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Socks With Sandals: 9 Fashion-Approved Ways To Style Them

Socks With Sandals: 9 Fashion-Approved Ways To Style Them

Wearing socks with sandals used to be something only weird European tourists did. But, we’re all witnessing the rise of this controversial fashion trend. Does it mean that people won’t stare at you anymore when you decide to pair your cool-looking socks with your favorite sandals?

Well, if you’re keen on prolonging the wear period of your sandals by combining them with socks, then we have some great news for you. This trend has definitely evolved and is not as taboo as it used to be. In fact, more and more people are wearing this combination with confidence.

Street style enthusiasts and influencers have really shown us how much power they have. They’ve proven they can cross boundaries and break fashion rules that make no sense.

So, since they did all the hard work of proving to the masses that sandals and socks can go together, you can now wear this combo without fear of being laughed at. As long as you look confident, no one is going to bother with your “controversial” fashion choice.

But before you leave the house, you first need to figure out how to style socks with sandals in a fashion-worthy way.

How to wear socks with sandals

Socks With Sandals: 9 Fashion-Approved Ways To Style Them

Besides looking cool and making you feel like you run the world, wearing socks with sandals is also practical. This trend allows you to keep your sandals on your feet even though summer is over. It gives you a whole new perspective on how you can be different from others.

So, if you would like to give this trend a go but don’t know where to start, we’re going to help you. Here are all the possible options you have for styling your socks with sandals. It doesn’t matter if you need a look for running errands or a fancy dinner, we have a solution for you.

1. Neon crocs and socks

Crocs are one of the most casual and comfortable shoes you can wear. But they can get a bit chilly once the warmer weather starts to wind down.

If you don’t want to give up on your favorite footwear but don’t know how to prolong their wearing period, then pairing them with socks is a great option. And what’s even better is opting for neon crocs and neon socks.

You may think you’re not confident enough to pull off this bold combination, but before you dismiss the idea, please just give it a try. It’s going to elevate your basic outfit and make you feel like you’re the coolest person in town.

If you’re feeling extra, you can also opt for some neon-colored accessories or a statement top or jacket. You can do whatever you like, and we guarantee you, the whole outfit will uplift your mood.

2. Flatforms and crew socks

Have you always been a fan of street style? Have you always admired people who manage to run errands in the most random outfits yet somehow still look great? What if I told you that you could finally become one of them?

Flatforms and crew socks are such a vibe, and you can pair them with whatever you want. If you’re not feeling bold enough, then simply opt for a pair of cropped jeans and a basic tee. But, if you want to push your limits, you can maybe go for a short dress that’ll contrast your footwear choice.

You’re bound to feel like a real queen of streetwear once you put the whole outfit together.

3. Birkenstocks and plain white socks

From the moment they appeared on the market, Birkenstocks made the world go crazy. And mainly because some people adored them, while others couldn’t imagine themselves wearing them.

But if you’re a huge fan of these comfortable sandals, then we have a suggestion on how you can style them. And it’s certainly going to make you look like you know what you’re doing.

Birkenstocks are staple footwear for some people. And what else is a staple? Plain white socks, right? What about pairing these two together and finally getting a chance to look like a goddess of casual streetwear?

White socks paired with Birkenstocks are a great option when you’re looking for something casual and wearable. But you can also upgrade this outfit and make it more business-like with an oversized blazer and straight-leg jeans.

If you work in a company that doesn’t bother their employees with a dress code, then this is a great outfit for the period between summer and fall.

4. Chunky flat sandals and socks with a bold print

Socks With Sandals: 9 Fashion-Approved Ways To Style Them

Flat sandals are a staple when you want to stay comfortable during the day. But if you want to elevate your look to the next level, you can opt for chunky sandals that give an edgy vibe.

They’re a great, trendy option that easily pairs with the rest of your outfit. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing jeans or a dress, chunky sandals go well with any piece of clothing you choose.

But when you want to be different and show the world how fashion-forward you are, then you can opt to pair your chunky sandals with some kind of socks that have a bold print. Think graphic socks, tie-dye, or floral print. Any of these will work with your edgy shoes.

Just make sure the rest of your outfit matches the vibes you’re going for, and you’re golden.

5. Match sandal and sock color

When you’re looking to wear sandals with socks but don’t feel brave enough to experiment with bold prints and contrasting styles, you can always opt for matching colors.

For a simple and clean look, choose colors such as black, white, or nude. They won’t give you that in-your-face look, but you’ll still look trendy and cool. If you’re feeling confident, then you can match bright-colored shoes with the same tone of socks. Bright red, fuchsia, or royal blue are all great options when you want to be noticed.

You could choose to keep things simple with the rest of your outfit. In this case, to ensure that everything matches together perfectly, opt for complementing accessories that will add up to the whole combination.

Just like that, you’ll look like a real-life model and bring a dash of runway into your city streets.

6. Bold sandals and simple socks

Maybe you own a pair of sandals with a bold print, but you always seem to dodge them when putting an outfit together, since you don’t know how to tone them down.

Maybe they have a distinct leopard print that doesn’t seem to work with anything from your closet. Or a certain flower print that doesn’t seem to match your fashion style.

Well, what you can do is try to keep the top part of your outfit pretty basic and simple, and put your bold sandals on. But in order to balance everything out, pair your sandals with plain socks that will even the whole combination out.

We don’t suggest going for white socks since they could look awkward with bold pairs of sandals. So, your best option is to opt for nude or beige socks that will kind of seem invisible on your feet. But at the same time, they will successfully tone down your brave choice of footwear.

7. Strappy stiletto sandals and sheer socks

Nothing screams “I’m a fashion icon” more than sheer socks paired with strappy stiletto sandals, and we challenge you to prove us wrong. This combo is a match made in heaven, and there’s something about it that proves to others just how stylish you are.

Opt for your favorite pair of stunning high-heel sandals and then play with your socks. Sheer polka dot socks, nude socks, or even ones with contrasting stripes at the very top will all work well with sandals.

Pair them with a dress, add matching accessories, and you’re good to go. People will definitely admire you for your taste in style, that’s for sure.

8. Nude platform sandals and contrasting socks

Socks With Sandals: 9 Fashion-Approved Ways To Style Them

If you want to go all out and make your shoes the stars of your outfit, you can easily achieve that by pairing nude sandals with contrasting socks. It will work even better if you opt for platform sandals that give you additional height and elongate your legs.

Nude and black may seem like a risky combination, but they work surprisingly well together. Especially when the rest of your outfit coordinates with your footwear.

Try it and let us know if you love the results!

9. Simple strappy sandals and textured socks

If you don’t feel courageous enough to play with colors or patterns, you can always play with textures. It’s an easy way to elevate your outfit and look like you know what you’re doing.

For example, if you’re wearing leather sandals, then maybe opt for ribbed socks. Velvet sandals will work well with lace socks or even knitted socks. The difference in textures is sure to bring attention to your footwear.

In this case, just make sure that the color of your sandals and socks is within the same shade range. That’s your best chance at keeping things classy and up to trend.

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Socks With Sandals: 9 Fashion-Approved Ways To Style Them