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What Shoes To Wear With Polka Dot Dresses? 7 Spot-On Tips

What Shoes To Wear With Polka Dot Dresses? 7 Spot-On Tips

Polka dot prints are having a moment right now and we couldn’t be happier. We can’t wait to wear everything from frilly, flowy polka dot dresses to voluminous polka dot blouses and wide-legged polka dot trousers. While we’re on the matter, you’re probably wondering what shoes to wear with polka dot dresses.

Following the runway fashion shows of the season, we’ve seen a sudden resurgence of the timeless favorite, not that polka dots have ever abandoned the scene entirely.

Bella Hadid wowed everyone at the Balenciaga afterparty wearing a dramatic off-the-shoulder top and wide-legged trousers beaming with polka dots on polka dots – and the world wasn’t the same afterward.

Designers galore rushed to come out with ladylike skirts, dreamy ruffled dresses, and silky bow blouses ready to wear. And, Bella Hadid wasn’t the only one who rocked the ubiquitous print – both her sister Gigi and her BFF Kendall wore polka-dotted dresses on numerous occasions.

Oh and, need we even talk about the fact that our favorite fashion babe from across the pond, Kate Middleton, wears polka-dotted dresses to every occasion ever?!

We’re pretty sure that the polka dot print’s taking the world by storm, and we’re happy to help you figure out what shoes to wear with polka dot dresses. We would argue that the color and the style of the shoes depend on a lot of factors, but there are a couple of ground rules to follow. Throw a glance!

How to style a polka dot dress?

What Shoes To Wear With Polka Dot Dresses 7 Spot-On Tips

We know that you’re actually trying to figure out what shoes to wear with polka dot dresses, but we need to go over the tips and tricks on how to style a polka dot dress beforehand.

We’re pretty sure you know the “stick with the same color palette” rule, but there are a couple of things you can do to ensure your outfit doesn’t appear boring or basic.

Now, you can’t go wrong with a black-and-white combination. A lot of polka dot dresses feature those colors, and when you’re trying to style them you’re probably thinking of wearing black, white, or even red accessories and shoes.

After all, those are the colors that 100% of the time go together and we suggest you stick with them when you want to keep things safe and simple.

But what do you do when you want to stand out? Maybe you’re tired of going for the same color palette every time you’re expected to look polished, put-together, and fashion-forward.

Perhaps you’re ready to experiment with color combinations you’ve never worn. Or, you purchased a polka dot dress that’s everything but black-and-white.

Whatever the case might be, don’t shy away from stepping out of your comfort zone. Here’s the thing, polka dot dresses are a wardrobe must-have because they’re versatile and easy to work with. Amp them up with punchy brights such as blues, greens, and yellows.

Keep them on-trend with modern silhouettes and unexpected accessories (voluminous sleeves and statement belts, hello!) Make them feminine with frills, blushing bolds, and flowy fits.

Whatever you do, don’t be scared to experiment with patterns, color combinations, and fabrics to turn heads and get your daily dose of compliments. We’re bringing you a guide on what shoes to wear with polka dot dresses, too.

What shoes to wear with polka dot dresses?

Google searching “what shoes to wear with polka dot dresses” means you already purchased a polka dress (or you have one lying around waiting for you to make up your mind). Though that might sound strange, the color and the style of your shoes depend on the color and the style of the dress.

Now, you can’t go wrong with sticking to the same color palette. Styling black and white polka dresses shouldn’t be a problem because you can always wear them with black, white, or red stilettos, or even white sneakers.

Styling nude, blushes, and baby blues shouldn’t be a problem either because you can always wear them with nude strappy sandals, clear (Cinderella) shoes, or earth-toned espadrille wedges.

Styling bright, eye-catching colors should come as a reward because you can unleash your creativity – bold patterns and colors happen to work wonders with bold styles of shoes such as platform pumps or chunky boots. Check our style guide down below!

1. Stiletto pumps

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What’s the most obvious answer to your “what shoes to wear with polka dot dresses” question? Stiletto pumps, of course! Whether you’re stopping by the office, grabbing brunch with your girlfriends, or attending an event, you can’t go wrong with stiletto pumps.

Stilettos are bound to elevate any outfit, and they’re a great way for you to achieve that effortless, timeless energy when you combine them with a polka-dotted dress. But, make sure you’re wearing the right style of dress.

Stiletto pumps, as a general rule of thumb, work best with structured, more formal-looking dresses rather than flowy, summery ones. Fabrics and color combinations play a huge role, too.

Other than that, don’t shy away from surprising yourself with a pair of high-quality, statement stiletto pumps because they’re versatile enough for your to wear them year-round.

Our favorites are Schutz Lou Pointed Toe Pumps, Kurt Geiger London Belgravia Bow Pointed Toe Pumps, and Nine West Fresh Pointed Toe Pumps.

