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What Shoes To Wear With A Maxi Dress For A Wedding? 

What Shoes To Wear With A Maxi Dress For A Wedding? 

“What shoes to wear with a maxi dress for a wedding?” Whenever the wedding season knocks on our doors, we don’t know whether we should start looking for beautiful, blushing dresses or matching shoes.

While most women focus on finding the right dress because that’s what they’re going to photograph the most, shoes deserve priority.

First off, shoes can make or break your outfit. Whether you’re looking for timeless elegance, a pop of color, or something to add some edge to your otherwise boring dress, the wrong shoes can completely ruin the effect you were going for.

On the other hand, shoes can also affect the way you feel throughout the day. Come on, there’s no way you can have fun, celebrate the bride and groom, and dance your little heart away wearing uncomfortable shoes that keep making your feet bleed and hurt.

Now, when you decide on the perfect dress you want to wear to a wedding, you think you’re done with the heavy work. Everything that’s left for you to do seems to be to choose the right shoes, accessories, and handbag.

Even though these trinkets and gadgets don’t get the hype they deserve, they can make your outfit go from fab to drab within minutes. “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”

We couldn’t agree more. So, with those wise words of our favorite fashionable babe, Marylin Monroe, we’re suggesting we move on to what we’ve prepared for you to help you choose the right Jimmy Choos for the occasion.

What to consider when choosing the perfect wedding guest shoes?

What Shoes To Wear With A Maxi Dress For A Wedding? 

Your friend might have been the one who uttered the “most important yes of her life,” but that’s not stopping you from saying yes to the right dress and the right shoes for her wedding. But, how can you get to that without shedding a bucket of tears first?

When you, for example, combine a long, fitted, blush wedding guest dress (you know which ones we mean) with black Louboutins, you’re bound to look like you didn’t know what you were doing.

Sure, in theory, black Loubitins go with everything. However, they can look a little out of place when you combine them with lighter colors and flowy fabrics.

We know that picking the right wedding guest shoes can be overwhelming, to say the least. Brands appear to be fighting over who gets to offer more shoes for the wedding season, whether that’s for the bride and groom or the wedding guests.

Come on, how are you supposed to decide between Amina Muaddi’s dreamy, transparent slippers and Manolo Blahnik’s timeless pumps? Or between Zara’s and Asos’s renditions of these trends?

Whatever your budget might be, there’s something to be discovered online that fits (like a glove) regardless of the occasion you’re going to.

And, to those naysayers and haters who think that “the style and the color of shoes don’t matter when you’re wearing a long dress that covers your feet,” we can’t help but say that you’re wrong.

Of course, granted that nobody can see your shoes for most of the day, don’t shy away from choosing comfort. But, that doesn’t mean you should go to your BFF’s wedding wearing sneakers.

So, we gathered a couple of suggestions that could help you figure out what shoes to wear with a maxi dress for a wedding.

What shoes to wear with a maxi dress for a wedding?

1. Metallic, high-heeled strappy sandals

Whether you’ve been asked to attend numerous weddings this wedding season. Whether you’ve been looking for shoes that make every outfit wedding-worthy whatever occasion you’re attending. Metallic, high-heeled strappy sandals should be your number one pick.

First and foremost, strappy sandals can dress up pretty much anything. Go ahead and wear your favorite blue jeans with a simple white tee and accessorize with gold jewelry and a belt with gold accents.

Add those metallic strappy sandals and watch the entire outfit transform from something you would wear to the grocery store to something you would rock on a runway. And, when you’re building an outfit for a wedding you have the freedom to do the same thing.

Metallic strappy sandals can elevate whatever style of dress you decide to go for. Opt for gold and silver metallics for something that’s bound to work, or match your metallics with the color of the dress for a fresh, monochromatic take on the wedding guest ensemble.

For the record, our top picks are Jimmy Choo Antia 85 metallic leather sandals, Reformation Eleonora sling-back block-heel sandals, and Zara metallic high-heeled sandals (each available at the moment).

2. Blush pointed-toe, high-heeled pumps

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You’re wondering what shoes to wear with a maxi dress for a wedding? Wonder no more. Pointed-toe, high-heeled pumps are always a great way to achieve that elegant, classic, never-going-out-of-style look.

Spring and summer weddings are beaming with blush dresses, mauve accents, and soft blue, romantic touches. Such pale and delicate colors deserve a shoe that properly complements them.

When choosing the right shoes to wear with a maxi dress for a wedding, always consider the color palette. We suggest you have a conversation with the bride (as a part of the wedding entourage, of course) and observe the color of her decoration, flowers, and even the color of other guests’ dresses.

Lighter shades look better with nude and transparent shoes, as well as shoes that match the color of the dress. Dark shoes combined with a bright dress can make you look bottom-heavy and draw attention away from the dress.

Blush pointed-toe, high-heeled pumps work wonders with sleek slip dresses, floral numbers, and floor-length, shimmering designs.

Needless to say, you can’t go wrong with Manolo Blahnik’s pale blush Nappa leather pointed-toe pumps or Nine West pink blush patent pointed-toe pumps. We’re sure you can always find a similar style at Zara, Asos, or H&M, too.

3. Nude stiletto pumps

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Nude stiletto pumps never go out of style, and they’re the perfect shoe to add to your collection. When you choose the right shade and the right style for you, you’re bound to wear these shoes everywhere you go (which means you can afford to splurge on them and get your money’s worth).

Whether you’re wearing a nude dress, a silky, metallic, embellished gown, or a black number, you can get away with wearing nude stiletto pumps.

