Top 5 Best Low Top Basketball Shoes 2019: Determining Which One can Specifically Meet your Needs

If you’re one of those who loves to play basketball then one way to prevent the possibility of incurring injuries, particularly those that affect the ankles, is to wear the best low top basketball shoes.

This footwear can make you feel at ease since you know that you’re safer than wearing mid- or high-top ones. Fortunately, you have several choices for low top basketball shoes that deliver an excellent performance.

Low Top Basketball Shoes Buying Guide

Why should you Wear Low Top Basketball Shoes?

Best Low Top Basketball Shoes mens

Many prefer low top basketball shoes for a number of reasons. For one, it offers a more modern look than the high-top shoes that tend to look old school. Another benefit is that the low-tops are very responsive. That said, you’ll never experience problems moving around.

A pair of low top basketball shoes is also lightweight, loose and flexible. Such qualities can help you obtain extra speed when you’re on the basketball court. The fact that the low tops are up to 20% lighter than high tops is also a good thing as it reduces fatigue.

It also minimizes restrictions when you’re moving. This attribute makes the shoe ideal for point guards. There are minimal to zero foot restrictions while also giving you full control over your movements.

Choosing a Good Pair of Low Top Basketball Shoes

In your search for the best low top basketball shoes, it is essential to consider some important points and factors, such as the following:

Best Low Top Basketball Shoes

Durability – This is one of the most important qualities of a shoe. You don’t want to invest in a pair, which falls apart within just a few weeks. Check the material used in the footwear and spend time researching about and assessing its durability.

Material – The material used in creating the shoe also plays a vital factor in making a good choice. If you’d like a footwear, which can withstand damage then go for a plastic-based synthetic material.

Alternatively, you can go for those made of raw materials if you’d like to have a nice and luxurious feel without compromising its durability.

Weight – Make sure that the shoe is lightweight enough, which is not a problem in the case of low tops as they are among the most lightweight options. You need a lightweight footwear as it lets you jump high, turn quickly and run fast.

Traction – The shoe should have a proper traction that it prevents you from sliding and slipping all over the court. You should be able to prevent such incidents whether you’re playing indoors or outdoors.

Ankle Support – You need a shoe with the right ankle support as it can help you prevent injuries. Ankle sprains is a common injury among those who play basketball, so you need a shoe with the right ankle support.

Overall Fit – A basketball show with the perfect size and overall fit can help you feel comfortable while also reducing the risk of injuries.

Sole – The shoe should specifically meet your needs with the surface constructed out of rubber and using a pattern, which allows it to grip the floor. You can find shoes specifically designed for use outdoors. In most cases, they have heavier soles.

Comfort – Of course, you need to figure out whether the shoe has enough cushion and can make you feel comfortable. Among your best choices are those with an air-based or a foam-based cushion as both offer maximum comfort.

Top 5 Best Low Top Basketball Shoes 2019

1. Adidas Performance Men's Crazylight Boost Low 2016 Basketball Shoe

Adidas is one of the leading providers of highly durable athletic footwear, so this pair of low cut basketball shoes will definitely leave a good impression. What I love the most about this shoe is that it is constructed out of textile and synthetic material. For me, this strongly indicates its sturdiness.

Another of the most amazing things in this shoe is its sole made of rubber material. This material is designed to keep you secure as it lets you have a nice and good grip on the floor.

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The fact that it’s a low-top shoe also means that it’s lightweight, so there will be fewer restrictions on your movements. Furthermore, I like the boost™ midsole, which helps ensure that all my steps are fully charged.

This footwear has a bold look because of its jacquard upper. The heel cup integrated on it also provides proper lockdown. The textile lining used in the shoe is extremely comfortable. Moreover, you will instantly notice the black collar insert designed to give wearers additional comfort.

  • Promotes the ultimate lockdown with its improved midfoot stability
  • Lightweight, so moving around with less to zero restrictions is possible
  • Made of durable materials
  • Has a nice and good grip
  • Has textile lining built to increase the comfort level of users
  • Only have minimal heel slippage
  • Comes in a bigger than normal size – This is good for those who have wide feet, though.

Constructed out of durable leather and textile materials, I believe that this is another of the best basketball shoes offered by Adidas. One of the plenty of things I can rave for about this shoe is its high comfortability. It’s very comfortable that you’ll feel like you’re surrounding your feet with pillows.

