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Are Nike Air Max Good For Running? Bursting Your Bubble

Are Nike Air Max Good For Running? Bursting Your Bubble

When you’re a runner, you make sure to get some amazing gear to help you achieve your full potential. Sneakers are the first thing on your list. But are Nike Air Max good for running?

Running, as a sport, takes a lot of dedication and training. Just like anything else, the chances are quite small that you’ll be good at it by default.

If you’re a runner, you know how painful it can become for your body. It’s not just your lungs that are in pain, but your feet, back, and stomach are at risk of getting very strained.

The proper running shoes will help you get the balance you need, they’ll cushion each step, they’ll absorb the shock on your feet, and you’ll get much better results.

However, you’re looking at those Air Max in your closet, and they look acceptable for this endeavor. You’re not really sure if it’s a smart idea, but you’re willing to try.

You’re curious to know what the downsides are, but most importantly, you’d be happy to know if they’re actually a good match for the sport that you love so much.

I can tell you with certainty that you’re at the right place! So, let’s find out together.

What are Nike Air Max?

Are Nike Air Max Good For Running? Bursting Your Bubble

As you probably know, these are some of the best and most famous shoes on the market right now. Everyone is wearing them, and their stylishness adds to their appeal.

Why would a runner like yourself want to look good while running? Of course, you would want that. Looking at these shoes makes you want to try them on.

Back to the main topic. The first Nike Air Max shoes came on the market in the year 1978. Since then, they’ve been extremely popular.

Many celebrities, influencers, and simply people under the age of 30 have worn them their entire lives.

They have so many different designs you’ll be able to choose from if you decide to buy a pair yourself. You’ll be mind-blown.

Why are they so special? Well, their name says it right away. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, well – the name Air Max stands for the small pockets or translucent pouches that these shoes have.

They create more cushioning and give you additional shock absorption while walking. They’re extremely comfortable, and even though they can get a little bit pricey, they’re still amazing.

Considering the fact that they have a long history, they have many models:

  • Air Max 1
  • Air Max 90
  • Air Max 180
  • Air Max Light
  • Air Max Plus Tuned
  • Air Max Vapormax
  • Air Max 93
  • Air Max 95
  • Air Max 97
  • Air Max 360
  • Air Max 270
  • Air Max 720

Are Nike Air Max Good for running?

The simplest answer is: Yes, they are!

Considering how many models Nike has come out with, we can confidently say that some of the Air Max are amazing for this sport.

Some are better for short distances, while other ones can be worn on long-distance runs. However, if you’re a trail runner, you may want to reconsider these options.

1. Nike Air Max 90

Nike Womens Air Max 90 WMNS Phantom/Metallic Silver DZ5194-001 8
$149.99 $137.90

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03/17/2024 06:07 pm GMT

If you’re wondering if Nike Air Max is good for running, then you’re definitely here for an amazing run! Your performance will become so much better if you choose to buy these shoes.

Considering that you’re really looking for Nike shoes for running, these are probably your best option. There are so many things that they’ll provide you with that’ll make your running experience worthwhile.

For starters, their durability is amazing! I know that they’re a little bit on the pricier side, but they’re worth every penny.

You won’t have to worry about whether they’ll break from running on concrete for a long distance. If anything, you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to move your feet, how lightweight they are, and how good your step will stay with them.

Thanks to their flexibility, you won’t need to worry about straining your ankle one bit.

The Nike Air Max 90 will give you the perfect traction while running. I know that you’re looking for something you can wear while it’s raining, or when it’s sunny, or (if you’re into that) while it’s snowing. You’re safe with these shoes.

These shoes will take your running experience to a whole new level. They’ll support your foot, and your ankle, they’ll absorb any shock that may come to your foot and even make every step feel comfy. What more could you ask for?

2. Nike Air Max 97

Nike Mens Air Max 97 DJ2740 100 White/Gum (us_footwear_size_system, adult, men, numeric, medium, numeric_11)
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03/17/2024 06:10 pm GMT

Another groundbreaking model that will bring your results to a whole new level is the Nike Air Max 97. This innovative and revolutionary technology will show you that running is really there to be fun and that your feet don’t have to hurt afterward.

At first glance, these shoes may look a little bit bulky. However, they’re extremely lightweight and you won’t feel like you’re wearing a chunky pair of footwear on your feet.

The grip on their soles will give you the confidence to run that extra mile! If you end up choosing these shoes, you’ll be safe on any and every surface.

The fact that they have little air bubbles built into the shoes makes them quite bouncy, but also very responsive and breathable. You won’t need to worry about shock absorption or isolation from the concrete you’re running on.

If you’re a high-performance runner, then you may want to look into other options because the Nike Air Max models may not be the best choice for you. However, these shoes can give you a good start before you decide to invest in quality gear.

Which Nike Air Max shoes are NOT good for running?

Are Nike Air Max Good For Running? Bursting Your Bubble

As stated a few times already, you may want to consider getting yourself some actual running shoes that will be able to handle the weight of your training. This is especially important if you’re a high-performance runner.

On the other hand, some shoes are worse than others. Air Max 90s could give you a good starting point, but let me tell you something…

Nike Air Max 270 will make you hate running.

The main reason is that they’re genuinely not made with running in mind. If anything, they’re made with the intention of long and easy walks.

They’re very stylish and pretty, but they’re not the type of shoes that you’d want to have as your only option for a sport this intense.

Even though the 270 model has a very athletic look to it, it’s quite deceiving. You can wear these shoes with probably any outfit and you’ll be able to pull them off, but running gear is not one of those options.

The drop of the Nike Air Max 270 isn’t meant for this type of performance. They’re not stable enough, they’re not cushioned as much as they should be, and they definitely don’t have the type of traction that you need.

You’ll be much better off simply avoiding them and going straight for expensive running shoes that’ll have all the things you need to improve your time.

3 things to consider if you’re planning on buying new running shoes

While we’re here to discuss the possible running features of Nike Air Max, I can’t just walk away without giving you a few pointers about the things you should look for in your next pair of running shoes.

1. Cushioning

We’re constantly talking about cushioning. But, you don’t want to drop onto your foot and feel a stabbing sensation, right? You don’t want to feel like your foot is falling apart every time you step on it.

Cushioning is very important and it can even give you a little bounce for your next step if you know what to look for.

2. Shock absorption

This is another thing that people are constantly mentioning. The shock absorption while running is what gives your foot enough support and safety to continue your run.

The leg muscles tend to tire out quite quickly, so you need shoes with good support material. Ideally, your running shoes should be able to handle at least 2.5 times your body weight in order to give you the proper support.

3. Heel drop

The heel drop is the difference between your toes and your heel when you’re wearing a shoe. It’s represented in millimeters. This drop is created by the difference in the cushioning of your shoes.

Running shoes have a bigger heel drop so that your feet can have a good step while running.

One piece of information that may be good to know is that the heel drop for the best running shoes is around 10 mm.

You probably saw this already when you looked at running shoes, which means that you also saw the inflated heel on those shoes. This is important to cushion your step while running.

Now that you have all of this information, I am hoping that you’ll find the perfect pair for your feet. Once you decide which ones to get, I’m sure your results will be marvelous.

Are Nike Air Max Good For Running? Bursting Your Bubble