The 10 Most Effective Shoe Deodorizers

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As great as shoes can be, they also tend to smell from time to time. To offset that, there are deodorizers. Though they come in different forms, such accessories all work to eliminate unpleasant odors. This guide will cover ten of the most efficient around.

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1. Zederna Cedar Wood Shoe Insoles

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Our list begins with Zederna Cedar Wood Insoles. These are a great option for flats, boat shoes, as well as any closed-toed shoe that you do not wear socks with. The cedar wood combines with cotton to absorb both sweat and moisture in order to prevent the growth of bacteria. These have the added bonus of working against athlete's foot and nail fungus as well. They come in 8 sizes and can be worn with or without socks.

2. Lumi Outdoors Shoe Deodorizer Spray

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Number two is the Lumi Outdoors Shoe Deodorizer Spray. This is great to combat lighter odors. It is made with natural essential oils and uses a mix of tea tree, lemon, eucalyptus and peppermint to kill any bacteria or fungus. A great way to keep your shoes smelling fresh, it can also be used on yoga mats or exercise gear.

3. Kiwi Select Fresh Force

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One of the stronger sprays on this list, the Kiwi Select Fresh Force is designed to combat the strongest odors. This spray is effective, easy to use, and lasts all day. The strong chemicals (which you don't have to touch thanks to the spray bottle) immediately get rid of smells and make sure your shoes stay fresh for long periods of time.

4. Elite Sportz Shoe Deodorizer And Shoe Spray

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As the name suggests, Elite Sportz Shoe Deodorizer is a great option for sweaty shoes and stink-causing bacteria. This brand, like the Kiwi, is heavy duty. However, this spray utilizes natural ingredients (11 natural herbs and 7 pure essential oils) to combat any unpleasant smells.

5. Rightfoot Foot And Shoe Deodorizer

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Another all-natural option, the Rightfoot Foot and Shoe Deodorizer is a fantastic way to keep your shoes fresh without employing any chemicals. This spray not only has a pleasant smell, but it is both antibacterial and antifungal as well. The substance works with all types of skin, and is great at combating even the sweatiest of shoes.

6. Sof Sole Sneaker Balls

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While not a spray, Sof Sole Sneaker Balls are great for cleansing all parts of the shoe. The spherical shape allows them to freely roll around and gives them the ability to slide into nooks and crannies other deodorizers cannot reach (such as the toe box). All you have to do is twist them open to release their scent. Then, when you're done, you can close them back up for future use. That way they can last up to six months.

7. Dr. Scholl's Odor X

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Dr. Scholl's is one of the biggest names on this list, and for good reason. Their Odor X powder works all day to ensure your shoes smell great. This special formula not only deodorizes the shoe, but it also cools the feet and eliminates sweat. If you want an all-around solution to unpleasant odors, you can't wrong with the Odor X.

8. Rocket Pure Natural Mint Deodorizer

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Mint is one of the freshest smells on Earth. As such, it makes perfect sense to use it in a shoe deodorizer. The Rocket Pure is a natural way to combat bad smells. This spray feels refreshing on your feet and comes with a lifetime guarantee. In addition, it is affordable and uses a combination of thyme, tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus to naturally combat odor-causing bacteria.

9. Foot Sense Foot And Shoe Powder

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Another strong and effective powder, this all-natural odor repellent is great for travel (since it is not a liquid) and can be stored in many different places. This brand is a great choice for people who want to eliminate bad smells because, not only does it kill bacteria, but it also works to prevent blisters. It even has extra applications, and can be used on sports gear and luggage.

10. Kendal Ultraviolet Deodorizer

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We end our discussion of the best shoe deodorizers with one of the more unique choices. The Kendal Ultraviolet Deodorizer eliminates odors through a UV light that slips into your shoe. That may sound odd, but it is both cheap and extremely effective. It uses the light to eliminate bacteria, which then gets rid of the stench. As a bonus, it also auto shuts off.

Keeping Your Feet And Shoes As Fresh As Possible

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Nobody wants their shoes to smell, and the above ten options will help you stop any bad or smelly odors. While the correct choice can differ from person to person, all of the ones in this guide will help keep your shoes smell great.


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