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What Color Socks To Wear With Brown Shoes?

What Color Socks To Wear With Brown Shoes?

Whether you’re wondering what color socks to wear with brown shoes because you’re attending a wedding, switching up your workwear wardrobe, or wanting to know more about men’s fashion, we’ve got your back! We’re super serious about socks, here at ShoesCast.

Now, shopping for socks (dress socks or otherwise) might not be a priority for everyone. But, we’re getting tired of wearing socks made of scratchy, scanty fabrics that tear around the toe area after a hard day at work. We’re getting tired of socks falling down our ankles or changing shape after one or two wears.

Also, we know exactly what type of socks we want. We want socks made with high-quality durability, noteworthy breathability, and super-soft goodness. We want socks that are engineered to hold on to our ankles and calves all day long, whether we’re running errands, sitting at our desks, or attending an event.

And, we don’t want socks whose patterns look like they were stolen from cheap hotels’ carpeting. We want dress socks made with solid colors, subtle patterns, and fashion-forward designs that work under cuffed tweed trousers, pleated linen trousers, and patterned tailored trousers.

Sure, everyone knows not to speak against a man by the type of shoes he wears. But, the socks you wear speak so much about you. The right socks help you look polished, proper, and put-together, show respect to the dress code and send a message to everyone that you have your crap together.

Today, we’re bringing you everything you need to know about what color socks to wear with brown shoes.

What to consider when color-coordinating your dress socks, shoes, and suit?

What Color Socks To Wear With Brown Shoes?

We can only assume you’re wondering what color socks to wear with brown shoes because you’re attending an event that requires you to show up looking your best.

Whether we’re talking about a wedding, a birthday party, a religious milestone, or a business meeting, the socks you decide to go with can affect so many things.

Socks can, for example, change the way your suit looks to everyone around you. Socks can add a dash of je ne sais quoi to an otherwise bland ensemble. They can also show off your personality or play with the dress code when you go with socks that feature creative designs, color combinations, and patterns.

Socks can even perform as conversation starters when you go with designer, novelty socks. Whatever the case might be, there are a few things to keep an eye on when you’re color-coordinating your dress socks, shoes, and suit. Read more down below!

1. Match the socks to the suit, not the shoes

When you’re going for a classic, simple, and subdued look, you don’t want to experiment with color combinations too much. Hence, when you match the socks to the suit (or even better, to the trousers) and contrast them to the shoes, you create a balance.

Matching the socks to the trousers happens to be a surefire way for your socks to complement your outfit for the occasion. When you’re wearing a suit with navy trousers, for example, go for navy socks and brown shoes because these colors complement each other to a tee.

And, you can always throw on a belt that matches the shoes to tie everything together!

2. Throw on a matching leather or suede belt

Rather than matching the socks to the shoes, throwing on a matching leather or suede belt creates a sense of cohesion. Whatever color combinations you’re working with, you can always add accessories and accents to tie everything together.

When you’re wearing a brown suit, for example, you can play with colors by adding a tie with purple elements (to complement the brown) and matching the socks to the tie. Brown shoes would work great with purple socks, as long as you go for deeper shades (rather than lilac, for example).

And, when you add a brown belt to match the brown shoes, you’re almost always guaranteed to achieve the look you’re going for.

3. Break conventions with patterned, designer socks

We’re all for classic dress socks when you’re attending an event that requires you to wear something simple, subdued, and serious.

But, solid-colored socks aren’t the only option you have when you’re attending an event (or a meeting) that doesn’t care whether you come wearing simple, navy socks or socks with hamburgers printed all over them.

Now, don’t forget that the type of socks you wear depends on the event you’re attending, your personality, and the color of the shoes you’re planning on wearing.

Brown shoes are boring enough to work wonders with novelty socks. And, novelty socks can be a great conversation starter, but they would look out of place at a black-tie event.

4. Sticks to the dress code

What Color Socks To Wear With Brown Shoes?

We can’t stress that enough! Dress codes are there because they communicate the seriousness of the event, whether we’re talking about weddings, business meetings, or religious get-togethers.

Respecting a dress code’s a must wherever you’re going which means you shouldn’t even start planning what to wear before you check the dress code.

However, the dress code also makes planning your outfits easier because the dress code dictates whether you can wear purple, patterned socks with your brown shoes, or whether you should go with a simple, navy option. Whenever you’re wondering what color socks to wear with brown shoes, always check the dress code beforehand.

What color socks to wear with brown shoes?

Now that we’ve gone over the thing you need to keep an eye on when color-coordinating your dress socks, shoes, and suit, we can discuss what color socks you should wear with brown shoes. Brown shoes are a footwear must-have because they’re timeless and easy to style, and they go with pretty much everything.

Wearing brown shoes means keeping everything clean with earth tones, deep greens, and simple patterns or experimenting with eye-catching color combinations, out-of-the-box designs, and novelty pieces.

Whatever your personal preferences might be, you’re guaranteed to wear brown shoes everywhere you go (or at least, to have the option to wear brown shoes). Here’s how you style them with socks!

1. Navy, for a simple, subdued style

Starting with classics, you can’t go wrong with navy socks. Whether you go with solid, unpatterned navy socks or navy socks with different designs on them, you’re going to adore the way they complement brown shoes.

Navy socks are one of the most versatile socks out there because they work wonders with both brown, black, and grey shoes, as well as darker brown, black, and grey outfits.

We suggest going for ribbed socks such as Bombas Knee-Ribbed Dress High Socks or patterned navy socks such as Nice Laundry Personal Edition Dress Socks. We also have to mention the very expensive, but statement piece, nonetheless Gucci GG Pattern Cotton-Blend Socks.

2. Grey, to keep things timeless and effortless

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Grey socks, alongside navy socks, are one of the most versatile socks, too.

First off, you can wear them with dark grey suit sets, grey tailored trousers, or dark grey Oxford shoes for a monochromatic moment (that works when you match different shades of grey). Other than that, you can wear them with black shoes and black-on-black outfits, or brown shoes and light grey outfits.

One thing to keep an eye on when you’re shopping for grey socks – dark grey socks mimic black socks and work with darker outfits and other shades of grey, while light grey socks mimic navy socks and work with lighter outfits and numerous shades of brown.

We suggest going for timeless socks you can wear year-round such as Polo Ralph Lauren dress socks or J.Crew Ribbed Dress Socks.

3. Lighter shades of brown, because risks pay off

Now, an unwritten rule you’ve probably never heard of states that you should never wear black or brown socks with brown shoes. Black socks can take away from the earth-toned ensemble you’re going for and damage the balance between warmer shades.

Brown socks, on the other hand, can make the entire outfit appear cheap because they’re extremely difficult to match. Black shoes and black socks work great together because they create an elongated silhouette, but brown socks can only achieve the same effect when they match the shoes to a tee.

However, you can cheat the system by combining brown shoes with lighter socks. Creams, tans, khakis, and beiges work great with dark brown shoes because they create a contrast. And, when you’re wearing a suit or an outfit that features these shades, you’re guaranteed to appear fashion-forward.

4. Darker shades of green, for an earth-toned ensemble

What Color Socks To Wear With Brown Shoes?

Of course, we can’t forget about the greens, which happens to be the reason why we saved them for the end. Greens work with browns because they give off that earth-toned vibe, but you have to be cautious to choose the right shades of greens and browns.

More often than not, deeper browns work with deeper greens which means you can throw on army green, hunter green, and phthalo green socks with umber or mocha shoes. Moreover, you can throw on sage green and olive green socks with tawny or caramel shoes. Choose the color of your socks wisely!

What Color Socks To Wear With Brown Shoes