfully, with a pair of the best shoes for sciatica in your hands.

1. Stability

To ensure the stability of your shoes, the midsoles, and heel counters have to be rigid and firm. This way, the strain on your sciatic nerve can be reduced.

To test this, try bending your shoe’s toe box and heel in half. If rigid enough, they shouldn’t be able to fully fold in half.

2. Heel-to-toe drop

A heel-to-toe drop refers to the comparison of the amount of cushioning under your heels and toes.

Experts recommend shoes with a lower heel-to-toe drop as these kinds of shoes prevent a pressure load on knees and hips.

3. A heel no more than an inch high

When picking the best shoes for sciatica, a heel shouldn’t be more than an inch high. This is because a heel that’s taller than one inch causes the torso to tilt forward over the pelvis, which adds to the sciatica pain.

Bear these tips in mind and hopefully, you’ll finally be able to find a pair of shoes that feels comfortable and doesn’t cause you pain.

Top 10 Best Shoes For Sciatica Kiss Your Pain Goodbye