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12 Fashionable Shoes For Wide-Leg Jeans

12 Fashionable Shoes For Wide-Leg Jeans

It could be a little tricky to find the right shoes for wide-leg jeans. You don’t want to look basic as hell, but you also don’t want to mismatch your entire outfit.

So, what shoes should you pair with these jeans? You’ve been avoiding wearing them simply because you’re doubting your wardrobe-matching ability.

Wide-leg pants seem to eat up every shoe that you wear with them – the shoes disappear underneath them. So what can you wear to make a statement while also not overdoing it?

Well, you’re at the right place! We’ll give you some amazing outfit ideas to inspire you to try outfits that you probably hadn’t thought of before.

What are the best shoes for wide-leg jeans?

1. Stilettos

12 Fashionable Shoes For Wide-Leg Jeans

These don’t seem like THE shoes for wide-leg jeans. You probably think they require something more edgy and casual. Stilettos were seriously the last thing on your mind.

How would it even work?

Well, what’s great about shoes is that no one can really tell you what to do. And even if you want to follow trends, they are ever-changing. You can always find something unusual that’s trendy.

The good news is stilettos with wide-leg jeans would look amazing on you! These jeans make you look taller and the high heels add style.

And the little toe tip peeking through the long jeans? Ugh, it’s absolutely perfect.

Pairing this with a simple top, you’ll make the pants the main event of the outfit and the shoes their co-star.

Just try it out. Trust us. You’ll be mesmerized.

2. Converse

If you want something to complement the casual look of these jeans, then Converse is the perfect footwear for you.

A huge plus point for Converse shoes is that you can choose between many different colors and designs. If you want high-tops, go for it. If you opt for big soles, then you can rock them as well.

There are so many options, the sky is the limit.

Also, they’re extremely comfortable. If you’re just running some errands or going for coffee with friends, these shoes will give you maximum energy because your feet won’t hurt.

Because you’re wearing a simple combination of wide-leg jeans and Converse, you can go crazy with your shirt. We would recommend an oversized, graphic tee.

If you’re not into that, then maybe go for a simple yet well-fitting baby T-shirt. You can never go wrong with that.

3. High-top sneakers

The most amazing shoes for wide-leg jeans are definitely high-top sneakers. Don’t believe us? Well, try it out and then judge us.

Sounds dramatic, but if we had to choose one type of shoe for these jeans, it would seriously be high-tops.

The advantage of high-top sneakers is that you can scrunch the jeans into the sneakers, and it makes them look even bulkier. And that’s not a bad thing at all! You want to have that bulk at the bottom so that you can wear a tiny top.

Another great thing about high-top sneakers? Just like Converse, they come in so many different colors and designs. This gives you a wide range of styling options, so you won’t have to go out and buy a specific color to match your jeans.

4. Mules

Another perfect pair of shoes for wide-leg jeans is mules.

If your jeans are a little bit shorter, these shoes will compliment the outfit perfectly. These may not be the first pair of shoes you’ll reach for, but they’re well-known to elevate an outfit.

Wearing mules with jeans makes you look elegant, chic, and put together – like you’re really trying to show off your style.

And even if your jeans are longer, the tiny bit of shoe peeking through will give you the perfect balance of casualness and sophistication.

Considering that you may want to wear these jeans to work, I’d opt for mules to pair with them.

5. Ankle boots

12 Fashionable Shoes For Wide-Leg Jeans

In the colder months, we all want to feel warm and cozy. But if our feet are cold, we’re not having a good time.

One of the best shoes for wide-leg jeans in chilly weather is ankle boots. Especially, if you choose to tuck the jeans into the boot. However, wearing a simple bodysuit and a flannel over will give off proper fall vibes.

Also, ankle boots will never go out of style. Whether you choose ones with or without a heel, either way, you can’t go wrong.

6. Platform boots

The main thing about wide-leg jeans is that they tend to be very long, which is why we’re mostly recommending shoes that have bigger soles or a platform. On the other hand, who’s to say that you can’t wear short wide-leg jeans with platform boots? No one can stop you.

Platforms can elevate any outfit (no pun intended) while also keeping it safe and casual.

These shoes can be paired with a basic or standout top. It keeps things interesting while also making it seem as if you actually gave it some thought.

7. Platform sandals

We know platform sandals aren’t everyone’s bag, but while we’re on the topic of platforms, you can also wear sandals that have a high sole.

During the warmer months, you want footwear that will let your feet breathe. These sandals will give you everything that you’re looking for.

A tank top will complete the outfit. Platform sandals paired with wide-leg pants really give you the opportunity to experiment with shirts and what compliments your body the best.

8. Ballet flats

Okay, don’t come for us. Considering how trendy wide-leg jeans are right now, give yourself the opportunity to play around with shoes that are considered a little out of style.

Who’s to say what you can and can’t wear, though?

Ballet flats are super cute and comfortable, and combining them with these comfy jeans only gives you astonishing style while also keeping things breathable and simple.

9. Uggs

Ugg boots are back! Some people would even argue that they never left the scene, but that’s beside the point.

The best shoes for wide-leg jeans are those you feel best in. For example, if you choose to wear Uggs during the colder months, you’ll feel snug and comfy.

The chunkiness of these boots perfectly complements the chunkiness of the jeans. Match it with a coat, and you’ve got the ideal outfit for fall.

10. Chunky sneakers

At this point, you’ve probably realized that chunky shoes are best for these jeans. Wide legs just eat small shoes up.

Fortunately, chunky sneakers are in right now and you can find them wherever you look. You probably have a few pairs in your closet right now!

The best thing about wide-leg jeans is that they’re rather neutral. This means you can wear whatever color shoes you choose.

If you want edgy, you can wear colorful sneakers with a big shirt. All of these oversized items will make you feel like you’re not wearing anything at all.

Chunky sneakers are trending right now and the younger generation is really making a huge deal out of them. So, don’t try to avoid the trends. Rock it!

11. Combat boots

What better to wear with these jeans than combat boots? Dr. Martens will put you in bad girl mode – giving you a mysterious and rebellious edge.

The only thing that you need to take into consideration is that these boots can be quite uncomfortable.

But if you’ve worn them a lot and you’re used to them, then dust them off, girl! Combine them with wide-leg jeans, a biker’s jacket, and a black shirt!

Now, watch heads turn.

12. Loafers

12 Fashionable Shoes For Wide-Leg Jeans

Wherever you’re going, loafers are a great idea! You have just concluded your search for the best shoes for wide-leg jeans.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going out with the girls, heading to work, attending an important meeting, or taking a stroll around the block, loafers will make you feel like you put a lot of effort into your outfit.

They’re quite trendy right now, just like these jeans are.

Loafer can give you a few inches in height, helping to neutralize the bulkiness of the jeans.

You can make this outfit look casual with a simple top or blouse. You can also go classy if you combine them with a white-collar shirt and a coat.

Loafers are genuinely versatile shoes that give you the freedom to experiment with your style. Either way, they’re incredible shoes for wide-leg jeans.

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12 Fashionable Shoes For Wide-Leg Jeans