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Girl Talk Time: What Color Shoes Go With A Mauve Dress?

Girl Talk Time: What Color Shoes Go With A Mauve Dress?

When we think of the mauve color, we think of blushing bridesmaids’ dresses, everyone’s perfect nude lipstick shades, and Miranda Kerr’s cheeks. Which happens to be the exact shade we’re talking about. But, what color shoes go with a mauve dress?

Whether that segway made you giggle or not, mauve dresses have been every woman’s summer dream or a nightmare for the past couple of seasons. And no, mauve dresses aren’t reserved for weddings (even though they do make those wedding photos look mysterious and soothing).

We can always take a page out of Selena Gomez’s book and combine a mauve dress with a  bunch of sparkly accessories (courtesy of her stylist, Kate Young). Selena wore a Rodarte silky, slip dress with Paris Texas crystal high-heeled mules.

Now, Selena probably didn’t have to pay the staggering $3,000 for these two pieces alone. While we’re sure they’re worth the money, we’re only looking for inspiration on what color shoes we can wear with a mauve dress.

And, considering that Selena’s event took place a couple of days ago, we’re safe to argue that you won’t go wrong with sparkles on the bottom. With party season around the corner, we might be able to tickle your fancy with these suggestions that are guaranteed to make you stand out.

What does mauve look like?

Girl Talk Time: What Color Shoes Go With A Mauve Dress?

Before we dazzle you with our outfit suggestions, you might be wondering about the color mauve. Mauve doesn’t look like other colors we learned about when we were younger, and there’s a reason for that.

Truth be told, a lot of these colors that have been trending on TikTok and Instagram (sage green, delicate blue, and mauve) have only been discovered recently. Starting from the beginning, mauve happens to be a pale, blue purple shade that’s between violet and pink on the color wheel.

Now, mauve might be a shade of purple. But, when we’re talking about mauve dresses, we’re talking about an array of pinkish, blueish, and purplish dresses that look like they came straight off Teuta and Lirika Matoshi’s racks.

And, of course, different shades of mauve need different shoes to complement them. English chemist William Perkin accidentally discovered mauve when he was trying to make the first synthetic organic dye.

Turns out he made mauve dye and named the color after the French word Malva, which stands for the mallow flower. Mallow flowers, as you might have guessed, have that signature purplish hue to them.

Nowadays, we adore putting mauve shades on our faces and wearing mauve clothes because the color feels like the embodiment of a daydream. So, we’re here to help you wear your mauve dress with confidence and figure out what shoes to wear to complement the lovely shade.

What color shoes go with a mauve dress?

1. Nude stiletto pumps

“Argh, what color shoes go with mauve dresses?” Stop freaking out because nothing screams elegance as much as nude stilettos pumps do.

Not only do they go with pretty much anything you own, but they also make your legs look longer (and your confidence higher). Nude stiletto pumps are a must for every fashionable babe out there.

How can you wear nude stilettos with a mauve dress, though?

First off, nude and mauve complement each other because they’re supposed to look like skin. Whether you’re light or dark, nude shoes should match your skin tone to a tee. Combine nude pumps with a mauve dress and a mauve purse for a timeless look.

Or, combine nude pumps with a mauve dress and golden accessories (purse, earrings, and belt) to stand out. Other than that, don’t forget to play with different shades of mauve because nude shoes can take the burden of a multi-colored dress.

2. Silver high-heeled sandals

Girl Talk Time: What Color Shoes Go With A Mauve Dress?

Here’s the thing, we’re not urging you to throw away your nude high-heeled sandals. Nude works great with mauve whatever style of shoe you decide to go for (for the most part).

Nude stilettos are a must, but silver high-heeled sandals are even more of a must when you’re wearing a mauve dress to a wedding. Nude stilettos are a type of shoe you can wear pretty much anywhere with anything because they’re that versatile.

However, when you’re going to a wedding, silver high-heeled sandals are your best friend because they become the statement piece that brings the whole look together. Come on, picture Taylor Swift’s MTV VMA silver chain dress – shoe form, only.

We know what you’re thinking, though. “Do these silver sandals have to be high-heeled to go with the mauve dress?”

Of course not, we’re giving you suggestions based on what we think goes best with a mauve dress. But, the ultimate decision depends on the occasion. As long as your shoes are silver, you have nothing to fear.

3. Gold strappy sandals

When we’re thinking of what color shoes go with what color dress, we often overlook the simplest of answers.

We already know that gold accessories make everything look put-together and expensive. Why wouldn’t gold strappy sandals do the same thing when combined with a mauve dress?

We’re bringing you the easiest way to columbine these two together. Different shades of mauve need different shoes to complement each other.

Bluish mauve appears “colder” and goes better with silver accessories. Pinkish mauve appears “warmer” and goes better with gold accessories. And, nude accessories work best with pale, creamy, and dusty shades of mauve.

