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6 Best Insoles For Standing On Concrete For A Long Time

6 Best Insoles For Standing On Concrete For A Long Time

So many people have made the connection between walking on hard surfaces and the decrease of shock absorption on their feet. When you need to be outside your home for prolonged periods of time, of course, you’ll need the best insoles for standing on concrete.

Once you understand that the pain in your foot can directly be linked to the fact that you’re constantly walking on hard surfaces, you’ll start to understand that your only way to handle this is to improve your shoes.

You can’t really change the floor that you’re walking on, right? We’d love to have more grass around so that our feet can sometimes rest, but you can’t escape concrete as much as you’d try.

However, you can definitely reduce the impact that concrete has on your feet.

If your feet hurt from standing or walking on concrete all day, then we have a few solutions for you that may be helpful. It won’t feel like you’re walking on clouds, but your feet will definitely be thankful.

5 things to consider when looking for insoles for standing on concrete

6 Best Insoles For Standing On Concrete For A Long Time

Before I actually tell you what the best insoles for standing on concrete are, you should take into consideration a few key things. You should understand why these things are so important, you’ll also be able to find the perfect insoles for you and your needs.

1. Arch height

The arch heights of your insoles should match your feet perfectly. There are so many people who wear insoles that have high arches that only increase their pain and make them suffer even more.

This also means that the arch shouldn’t be too small because that’s when the insoles are completely ineffective. You don’t want that either!

If you choose to talk to an orthopedist, they’ll give you instructions that will help you find the arch that compliments your feet.

2. Comfort

Comfort is probably the most important thing. Insoles are made to cushion the impact of every step you take.

If you’re walking on a hard surface the entire time, your insoles should be able to handle that impact and make you feel like you’re not being tortured by it.

3. Durability

Walking on concrete the entire time is awfully hard. If you don’t choose durable insoles, you’ll have to change them all the time.

They’ll become useless in a matter of days if you buy them cheaply. So, even though they may cost a little bit more, be prepared to spend an extra penny or two on something of better quality and durability.

4. Support

When it comes to support, you want insoles that are able to distribute your weight evenly on your entire foot. They should be able to support your arch and be the perfect fit for your foot.

Otherwise, the support you’re seeking may only give you more trouble in the long run. You don’t need more pain, let’s be honest.

5. Designed specifically for your feet

There’s a huge number of people that don’t take into consideration the fact that all of us have a specific foot, so they go out and buy whatever. When, in fact, everyone needs a specific design for their feet.

Don’t just buy anything that’s in stock so that you can move on with this task and forget about it. Study your feet well, understand where the problems come from, and try to find the best solution possible.

6 best insoles for walking on concrete

Now that that’s out of the way, I’m more than happy to provide you with the perfect options for you. Of course, you can always talk with a specialist and share your experience with them. However, a fair amount of people have shared their satisfaction when it comes to these products.

This is why I can give you the following few recommendations with utmost confidence.

1. Protalus T-100 ELITE insoles

Protalus T-100 Elite
$64.95 ($64.95 / Count)
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03/16/2024 09:49 am GMT

The name itself sounds like it could save you from any troubles that you could have. Like an insole superhero. Enough with the jokes, though.

The Protalus T-100 ELITE insoles have amazing shock absorption. They’re very comfortable, as they provide cushioning for your foot – which is amazing if you’re standing or walking for long periods of time, as they minimize the impact your feet make on the concrete.

The main issue here is that they’re not custom-made, as they’re simply hard to adjust to your size and you may not even be able to trim them.

But, if you find a size that fits you and has been manufactured that way, then you have nothing to worry about.

Some users have said that they feel like their feet weren’t really able to breathe while wearing these insoles, but I guess that this experience is up to the individual.

2. Dr. Schroll’s Heavy Duty Support insoles

Dr. Scholl's Heavy Duty Support Insole Orthotics
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03/16/2024 09:44 am GMT

If you’re genuinely looking for THE best insoles for standing on concrete and walking around all day, then these are the insoles for you.

