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10 Best Pointe Shoes For Beginners To Keep You On Your Toes

10 Best Pointe Shoes For Beginners To Keep You On Your Toes

Okay, opting for the right pointe shoes for beginners can be a tough task.

Getting your first pair of pointe shoes tends to be one of the most exhilarating, rewarding experiences ever. Going from ballet slippers to pointe shoes represents a rite of passage – the moment when a ballerina gets rewarded for years of discipline, dedication, and training.

Because of this, finding the right pointe shoes for your feet needs to be a priority. But most ballerinas don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one!

Before you Google the night away and end up debating between Bloch and Freed of London or Russian Pointe and Capezio, we suggest you take a deep breath and throw a glance at our step-by-step guide to getting your first pointe shoes.

Remember, you’re going through something that most ballerinas strive and work hard for – don’t waste your time on online shopping and expectations-vs.-reality meltdowns.

Now, you might not be aware of this, but feet are the foundation of all movements you make. Not to mention that you can properly align your body and distribute your weight only when your feet are supported, protected, and taken care of – with the right pair of pointe shoes.

Seek advice from your dance teacher, check out a few of our fpicks, and only then get to shopping. Get your wallet, too, because some of these might break the bank.

What to consider when shopping for pointe shoes

10 Best Pointe Shoes For Beginners To Keep You On Your Toes

All pointe shoes are not created equal. Actually, they are as unique as the ballet dancers that wear them.

At the end of the day, there’s no one-size-fits-all when you’re shopping for beginner pointe shoes. And, that’s why you need to follow a few tips and tricks to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth.

First off, don’t shy away from getting yourself professionally fitted for pointe shoes. Most have the same, signature appearance, with a few differences in fabric, ribbons, and shade. Moreover, most pointe shoes have the same frame.

Whichever preferences you might have when shopping for everyday footwear go down the drain when you’re shopping for your ballerina shoes.

Getting professionally fitted can save you the trouble of trying to figure out whether they’re molding to the unique shape of your foot, protecting your toes, and supporting the strategic areas.

The right pointes support and embrace your toes without crushing them, mold to your arches, and are comfortable (as much as these types of shoes can be).

On top of that, the right pointe shoes should protect your feet to an extent – but of course, you should consider getting pointe shoe pads, too. Brand-new pointe shoes are stiff, sturdy, and uncomfortable when you wear them straight out of the box.

Ballerinas swear by banging them against the floor, slamming them on the door, or wetting them – these practices make the shoes softer and more flexible before you wear them for the first time. But these “techniques” are also known to damage them beyond repair.

Take care of your pointe shoes, wear them when you’re dancing, and you should notice a difference within the first few practices. Pointes mold to your feet the more you wear them.

What are the best pointe shoes for beginners on the market right now?

1. Bloch Performa pointe shoes

Where do we even start? Bloch Performa are the best pointe shoes for beginners for a few reasons – they’re comfortable and snug, adhere to your arches, and provide a perfect fit.

Bloch pointes are great for all levels, but they’re fitting for beginners because they’re equipped with shock-absorbing cushioning, pre-sewn crossed elastics, comfortable sole pads, and a breathable upper.

Because of that, they’re a great starting point for dancers who need the extra support that comes with these features. These are reviewers’ favorite and we can see why.

2. Freed of London Studio 2 pointe shoes

Freed Adult Studio II Pointe Shoes STUIIHRD7.5E 7.5 W US
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Studio 2 by Freed of London are what every ballerina’s shoe dreams are made of – they’re supportive, protective, and attractive. Professional ballerinas swear by Freed of London and we reckon they’ve got a point!

First things first, they’re handmade to ensure a number of different widths, shapes, and fits. Furthermore, they’re high-quality and hardwearing because they’re made with stiff and sturdy leather (as well as a satin upper for breathability).