Now that we know that, how do we choose the right style of shoe? Strappy sandals (high-heeled or otherwise) work great because they appear more delicate.

They draw attention to the dress, rather than the other way around. Therefore, when you’re looking to draw attention to your shoes, opt for gold platforms or pumps.

4. Mauve, blush pink, and burgundy for a monochromatic look

Girl Talk Time: What Color Shoes Go With A Mauve Dress?

Please, don’t you ever dare question the beauty of these three shades combined. Mauve, blush pink, and burgundy make for some of the dreamiest outfits, whether you’re wearing tailored trousers and a sweater or a designer dress and shoes.

Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, and Queen Rania often go for monochromatic looks because they know how to dress to impress.

Monochromatic looks don’t have to consist of pieces that go together perfectly, contrary to popular belief. Wear a mauve dress with a blush pink handbag and burgundy stilettos for a classic ensemble.

And, on the off chance that you’re not a fan of royal attire, observe how some of the biggest streetwear moments of 2022 were monochromatic.

Sure, most of them were black (how’s that not boring?). But, they gave off the same vibe you would get with a monochromatic, mauve, blush pink, and burgundy combination.

5. Soft blues, greens, and purples for a pop of color

What color shoes go with a mauve dress when you’re looking for something that’s bound to make you stand out? Add a pop of color with blues, greens, and purples which happen to complement mauve hues more than any other color.

When you wear a mauve dress with green accents on the shoes, the manicure, and even the handbag, you’re guaranteed to turn heads.

Not only are these choices fashion-forward and bold, but they’re a great way for you to showcase your understanding of how complementary colors work together to create something eye-catching.

And, cooler shades of mauve combined with purple accessories can break the subtlety of monochromatic outfits and make them stand out. Whichever color combination you decide to go for, make sure the colors are muted and compatible, though.

6. Clear shoes for an easy way out

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Kim Kardashian might be the queen of see-through shoes, but there’s nothing stopping you from overtaking her throne.

Clear shoes are pretty much a step beyond getting the perfect nude shade of sandals to go with your mauve dress. So why wouldn’t you want to purchase a shoe that goes with everything?

Whether you’re drawn to transparent Amina Muaddi flats or PVC Alexander Wang slingback high-heeled sandals, you can’t go wrong combining them with whatever mauve dress you own.

And, even if you’re not a Kim Kardashian fan, the likes of Kendal Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Bella Hadid have worn the transparent trend without a fault. What makes you think you wouldn’t like the grown-up version of your childhood, jelly sandals?

What color shoes don’t go with a mauve dress?

Each season, fashion designers try to fascinate us (the mere mortals) with color combinations we wouldn’t necessarily think of ourselves. Sometimes they manage to capture our attention with forest greens and deep blues or pretty pinks and soft greens.

Other times, they make horrendous mistakes by presenting us with bright oranges and purples… On the same outfit. Of course, these colors are bound to have you talking about them for the rest of Fashion Week. But, they’re tiring on the eye.

“Why color shoes don’t go with a mauve dress, then?” you might be wondering. While there shouldn’t be rules regulating which colors you can or can’t wear together, there are colors on the color wheel that generally aren’t considered a good match.

1. Orange stiletto pumps

Meghan Markle should’ve gone for a monochromatic look when she wore a mauve dress with orange stiletto pumps and an orange coat a couple of years back. She looked stunning, but the loudness of the outfit took the attention away from her.

Fashion should be about experimenting with different fabrics, patterns, and shades and sticking with what works best for you. When you’re looking for a shoe color that would work with a mauve dress, choose one of the suggestions we discussed beforehand.

When you’re looking to turn heads, on the other hand, don’t shy away from orange stiletto pumps only because we mentioned you shouldn’t wear them. Always go with what your fashion sense tells you to go with.

2. Red platform pumps

Girl Talk Time What Color Shoes Go With A Mauve Dress

Red can look awesome when combined with the right shade of purple, mauve, or pink. But, there’s always a but when we’re talking about combining colors with different undertones. Black, for example, can have blue, green, brown, and purple undertones.

Depending on the power of the color, you wouldn’t want to wear a brown sweater with black trousers that have a blue undertone. Brown’s warm and blue cold – these two don’t go together.

On the contrary side of things, a mauve dress can have purple, pink, and cream undertones. Combining red shoes with a mauve dress wouldn’t work because they have different undertones. But, at the end of the day, you can always wear them together as a fashion statement.

3. Black and white (kind of)

Now, you must be thinking, “Don’t black and white go with everything?”

And, they do. But, there are exceptions to that rule. For example, if you don’t know what you’re doing and you decide to combine a floor-length mauve dress with black platform pumps for a wedding…

Black and white can appear quite harsh when compared with the softness of mauve. Of course, there are times when there three colors work wonders together (interior design, maybe).

But, when you’re wondering what color shoes go with mauve dresses, opt for something that complements that softness.

Girl Talk Time What Color Shoes Go With A Mauve Dress