While combining light and dark colors can be tricky, nude stiletto pumps look like your legs (but better). And, that makes them a unique asset to have. And, to make matters even better, you can get nude stiletto shoes anywhere you go.

Amazon carries a bunch of high-end, designer options such as Steve Madden Vala pointed-toe pumps (which are our personal favorite), Christian Louboutin Kate pointed-toe pumps, and Kurt Geiger London Bond 90 d’Orsay pumps.

Or, you can find similar styles on Pretty Little Thing, Fashion Nova, and clothing stores such as Zara, Bershka, and H&M. Look for comfortable styles, quality materials, and durable soles because you’re going to wear these shoes over and over again.

4. Cinderella’s glass slippers

What Shoes To Wear With A Maxi Dress For A Wedding? 

We’re aware that we’re running on slippery ground when we suggest you should wear Cinderella’s glass slippers to your friend’s wedding.

We’re pretty sure you didn’t start your search for shoes to wear with a maxi dress to a wedding because you wanted to offend your friend or a family member who asked you to come.

But, we have to mention that there seems to be some controversy surrounding the thought of wearing those famous Amina Muaddi Begum slingback pumps while not being the one getting married.

Apparently, only the bride’s allowed to have that Cinderella moment on her wedding day, and we couldn’t agree more. But, that’s not stopping you from forwarding your shopping wishlist to the bride and checking whether she would approve of those classic, clear shoes.

And, you don’t have to go for something extravagant such as Christian Louboutin strass clear stiletto sandals or Aquazzura embellished clear halter pumps.

Wearing a floor-length dress means you can get away with something subtle on your feet. Therefore, to make everyone happy, opt for clear sandals or slippers such as Steve Madden Lilah sandals (which are on sale at Nordstrom as we speak) or Nine West Ellia pointed-toe mules.

5. Slingback, high-heeled pumps with a pop of color

Slingback pumps are always a great solution, but when you add a little color to them they can make your whole outfit look 100% better. Depending on the color scheme you’re going with, get creative and pick a pair of eye-catching, high-heeled pumps.

And yes, figuring out what shoes to wear with a maxi dress for a wedding can be that easy. Now, the only rule you need to follow has to be the one that says you shouldn’t combine different patterns.

Weddings should be your opportunity to wear something formal, elegant, and classic. Without stealing the attention away from the bride, of course.

While that doesn’t mean you should ditch your style, you shouldn’t go overboard with mixing and matching. Therefore, when you’re wearing a patterned dress choose monocolored shoes matching one of the shades you have on the dress.

Blush, blossoming dresses go best with burgundy, chocolate, and fuchsia slingback pumps such as Veronica Beard slingback pumps in the Raspberry Suede shade. Orange, pink, and yellow shoes are a must at a summer wedding, too.

6. High-heeled mules that match the color of your dress

What Shoes To Wear With A Maxi Dress For A Wedding? 

We absolutely adore mules! We know they’re not the most common choice of wedding footwear, but don’t forget that there are some stunning, high-heeled mules out there that could make you look like you came straight off the runway.

Mules are one of those shoes that are always a statement piece of your outfit. Whether you’re wearing them to work with an oversized blazer or you’re wearing them to a wedding with a silky slip dress, you’re guaranteed to stand out.

High-heeled mules have taken the fashion world by storm which means you shouldn’t have that much trouble finding a pair that works for you.

Some of our current favorites are Kate Spade’s Sheela mules, Jeffrey Campbell’s tied-up, pointed-toe mules, and Nine West Ellia pointed-toe mules. Choose a color that works best with the rest of your outfit and don’t forget to accessorize with statement earrings, bracelets, and a handbag.

7. Satin platform pumps

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Now, platform pumps aren’t a traditional style of shoe you would wear to a wedding. But, these shoes have been everywhere and we’re inclined to include them. We know they’re bound to up your fashion game (wedding or no wedding).

Versace Medusa Aevitas platform pumps have changed the way we view wedding fashion because they’ve definitely found a way to become a staple.

Whether you love them or hate them, you have to agree they’re great with wedding dresses and wedding guest dresses because they can’t go unnoticed.

Other brands and designers rushed to make similar styles and came out with what we consider to be great alternatives to the (already cult) Versace Medusas.

Zara heeled platform shoes in fuchsia, Schutz ankle strap platform pumps in lavender, and Lisa Vicky’s Mary Jane platform pumps in orchid pink would look beautiful combined with a maxi dress.

8. Tie-up espadrille wedges

What Shoes To Wear With A Maxi Dress For A Wedding? 

Oh, the likes of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle clearly state that you can wear espadrille wedges with summer dresses and look like you came straight from a brunch with Anna Wintour.

Never again do you have to wonder what shoes to wear with a maxi dress for a wedding. While espadrille wedges seem to have fallen out of style more times than we can count, they’re back and they’re here to stay.

Espadrille wedges are the comfortable shoe you can wear with a blooming, blushing maxi dress to a wedding without looking like you didn’t try hard enough.

Other comfortable shoe alternatives (kitten heels, flats, and sneakers) tend to take away from the beauty of a floor-length dress. But, espadrille wedges look polished, deliberate, and fitting for a summer wedding (beach nuptials, here we come).

Soludos wedge lace-up espadrille sandals, for example, happen to be on Black Friday sale right now, and the soft pink shade would make for the dreamiest wedding guest shoes ever.

Other than that, check Steve Madden’s espadrille wedge sandals, Stuart Weitzman’s platform wedge sandals, and Loeffler Randall’s knotted wedges. Whichever style you decide to go with, stay within a similar color range and you’re good to go. Good luck!

What Shoes To Wear With A Maxi Dress For A Wedding