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Grind Those Gears: 6 Of The Best Cycling Shoes For Wide Feet

Grind Those Gears: 6 Of The Best Cycling Shoes For Wide Feet

Almost every sport requires proper equipment, and one of the things that you have to take into consideration is the best cycling shoes for wide feet. Cycling really requires your feet to be comfortable in order to get the best possible results.

The best way to see if you’ve been using the wrong shoes is to take the insoles out of them and put them on the ground. Then stand on your insoles and watch just how much of your foot is hanging out on either side. You’ll see that you’ve been wearing tight shoes this entire time, which isn’t good for the anatomy of your feet nor is it good for your overall performance.

When the structure of your feet isn’t functioning properly, your body compensates for that. This leads your feet to feel sore because of the overuse, and it can lead to an injury before you even know it.

That’s exactly why we’ve compiled a list of the best cycling shoes for wide feet. You have to find the right shoes for yourself, so you can enjoy the full mobility of your feet while doing the things you love.

6 of the best cycling shoes for wide feet

1. Shimano XC702 Wide

SHIMANO SH-XC702 Competition-Level Men's Off-Road Racing Shoe
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03/16/2024 12:40 pm GMT

The Shimano XC702 Wide is a trail-ready race shoe that’s optimized for high performance and comfort. They’re comfortable and lightweight, and they’re designed for pedaling long trails.

They have a carbon-reinforced, low-stack height midsole that completely stabilizes your foot. This provides you with an effective pedaling strength.

The Shimano XC702 Wide shoe has a professional fit. They completely wrap around your feet and keep them feeling snug and luxurious.

You can thank the ULTREAD rubber sole for the superior grip. Because of the innovative lug pattern, these shoes provide outstanding traction for the biker.

Besides all the good sides of these shoes, people usually don’t think about the stability of the shoes. However, these also provide stability with their high-density upper that integrates seamlessly with the midsole. All of these things are there to stabilize your foot well and give your foot maximum power transfer onto the pedals.

They’re engineered for speed, while still maintaining the superior comfort that your foot needs.

2. Lake MX238 Wide Mountain Bike Shoes

Lake Mx238 Cycling Shoe
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03/16/2024 12:30 pm GMT

One of the best cycling shoes for wide feet is the Lake MX238 Wide Mountain Bike Shoes. They feature a larger toe box and a tighter heel. They also have slightly more overall volume than other shoes.

Furthermore, they’re very safe, secure, and sturdy for hard riding and racing. The Lake MX238 Wide Mountain Bike Shoes have more than enough room for your wide feet to provide you with maximum comfort.

I would recommend that you get a size bigger than you usually would because these shoes run quite small.

The outsole is made out of Lake Competition 100% carbon fiber sole with Mountain Race X real rubber sole. The upper is made out of full-grain water-resistant premium leather with mesh.

You can find them in wide and extra wide width, medium and high instep, and medium and high volume, which you can all find in the chart on their official website.

The closure is a dual side-mounted BOA lacing system, which has releasable lace guides. This technology makes sure that your shoes stay on your feet even through the worst trails.

3. Tommaso Pista Women’s Cycling Shoe

Tommaso Pista Aria Indoor Cycling Shoes For Women
$79.99 $73.99
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03/16/2024 12:25 pm GMT

One of the best cycling shoes for wide feet is the Tommaso Pista Women’s Cycling Shoe. For women, it can be quite hard to find proper shoes because they’re either too snug or they’re too wide, however, these shoes are absolutely perfect.

This Italian design has provided quality cycling products since 1985.

These shoes in particular are perfect for outdoor cycling just as much as indoor cycling. They’re fashionable, while still being one of the most functional cycling shoes out there.

The Tommaso Pista Women’s Cycling Shoes are specifically made for women, which means that they offer durability and traction!

They are compatible with both 2-hole and 3-hole cleat systems. This provides stability for different types of cycling. The man-made soles actually enhance the power transfer and efficiency during pedaling. They really provide a sturdy platform for each ride.

