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11 Perfect Shoes To Wear With Boyfriend Jeans

11 Perfect Shoes To Wear With Boyfriend Jeans

What are some good shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans? These jeans have been trendy for a couple of years now, but everyone seems kind of confused as to how to style them.

There are actually some great options for you to try, without even having to go out of your way to buy new shoes.

It doesn’t matter if you want to wear them to work, to brunch with friends, or even on date night, you can always combine them with something. So, let’s see what shoes you should wear to elevate your ‘fit!

What shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans

11 Perfect Shoes To Wear With Boyfriend Jeans

1. Sneakers

Most people would vote for sneakers as the best shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans. I’m one of those who think that they’re the best shoes for any and every occasion!

Well, we can’t really debate about that – everyone’s entitled to their opinion. Anyway, sneakers do look amazing with boyfriend jeans. You can wear them with a hoodie on top, an oversized flannel, or even a simple top.

Sneakers are very comfortable, but depending on the type of sneakers that you choose to wear, you can elevate this outfit with simple accessories.

Also, high-tops or sneakers with chunky soles will look amazing with these jeans. Once you try it, there’s no going back!

The amount of comfort that you’ll feel in this combo will have you feeling like you can conquer the world.

2. High-heels

When you look at boyfriend jeans, high-heels aren’t really the first pair of shoes that come to mind. You’d assume they’re the type of jeans that would look good in the streets, not in the workplace.

How would you feel if I told you that you can definitely look chic and put-together while rockin’ oversized and ripped jeans?

Listen up, put some heels on (any type of heels) and a matching top. Accessorize with gold hoops and simple jewelry. I, personally, wouldn’t wear kitten heels with these jeans, but high-heels, no matter how chunky or elegant they are, would look amazing.

Heels are the best shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans when you’re a girl who loves to look elegant at all times yet still wants to be comfortable.

3. Ankle boots

When you roll up your jeans, you can wear anything on your feet. The best choice for rainy days is probably ankle boots.

I love the sophistication that ankle boots give to any ‘fit. You can style them up or down with the rest of your outfit.

Ankle boots should be visible when you’re wearing them with your boyfriend jeans. This is probably the best way to wear them because everyone can see your entire outfit.

Pair this with a trench coat, a plain shirt, and accessories for a put-together outfit that isn’t over the top.

It doesn’t matter if you’re catching coffee with the girls, going to work, or sitting through your kid’s school recital. You’ll look amazing!

4. Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks are oh-so-trendy right now. If you’re looking for a good pair of shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans, you can’t go wrong with these.

I mean, they’re obviously made for the warmer days. So wearing a tucked-in oversized shirt with Birkenstocks makes for an amazing ensemble.

And if you want an outfit that gives off elegance and sophistication, it’s as simple as wearing a blouse and a light jacket over it.

People say Birkenstocks are one of the most comfortable things anyone can have in their closet, so don’t shy away from pairing them with baggy jeans.

5. Timberland shoes

What are the best shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans? Well, sweetie, the classics never disappoint.

Timberland shoes were trendy in the 2010s, but who’s to say you have to follow any trends? You can wear whatever you want and still look fab!

Timberlands give off an edgy vibe while allowing you the opportunity to style them with different colors. You don’t have to wear a plain white shirt just to make the colors match – although if you like that look, then you do you, girl!

Timberland shoes go with practically anything, and I’m quite sure that you haven’t taken them out of your closet for years now. Dust them off and give them a new life!

6. Loafers

11 Perfect Shoes To Wear With Boyfriend Jeans

Loafers have become extremely popular over the last couple of years. Everyone and their mama is wearing them.

Loafers are one of the more elegant shoes you can wear with boyfriend jeans. So, pairing them with a leather jacket or a long, black trench coat will make you look like you’re studying at Harvard.

These shoes are super comfortable, they bring a certain elegant edge to your outfit, and you can wear them in every situation. I mean, don’t really wear them to weddings, but with boyfriend jeans, they’ll look amazing.

Pair them with a black blouse, and a jacket, and watch heads turn.

7. Combat boots

If you’re a bit younger or if you’re after the rock star look, then how about you try wearing combat boots? These are the perfect shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans!

Sometimes, we just want to look mysterious and unapproachable. You want people to know you’re not someone to be messed with!

With the colder days approaching, your feet will stay warm and dry, all while looking totally savage. Especially if you choose to wear more black in your outfit.

Is that the vibe that you’re going for? If yes, then give it a go.

8. Slip-ons

Slip-ons aren’t everyone’s cuppa tea, let’s be honest. But they look so elegant when worn with basic pieces of clothing. They make every outfit look like you’re about to walk into an important business meeting.

When you’re wearing baggier jeans, you may want something to make you feel more ladylike – these shoes will do just that for you!

Once you know what shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans, you’ll be able to bring every outfit to a whole new level. And slip-ons, however controversial, are still an amazing contender with these pants.

Wear them with your jeans and a basic top or blouse with a flower print. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll appreciate the cool breeze on your feet.

This goes without saying, I believe, but these shoes should be worn when it’s dry and hot outside. Please don’t believe that your outfit is worth getting your feet wet and icy cold.

9. Vans

If you’re a mature, sophisticated woman, you may not really want to wear Vans, but if you’re in your teens or twenties, you probably know that they’re the most versatile kicks to wear.

You know that you can wear them with any style and still look fashionable.

Today, they’re mostly worn by people who appreciate street style. Those who want to feel comfortable while looking cool and edgy.

When you wear a baggier pair of jeans like these, you’ll want shoes to compliment the rips and make you look like a rock star on tour.

These shoes aren’t really meant to be worn to the workplace. If that’s what you’re asking when you’re considering shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans, then rather go for some of the other options stated.

10. Converse

If we could talk about one type of shoe that never goes out of style, it’s Converse. Everyone seems to love them and they’ve gone through so many changes, but they’re still around.

Looking for the perfect shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans? Well, congrats – you found them!

If you choose to wear high-top Converse, then roll up your pants and show them off completely. Especially, if you feel like going on a normal outing with friends.

You may not opt for them as corporate wear, but they still make a statement either way.

11. Mules

This one may shock you, but mules are great shoes to wear with boyfriend jeans.

Mules come in many different shapes and colors, which makes them versatile and good for everyday activities. Depending on the height of the heel, you can wear them on different occasions.

For example, go for block-heeled mules for the corporate world, but pointed-toe mules for a night out with your besties.

Either way, you’ll look amazing and put together! Combine this with a pretty top and you’ll have people stopping in their tracks!

11 Perfect Shoes To Wear With Boyfriend Jeans