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Socks To Wear With Mary Janes: 7 Stylish And Unique Ideas

Socks To Wear With Mary Janes: 7 Stylish And Unique Ideas

Another fashion-related question. Bring it on! Today, we are pondering the interesting question of what socks to wear with Mary Janes.

In this article, we are going to let ourselves go down memory lane and reminisce about the times we used to wear our beloved Mary Janes all the time. Such sweet memories of probably the most carefree time of our lives!

Don’t know about you, but I used to be a Mary Jane aficionado. I would wear these shoes with almost any outfit. If it was up to my mom (and granny) I would even wear them outside to play in.

These adorable shoes were on my little feet for as long as I can remember (or for as long as my mother was in charge of my outfits). I think I stopped wearing them in middle school when self-awareness kicked in, and when I became ashamed of everything overly girly.

That’s when my Mary Janes were swapped for sneakers.

However, my love for these shoes has never diminished. It found its way back to the surface when I matured and started to dress more professionally and like a grown-up. I soon realized that Mary Janes are not reserved only for little girls and that I can wear them as an adult.

Since then, I have started to incorporate them back into my personal style. I have found many interesting outfit inspirations which I’m happy to share with you today.

So, without further ado, let’s see what socks to wear with Mary Janes!

The Brief History of Mary Janes: Would they ever go out of style?

Socks To Wear With Mary Janes: 7 Stylish And Unique Ideas

I think that many people when they think about Mary Jane shoes, imagine classic shiny black shoes which are a quintessential part of every girl’s school uniform. Which is not far from the truth, really. For many young girls, Mary Janes were possibly the first style of shoes they ever wore.

The name of these shoes comes from the Buster Brown comic strip, where one of the characters, a girl named Mary Jane, wore closed-toe and low-cut shoes, with one or more straps across the instep.

The simplicity and practicality made these shoes the go-to option for parents all around the world when buying shoes for their children. Their instep design made it easy for children to move around, ensuring they can freely run and play while still looking neat and dressed up.

So it’s no wonder that pretty much everyone paints a picture in their mind of a little girl with bows in her hair, wearing a pretty dress, with cute Mary Janes and white socks with lace trims.

But, are they really just for little girls?

Actually, no. Mary Janes stepped out of the schoolyard a long time ago and left the symbol of girlhood behind. They have been introduced as grown-up shoes through various pop-culture means, claiming their well-deserved spotlight.

These stylish shoes were in the 1920s loved by Flapper girls and were the perfect shoes for dancing. In 1934 they had their moment with Shirley Temple in Baby take a Bow, and all throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s had their place in the fashion world and were worn by some major fashion icons, like Twiggy.

Mary Janes had their high peak in fashion in the 90s, when they were worn by many celebrities and appeared in some of the most famous movies and TV shows, such as Clueless and Sex and the City.

These shoes have gone through many waves of change, evolving from simple shoes for school kids to stylish, grown-up footwear. But, for the most part, they have kept their signature design. Throughout history, they were worn by many people, from The Queen of England to Queen B.

These shoes even managed to find their place in male shoe closets! Celebrities like Harry Styles and Tyler, The Creator were spotted rocking these stylish shoes, proving Mary Janes are not reserved only for females, even in today’s modern society.

So, will Mary Janes ever go out of style? Don’t know about you, but I honestly highly doubt it!

Socks with Mary Janes: yes or no?

Socks To Wear With Mary Janes: 7 Stylish And Unique Ideas

There is no specific answer to this question, really. It is a matter of personal preference and style. Some people like to wear their Mary Janes with socks, some prefer the sockless look.

For some, wearing socks adds another layer of warmth and protection, while also making the shoes a tad bit more comfortable. For others, socks might be interfering with the fit of Mary Janes.

So, ultimately, it is really up to you and your preference. If you want to look cute and dressed up, but still be warm enough, wear socks with your Mary Janes. Or, if you wish to add a bit of edginess and fun to your look, quirky-looking socks can do that for you!

But, if your preferences are different, ditch the socks or opt for those that cannot be detected.

Either way, don’t stress too much about your decision. No, the fashion police won’t come and take you away if you break some fashion rule. Do whatever you like and have fun with your outfits! As long as you’re happy, you’re good to go.

What socks to wear with Mary Janes?

If you are still debating whether you should wear your Mary Janes with socks or not, take my personal example as your guide and just try both options. You never know what might happen. Maybe your new style is hiding in the possibility of combining socks with Mary Janes.

The possibilities are truly endless, and you will be surprised to find out how many combinations you will be able to pull off. There’s something special in this look, even though it can seem childish at a first glance. I’m sure you will love it!

If you are willing to experiment and are wondering where to start and what socks to wear with Mary Janes, here are 7 stylish and unique ideas you can try. Let’s not waste any more time and see what socks we have here.

1. Wear your Mary Janes with classic white socks

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First things first, let’s start with some basics. Mary Janes with classic white socks is a signature schoolgirl look that doesn’t seem to go out of style, year after year.

Some people might find this combination too plain and ordinary, or even too childish and immature. However, it is actually pretty youthful and refreshing, as it can be a perfect way to embrace your inner sorority girl.

These Leg Avenue socks will make you feel exactly that way. With a cute satin bow at the front, I’m sure you’ll feel like a main character in a teenage movie.

You can go all-in and fully embody the schoolgirl look by pairing your Mary Janes and white socks with a sweater and a white shirt underneath, a simple pleated skirt, and a matching jacket. Make sure the colors of the sweater, the skirt, and the jacket match, though.

