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Pain-Free Runs: 9 Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet, For Men

Pain-Free Runs: 9 Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet, For Men

Poorly fitting runners can cause you an array of problems, from blisters, corns, and calluses to bruised toenails, toe numbness, and tingling. Whether you’re a beginner or getting ready for your third marathon of the year, you’re here because you want the best running shoes for wide feet for men.

With naturally wide feet or feet that tend to swell up after a run, you know that you can’t wear tightly fitting, pointy runners. Nike, Adidas, and even New Balance oftentimes come out with narrow sneakers because they’re more attractive and on-trend than the wide ones. What are you supposed to do?

Most men go through a period of trial and error before they’re happy with a pair of perfectly fitting running shoes that don’t pinch, rub, or bruise them. Men with wider-than-average feet, on the other hand, go through a painstaking process of figuring out which brands offer wide and extra-wide fits.

We know what you’re going through, boys, and we’re more than happy to offer our guidance and ensure you go home with a pair of runners that’ll get you through your runs pain and pressure-free. We care about your pinky toes, and that’s why we’ve gathered a few of our favorite tips below!

What to look for in running shoes for wide feet

Pain-Free Runs 9 Best Running Shoes For Wide Feet, For Men

What are the best running shoes for wide feet for men, anyway?

A great pair of runners that are lightweight, padded for comfort, supportive, and fit right is the most important piece of gear you need to remain consistent and avoid getting hurt. And that’s why it’s worth investing time and energy in finding the right pair.

We said before that today’s brands offer wide and extra-wide fits for men who need the added wiggle room. More times than not, the wide and extra-wide runners have the same features and price as the “regular” ones, but they’re equipped with a roomier toe box and a wider midfoot.

When you’re done researching these brands, choose the style of footwear you need wisely. Whether you need plush padding, good arch and ankle support, or runners that are suitable for road, trail, and treadmill running, there are options available for all types of runners and running preferences.

With that out of the way, you can always opt for runners made with a wide toe box, a round toe, soft, stretchy fabrics that wrap around your feet, and laces that allow you to adjust the fit of the runner. Plenty of padding for comfort, a springy feel underfoot, and arch and ankle support are all musts, too.

We can’t forget about the terrain, either. Now, you’ll need to consider the type of surfaces you’ll be running on to ensure you don’t damage or destroy your runners (or your feet!) Running on a treadmill requires lightweight and breathable runners, but running on pavement needs cushioning. Let’s go!

Our best running shoes for wide feet for men

1. Altra Paradigm 6

ALTRA Men's AL0A5471 Paradigm 6 Road Running Shoe
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03/17/2024 04:29 am GMT

Altra Paradigm 6 runners are an excellent step toward your dream footwear. Starting with the appearance, they’re defined by a simple, sleek construction that ensures you can wear them with pretty much everything you want.

Crafted with an array of features, Altra sneakers are a great addition to your running gear. Equipped with a 0 mm drop and a wide base, these sneakers are supportive and stable enough to accommodate your feet.

They’re super bouncy, which means they’re great for running on pavement or even on rough surfaces, forest trails, and steep hills. And they’re designed with a unique, extra-wide toe box that promises to provide you with plenty of wiggle room.

2. Hoka One One Clifton 9 GTX

Hoka sneakers are adored around the world because they’re lightweight, breathable, and supportive enough to get you through a run without sore and swollen feet.

Hoka One One Clifton 9 sneakers are one of our favorite picks because they’re perfect for slippery surfaces – complete with waterproof Gore-Tex, grippy, rubber outsoles, and traction pods.

We can’t forget about the rubber-trimmed mesh upper and the 360-degree reflective details to prevent getting sweaty, soggy feet and ensure you’re visible as night falls. In short, they’re a runner’s dream!

3. Asics Gel-Kayano 29

ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano 29 Running Shoes
$160.00 $79.99
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03/15/2024 09:51 pm GMT

Asics sneakers are a friend to runners with wide feet, there’s no question about that. Whether you’re searching for running shoes with plush padding for comfort, arch and ankle support for foot-related problems, or an extra-wide toe box, there’s a chance you’re going to find exactly what you’re looking for at Asics.