2. Platform pumps

What Shoes To Wear With Polka Dot Dresses 7 Spot-On Tips

Platform pumps are a little more out there than stiletto pumps, but that might be exactly what you’re looking for. Platform pumps are a great way to stand out when you’re attending an event, grabbing dinner with your fashion-forward friends, or even going on a date.

Versace Medusa Aevitas made these bad boys more popular than ever, but you can get your hands on platform pumps pretty much anywhere you check. Wear them with the structured, elevated polka dot dresses we mentioned beforehand, or with flowy, frilly ones to give them an edge.

Throw on a leather jacket or an oversized blazer for that “fresh off the runway” look, and you’re good to go. Other than the Versace ones, we would choose Jessica Simpson Skilla Ankle Strap Platform Pumps for a pop of color or Steve Madden Prompt Pointed Toe Platform Pumps for added drama.

3. Strappy sandals

Sure, strappy sandals sound safe. But, there are so many different styles (and heights) of strappy sandals that make them some of the most versatile, easy-to-wear shoes out there.

Celebrities are proof that strappy sandals can make or break any outfit. Whether you wear them with polka-dotted dresses, structured suit sets, or other, more daring ensembles, they’re guaranteed to make you stand out.

Polka dots don’t need that much help when we’re talking about standing out, but with the right strappy sandals, they’re bound to look sensual and sophisticated (at the same time!).

While you can get strappy sandals anywhere you want, our favorites are Steve Madden Gracey Strappy Sandals, Off-White Allen Strappy Sandals, and Marc Fisher LTD Dariana Strappy Sandals.

4. Espadrille wedges

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Espadrille wedges are a summer wardrobe staple which means we have to talk about them. Espadrilles and polka dots combined with straw hats and raffia handbags scream “I’m on vacation!” and that’s exactly how (and why) you should wear them together.

Remember, formal polka-dotted frocks might not be worth that great with espadrille wedges because they’re on the opposite side of the spectrum.

But, summer dresses made with lightweight materials such as mesh, cotton, and linen, as well as roomier silhouettes are guaranteed to work wonders with espadrille wedges.

Vacation wear has never been easier and we’re adding to that by suggesting you go with Castañer Carina 80 canvas wedge espadrilles, Stuart Weitzman 75mm Marguerita espadrilles wedges, or Manebí Hamptons lace-up wedge espadrilles.

5. Loafers

We love turning to Hailey Beiber whenever we’re searching for what’s on-trend and what’s not. Loafers, chunky loafers to be exact, seem to have become her signature streetwear staple and we adore the edge they bring to whatever she’s wearing.

When you’re wearing a black and white polka-dotted dress, why wouldn’t you try to do the same thing with black chunky loafers, knitted socks, and black, sheer tights?

Regular loafers are great for the office because they’re far more comfortable than stilettos and they’re easy to style with dresses, structured suit sets, and blouses. For example, a satin polka-dotted dress would work great combined with a structured white button-down and a pair of leather loafers.

Or even a polka-dotted shirt dress combined with an oversized coat and leather loafers. Our favorites at the moment are Mango leather loafers, Steve Madden Minka lug loafers, and 3.1 Phillip Lim Kate double buckle leather loafers.

6. Sneakers

What Shoes To Wear With Polka Dot Dresses 7 Spot-On Tips

Dresses and sneakers seem to have taken the world by storm, and we couldn’t be happier to switch from stilettos and platforms to comfortable flats.

Whether you’re a fan of canvas sneakers, simple, white sneakers, or chunky sneakers, each and every one of them’s guaranteed to work with the most popular print of the years.

The polka-dotted pattern appears overawing at times because nobody wants to end up looking like someone’s grandma, right? But, a flowy, polka-dotted dress combined with simple, white sneakers seems far from that.

Our favorite white sneakers at the moment are Tory Burch Howell court sneakers, Stuart Weitzman Livvy convertible sneakers, and Superga women’s 2630 Cotu sneakers.

7. Chunky, combat boots

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We come to an end with everyone’s favorite fall fashion statement footwear – chunky, combat boots.

While flowy, polka-dotted dresses might not be what you planned on wearing during the fall (or the winter), nothing’s stopping you from making them appropriate for colder weather with chunky cardigans, oversized coats, and chunky, combat boots.

Our favorite fashion-forward celebrities agree that combining a toughened-up shoe with an elegant evening frock works wonders. Hailey Bieber, Emily Ratajkowski, and Zandaya have been wearing them for years! Of course, you can go the classic route and opt for Dr. Martens.

Or, you can experiment with designer pieces and opt for R13 medium platform boots or Prada Monolith leather and nylon fabric boots. Whatever you decide, we hope we helped you answer your “what shoes to wear with polka dot dresses” question. Good luck!

What Shoes To Wear With Polka Dot Dresses 7 Spot-On Tips