In case that feels like you have dressed up for Halloween, you can add your own modern twist and pair your Mary Janes and white socks with a white skirt or shorts, a simple black shirt, and a long brown coat. Add some fun accessories, and you’ll be giving off a strong, I-know-what-I’m-doing vibe, for sure!

So, if you are thinking about what socks to wear with Mary Janes for the first time, start with a pair of classic white socks. You’ll feel both stylish and confident, and they will show you the path into the exciting world of socks and Mary Janes.

2. Pair Mary Janes with some sheer socks

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The next thing you should definitely try is to pair your Mary Jane shoes with a pair of sheer socks. This is a great alternative for those who feel that wearing Mary Janes with white socks is too basic and old-school. With some sheer socks on, you will undoubtedly embrace your playful and edgy side.

There is no doubt that Mary Janes tend to look a tad bit too conservative. No matter what style you opt for, they somehow always look too nice, and they make you look like a goody two shoes. However, if you pair them with funky sheer socks, you will add some spice to these otherwise modest shoes.

Yes! Sheer socks are powerful like that! They come in various styles and designs, from the regular black or white mesh lace sheer ones to the ones with fun patterns like flowers, polka dots, stars, stripes, clouds, and many more.

If you are a fan of a white sock look but don’t like the sharp contrast between regular white socks and your black Mary Janes, you can opt for white sheer socks and a fun dress and there you go! You’ll be sporting a cute and feminine outfit that is ready to be taken outside for everyone to see!

Or, if you are a fan of more creative and artsy looks, you can style a pair of Doc Martens Mary Janes with some funky sheer socks from Ballballu. Pair them with your washed-out jeans, a good old basic white T-shirt, and some colorful accessories, and voilà! You’ll surely be turning some heads.

Once you fall in love with sheer socks and found out how versatile they can be, I’m sure you will have a new fun hobby – collecting every pair of sheer socks there is in this world!

3. Be bold and opt for fishnet tights

If you wonder what socks to wear with Mary Janes to go with your bold and outgoing personality and your edgy style, fishnet tights are the way to go.

Many people steer away from fishnets because they think they look overly tacky and sexual. But, that doesn’t have to be the case. If paired with some classic and rather modest shoes, like Mary Janes, fishnet tights can trigger a completely different connotation.

Imagine this: a stunning little black dress that falls just a little above the knees, a long black winter coat, a chunky scarf, and a few accessories. All of that in combination with black Mary Janes with heels and fishnet tights and there you go – a majestic outfit, indeed!

They are especially good if you’re hesitant about wearing fishnets. If you’re looking from far away, these tights look like regular black tights.

4. And what do you think about ribbon socks?

Another adorable option is cute ribbon socks. When paired with Mary Janes, you are just a few accessories away from the famous kawaii aesthetic.

I do have to admit, this is the most childish option of all. So, if you are not aiming to embrace your inner child and want a little bit more grown-up look, these socks might not be for you. You can achieve a similar look by pairing your Mary Janes with plain plush white socks. Or go for velvet ones for holidays.

If, however, you do want to look innocent and sweet and fully embrace the child you once were, ribbon socks are the way to go. And these Benefeet Sox are a great option as they come in different designs so you can choose what you like best.

A full kawaii outfit can be a fun style to try. Consider choosing only pastel colors. Wear a pale pink pleated skirt with a chunky pink sweater (possibly with some fun embroidery like strawberries or other fruit), plush socks with ribbons, and pink Mary Janes.

Tie your hair in some fun piggy tails, accessorize with more ribbons and teddy bears, and that’s it. All that’s left to do is to pose for an Instagram picture doing the V for Victory sign. Just make sure your fingers are tilted toward your face. That’s how you achieve the proper kawaii look of the model!

5. Have you ever considered patterned tights?

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Another way to add some fun to your outfit is to pair patterned tights with your Mary Jane shoes. This is a great option for winter since the tights will keep you warm, and they will also elevate your otherwise gloomy and dark winter outfits to a new level.

My personal favorite style is to go for one color in shoes, shirt, skirt, and coat. Then, to make everything a little less boring, choose tights with some colorful and fun patterns.

Or, you can opt for some over-the-knee patterned socks like these ones from ZNL. They will have a similar effect and make your outfit pop!

6. Be chic and go for socks or tights in the same color as your Mary Janes

Socks To Wear With Mary Janes: 7 Stylish And Unique Ideas

I think that everybody knows this little fashion secret: if you want to appear more put together, you just have to go with the full-on monochromatic look. So, it’s no wonder somebody somewhere decides that it’s an amazing idea to do the same with socks and Mary Janes.

This tip is great not only for when you want to look more stylish but also for when you wish to elongate your legs. You know that age-old trick – wear black pants with black shoes, and suddenly you have legs for the runway.

Unfortunately, Mary Janes are usually a rounded shoe style that can make your legs appear thicker and smaller. For some people, that poses no problem whatsoever. But for people who are generally not that tall, this is a not very desired look.

Therefore, in order to fool everyone and make yourself appear taller, pair your Mary Janes with the same colored socks or tights. I’m one hundred percent sure you won’t regret it!

7. Or, keep it simple and start with Mary Jane socks

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When thinking about what socks to wear with Mary Janes, you can always play it safe and opt for socks that can’t be easily noticed by others.

Mary Jane socks do exist, and they are very convenient. They provide you with much-needed protection and your feet are not rubbing against the shoes. So, you can be sure there won’t be any blisters with these socks.

Therefore, if this article has not convinced you to wear socks with Mary Janes and you still prefer the sockless look, but your feet get too sweaty, and you simply need some – these Mary Jane socks can be your new besties!

Socks To Wear With Mary Janes 7 Stylish And Unique Ideas