We can’t recommend Asics Gel-Kayano 29 runners enough, and here’s why.

Breathable and lightweight, they’re made with a lighter foam to ensure they’re responsive enough even when they’re cushioned. With high-density rubber foam for arch support and rubber outsoles for traction, these sneakers are everything you need and more for a comfy and secure run.

4. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22

Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 22
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03/18/2024 01:50 pm GMT

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 runners are one of the most versatile sneakers on the market. We know most runners opt for features and functions necessary for a good run, but some might also want to wear them “off-duty.”

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 sneakers are all that and more.

When taking on easy runs, long runs, or nearly anything in between, you can count on these bad boys to get you where you need to be. When running errands, grabbing lunch with friends, or jogging around the neighborhood, you can wear your Brooks without a worry on your mind.

Crafted with plush cushioning for a feel-good landing, a well-ventilated upper, and a highly durable construction, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 sneakers are the way to go.

5. Nike Pegasus 40

Nike Mens Air Zoom Pegasus 40 PRM Running Shoe
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03/18/2024 12:54 pm GMT

We all know and adore Nike and that’s why we’re not surprised that Nike Pegasus 40 is one of the best running shoes for wide feet for men. Why’s that, though?

Starting with the obvious, they are made with plenty of room for your feet. Whether you’re a wide-footed man or someone who prefers a little wiggle room around the toes, you’re going to appreciate these sneakers.

Comfortable and stable, Nike Pegasus 40 sneakers provide plenty of protection for shorter runs. We do need to underline, though, that they’re not cushioned enough for trail running or longer workouts.

6. Adidas Pureboost 22

adidas Men’s Pureboost 22 Running Shoes
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Adidas Pureboost 22 running trainers might not be great for marathon runners, but they’re a solid option to consider for men who go on shorter runs or spend most of the time running on a treadmill.

Between a stretchy upper that wraps around your feet with ease, a wide toe box that allows you to spread your toes, and a sole that absorbs shock and brings extra energy back into your foot as you push off, Adidas Pureboost 22 is equipped with all you need for a comfortable run.

Not to mention that they’re the embodiment of fashion and function – you can wear them to work, a coffee date with your significant other, or a quick trip to Target, too.

7. New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v12

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam X 1080 V12 Running Shoe
$159.95 $142.44
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03/18/2024 02:05 am GMT

Most men read a shoe review that says “might run a little big” and decide against them, but men with wide feet need the extra room. New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v12 is exactly that – slightly bigger than you might expect – and that’s why this model is perfect for you.

With a highly durable construction, these running shoes are meant to carry you through your runs for years to come. Whether you’re an amateur or seasoned runner, you’ll appreciate the stretchy Hypoknit upper, cloud-like Fresh Foam cushioning, and extra-wide options.

Whatever you do, though, make sure you get your measurements right because you don’t want your runners falling off your feet while you’re running.

8. On Running CloudSurfer

On Running 3MD10421204 Mens Running Shoes

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03/17/2024 05:24 am GMT

On Running CloudSurfer might not rank top on the list of best running shoes for wide feet for men, but they’re the most hyped-up, sought-after, nonetheless. We couldn’t pass on the opportunity to rave about the fact that they’re extremely lightweight and breathable – perfect for treadmill workouts.

They’re made with a curved outsole that promises to align your posture and distribute your weight evenly across your foot. With excellent traction, these kicks might be appropriate for trail running, too, but that’s up to you to decide.

We wouldn’t suggest wearing them out and about, though, because they’re rumored to be “uncomfortable” when walking due to the curved sole. When running, though, the curved soles make every bit of sense.

9. Topo Athletic Phantom 3

Topo Athletic Men's Phantom 3
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03/17/2024 04:19 am GMT

We’ve arrived at the end of the article with Topo Athletic Phantom 3 trainers.

Where do we even start? We might have saved these running shoes for the end, but that doesn’t mean that they’re somehow worse than some of the other styles we’ve mentioned – they’re actually pretty freakin’ great.

Crafted with a shock-absorbing dual-density midsole, an extra-roomy toe box, and a comfortably snug midfoot, these running shoes are equipped with everything you need on your daily runs.