It features a rubber sole, which is the most recommended material for a basketball shoe’s sole. It has a shaft, which is around 2.41” from the arch. It has an upper made of leather and synthetic Nubuck material. Just like me, you’ll probably love the additional perforated details into the upper.

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Furthermore, the shoe boasts of a mesh collar, which lets it demonstrate the hoops style. The cloudfoam integrated into the shoe provides a cushy feel to all your steps. You also have a guarantee that it’s comfortable with the presence of its textile lining.

The good thing about this footwear for basketball enthusiasts and players is that it is also well-designed. The fact that it has a great style and design can further improve your confidence when playing on the court.

  • Looks and feels good
  • Comfortable and sturdy materials
  • Comes with a rubber sole
  • Has plenty of cushion for walking and moving around with ease
  • Affordable
  • Sole tends to start peeling off faster than expected
  • Laces are quite too long

The Men’s Isolation 2 Low Basketball Shoe from Adidas is one of the brand’s most sturdy and stable shoes. I highly recommend this to those who are searching for the best low top basketball shoes as it provides maximum stability when used, especially on the hardwood.

It features a low collar, so expect it to give you a complete range of movements while also retaining your balance. The upper of the shoe is constructed out of rich and synthetic materials. These aid in boosting the footwear’s durability.

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Another of the most remarkable features of the shoe is its padded EVA sock liner. This specific feature further improves its plush cushioning. You can also enjoy a higher level of flexibility and stability when wearing this shoe with its bottom-loaded TORSION® SYSTEM.

The TORSION® SYSTEM is beneficial not only in providing flexibility but also in promoting an effortless transition. It also provides a natural torsion in your midfoot.

Another feature worth noting is the non-marking outsole made of rubber. It’s designed to improve the shoe’s durability when used in high-wear areas.

  • Offers maximum level of stability and comfort
  • Provides the right balance of movements
  • Rich and synthetic materials used for the upper
  • Padded EVA sock lining, which makes it comfortable
  • Promotes effortless transition and flexibility with its bottom-loaded TORSION® SYSTEM
  • Tongue is quite long
  • Has some fitting and sizing issues

Searching for a good pair of low top basketball shoes is now made easier with the Under Armour Men’s UA Jet Shoes. Made of synthetic materials and a rubber sole, you have a guarantee that this is a satisfying shoe.

What I find adorable in this shoe is its synthetic upper. Such upper also features molded quarter panels designed in such a way that it improves the overall breathability of the footwear. It also offers a structured support, allowing it to lock in your feet comfortably.

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Adding to the fact that it is highly breathable are the integrated mesh tongue and engineered perforations. These features work in improving the shoe’s overall ventilation. This further adds to the shoe’s comfortability.

Another reason why I fell in love with this shoe is the full-length EVA sock liner. It is made in such a way that it perfectly molds my feet, so I feel moving is totally effortless. Such can benefit you, as well, if you don’t want to deal with restrictions in movements when you’re on the court.

Furthermore, it has an EVA midsole, which gives you a lightweight shoe. You’ll also enjoy the linear or lateral movement and control provided by the shoe’s solid rubber outsole and herringbone traction pattern.

  • Well-designed
  • Excellent breathability and ventilation
  • Offers a structured support
  • Perfectly molds your feet
  • Provides adequate linear or lateral movement and control
  • Quite tight and stiff for some users
  • A bit narrow at the sides

Nike can also give you the best pair of low top basketball shoe with its Air Jordan 2 Retro. I instantly fell in love with this footwear because overall, it’s made of highly durable leather. The rubber sole integrated into this basketball shoe also add up to its most endearing features.

It boasts of a full-length air sole, which makes it more breathable and comfortable. It also features the classic low top design, which many prefer because it is easier to use, more lightweight and minimizes the risk of injuries.

Best Low Top Basketball Shoes

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You will also love its smooth flowing lines as well as modern design. If you’re a basketball enthusiast, then you will no longer feel out of place when you’re on the court with all the features that this Nike shoe can offer.

It has a great fit, looks good and well-designed in person, and is very comfortable once you start wearing it. The fact that it is offered at an affordable price is a bonus.

  • Very comfortable
  • Guaranteed to be durable, especially because it’s made of genuine leather
  • Has smooth flowing lines and details, further improving its look
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Some issues on size
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With ample research, finding the best low top basketball shoes will never become a hassle. All it takes is to study the different brands and models in the market today.

It’s also necessary to consider your own needs, and how frequently and how intense you play the game. All these can help you determine which one among the low top shoes is suitable for you.

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