The only issue that people see with these shoes is the fact that the tongue may not stay in place during use. It isn’t a dealbreaker, but it’s definitely annoying.

However, we have to talk about their aesthetic appeal once more. Cycling shoes, especially ones that are made with wide feet in mind, aren’t always the most appealing to the eyes.

Nonetheless, you’ll have the most fashionable shoes if you decide to buy them. I know that performance is the most important thing when cycling, but a stylish pair of cycling shoes is a huge plus.

4. Specialized S-Works Ares Wide Road Shoe

Another strong contender for the best cycling shoes for wide feet is the Specialized S-Works Ares Wide Road Shoe. If you’re not too concerned about the money, then you should definitely invest in a pair of these!

These super shoes offer everything under the sun that you’d want in your premium road cycling shoes. They’re extremely lightweight, they have a symmetrical BOA closure for comfort and support, but they also have an ultra-still sole. These shoes have a minimalist style, but that’s to be expected for refined shoes.

The patent-pending closure design secures the foot for extreme efforts, locking the metatarsals in and preventing lateral roll. The stiffness Index of 15 is what makes sure that there’s a maximum power transfer while you’re cycling.

Also, the PadLock™ heel construction cradles the heel to improve acceleration. All of these things make sure that you get the absolute best results when you’re cycling.

They’re non-slip, comfortable, and have a wide toe-box for the ultimate connectivity.

As stated before, if you’re ready to invest in a nice pair that will last for a long time while also being comfortable for your wide feet, then you should definitely consider getting these cycling shoes. If not, then you can absolutely look at some of the other options on this list.

5. Specialized Recon 2.0 Wide

Another shoe of the same brand. These are definitely some of the best cycling shoes for wide feet that you can find on the market.

You may not want to win every race that you take part in, but you still have to come in with that mindset. What else can give you that confidence besides great shoes with maximum comfort and performance?

These shoes were made with the exclusive STRIDE toe-flex technology. Even the nylon outsole uses a TPU-injected forefoot for off-bike movement. If that doesn’t guarantee absolute comfort then I don’t know what does.

When you’re wearing these cycling shoes it doesn’t matter if your bike is wet or dry, if there’s dirt all over it or not, because the nylon outsole has a SlipNot compound. This makes it easy to relax while you’re cycling because you won’t fear your foot slipping, and you won’t injure yourself.

An L6-Snap BOA and a Velcro forefoot closure ensure micro-adjustments and comfort with a secure fit design. Your feet won’t move in these shoes, but they’ll still have just enough space to breathe and feel spacious.

6. PEARL iZUMi Vesta Cycling Shoe

PEARL IZUMI Women's Vesta Studio Cycling
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03/16/2024 12:25 pm GMT

Another pair of the best cycling shoes for wide feet is definitely the PEARL iZUMi Vesta Cycling Shoe. These shoes are specifically designed for women so that you can be sure that your cycling experience will be fruitful and comfortable.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to use them for indoor cycling, fitness training, or trail cycling, these shoes will provide you with everything you need to get the best results.

They have a slip-on construction. The single strap makes it easy to put them on and take them off. This, however, doesn’t take away from the security that they provide while cycling.

The mesh material of the PEARL iZUMi Vesta Cycling Shoe is actually what makes them great for women with wide feet. This material is extremely breathable, adjusts to your foot, and provides comfort throughout all of your cycling adventures.

The stability of these shoes is also remarkable. They’re composed of an insole that covers 3/4 shoe length, which creates the perfect stability while pedaling without sacrificing walkability.

The model has been designed with a perfect balance between stiffness and flexibility!


Quite often, we find ourselves questioning whether we need all of this gear to be good at the sport that we love. For example, when you’re looking for the best cycling shoes for wide feet, people who don’t enjoy this sport will make it seem like you’re overthinking it.

In reality, what you need is a stable and comfortable pair of shoes that will provide you with a good energy return during long trails. You shouldn’t neglect the science that goes into the making of the gear for each sport.

You shouldn’t have to go through pain and blisters just because someone said that you don’t need it. Find what works for you and get the best results possible for the sport that you adore so much.