Your back is going to thank you, your feet will feel like they’ve finally found their best friend, and you won’t need to worry about anything anymore.

Dr. Schroll’s Heavy Duty Support insoles are able to handle bigger body weights and spread the weight evenly on the feet. They’ve performed exceptionally well, even with people who weigh 200+ lbs.

They have a wide variety of sizes that can help you find the perfect pair for yourself. However, even if you’ll have to trim them a little bit, that won’t be an issue. They’re very easily adjustable, and you can trim them without any trouble.

You can use them in your fancy shoes as well as your sneakers, and they really are equally efficient in everyday wear.

They cushion every step you take and you’ll be able to transfer them from one shoe to the next with ease. This means that, at the beginning, you won’t have to buy an extra pair. One will be enough for all your needs.

3. Dr. Schroll’s Work Insoles All-Day Shock Absorption and Reinforced Arch Support

Dr. Scholl's Work Insoles
$32.81 ($16.40 / Count)
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03/16/2024 09:32 am GMT

The name itself is so appealing, wouldn’t you say? They give you everything you need if you’re someone who’s on their feet the entire time. Especially, if you have to walk on hard surfaces the whole day.

They are lightweight, made out of gel, have a wide variety of sizes, and are very comfortable for women to use. This is what you need, right?

You need something that you won’t feel like it’s weighing you down while you’re walking, while also being very functional.

These insoles are very breathable, as well as absorb any type of shock that may come to your feet. You’ll feel like you’re walking on a cloud the entire time.

Even with the huge variety of sizes, they’re still easy to trim. No matter what type of shoes you’re wearing, you’ll be able to trim them to a size that completely fits your feet.

Once you see what the best insoles for standing on concrete are, you won’t go back to the days when you felt like every step you took was sending sparks of pain through your entire body.

So, don’t hesitate. Get yourself something worth an extra penny.

4. EasyFeet Orthotic Insoles

EasyFeet Orthotic Insoles for Men and Women
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03/16/2024 09:32 am GMT

This company has helped so many people around the globe. They make sure that you get your life back by bringing you back on your feet and giving you the comfort you need to live your life to the fullest.

These insoles are great for people who suffer from flat feet and other conditions that have made walking a living hell for you.

These insoles will cushion every step, they’ll absorb the shock to your feet, and they’ll stop the pain in your back in a matter of days.

Also, they’re very pretty to look at. I know that you won’t really see them once they’re snuggled into your shoes, but it’s a great thing to consider.

5. Superfeet GREEN

Superfeet GREEN – High Arch Orthotic Support
$54.95 ($27.48 / Count)
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03/16/2024 02:51 am GMT

If you don’t want to spend too much money on simple insoles, then you can definitely take a look at the Superfeet GREEN insoles. They’re quite affordable while doing the perfect job for you.

They have good arch support, but if the arch of your feet is too high, then they may not be the best fit for you. However, these insoles aren’t custom-made, so can you really blame them for that?

Another little downside is that they could make little squeaky sounds while you’re walking. I’m not saying that they will, I’m just saying that they could if the fit isn’t right.

6. Physix Gear Sport Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis

Physix Gear Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles Arch Supports Orthotics Inserts
$17.99 $9.21
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03/16/2024 09:25 am GMT

Last, but definitely not least, are one of the best insoles for standing on concrete. Phsysix Gear Sport Insoles are made out of a high-density material, which is EVA foam.

These insoles have a strong construction, but a minimalistic design. They’ll cushion your steps, give you shock absorption, and relieve pain in your body at the same time.

A huge plus when it comes to these insoles is that they won’t make your feet smell bad, which should be a big priority for everyone.

At the end of the day, you’re walking so much that your feet need something that will make them stay fresh and pain-free the entire time.

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6 Best Insoles For Standing On Concrete For A Long Time