Other than that, they’re steady and secure which means they’re a little advanced for beginners. But they’re meant to be professionally fitted, which means you’re going to get the perfect fit no matter what your feet look like.

3. Bezioner pointe shoes

Bezioner Ballet Pointe Shoes Pink Satin Ballet Dance Shoes with Sewed Ribbon and Silicone Toe Pads for Girls Women US 12.5 C Big Kids
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We had to mention Freed of London because they’re one of the most popular and prominent brands among ballerinas. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best pointe shoes for beginners – because they’re not.

Bezioner pointe shoes are a much better choice for a ballerina that’s still working on her pointe technique. They’re equipped with a soft shank and leather soles, a sewn ribbon and free toe pads, and a lace-up closure.

They’re super secure and sturdy, but much more comfortable than some of the other pointe shoes on the market. They’re an affordable alternative, too, although they’re known to wear down rather quickly.

4. Russian Pointe Rubin pointe shoes

Russian Pointe Rubin Pointe Shoes, U-Cut Flexible Medium Shank - Size 42, Width 5, Vamp V2
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We admit that Russian Pointe Rubin caught our attention because they’re much lighter than the pointes – they’re made with lighter satin. Now, you can choose between different shades of nude, tan, and pink for most performances. But these are white(ish) which highlights your feet better when you’re performing on stage.

Before you knock them down because of the hefty price tag, know that they’re made with an anatomic frame, a narrow toe box, and a stable platform. And with high-quality fabrics, they’re going to last you a long time. They’re easy to wear down and make more comfortable, too.

5. Capezio Daisy pointe shoes

When you’re shopping for pointe shoes for the first time, you don’t know what you’re doing. Maybe you don’t understand the sizes. Perhaps you don’t know what features to look for.

Whatever the case might be, you’re probably overwhelmed with all the ballerina lingo coming your way. We’ve got your back with the Capezio Daisy pointe shoes.

While we do suggest you get your pointes professionally fitted, Capezio makes things easier for everyone because their pointes are made in regular street sizes.

They’re equipped with hammered pleats, bar-tacked elastic drawstrings, and a “This belongs to…” satin ID tag. They’re everything you need to start working on your pointe technique.

6. Nexete pointe shoes

Moving on to another one of our favorites, Nexete pointe shoes are suitable for ballet dancers of all levels. Beginners might want to get a bigger size and wear them with pointe shoe pads, but other than that, they’re a great starting point on your pointe journey.

Nexete feature leather soles for stability, a satin upper for breathability, a wide toe box for wiggle room, a strong elastic shank for support, and a lace-up closure for an easy way out.

7. Grishko pointe shoes

Grishko 2007 - Medium Shank (5½ X) Ballet Pink

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Most of the pointe shoes we’ve mentioned thus far work for the average feet – you might need to wear them with pointe shoe pads or get them professionally fitted, but they’re made to fit average feet.

What do you do when your feet aren’t average, though? Well, you get your hands on Grishko because they’re made for Egyptian and Greek feet. Egyptian and Greek feet, for those of you who don’t know, feature a toe that’s longer or larger than the others.

Consequently, ballerinas with Egyptian or Greek feet need custom pointe shoes. These can be expensive for beginners, though, which is why we recommend opting for Grishko.

8. Sansha Recital II pointe shoes

SANSHA Women's Recital II-W, Peach/Pink/Satin, 4 N US
$46.00 $31.30
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03/16/2024 04:10 am GMT

Sansha Recital II pointe shoes for beginners offer enough support and stability to alleviate the pressure off of your feet. What’s even better, you can count on them to last you a long time, despite not being nearly as expensive as some of the other brands we’ve already mentioned.

We noticed that they’re a little different from average pointe shoes, too. They feature a special shape around the toes that promises to support your feet, align your posture, and distribute your weight better.

9. Stelle practice pointe shoes

Stelle practice pointe shoes are made for younger ballerinas.

They’re made of leather and equipped with a breathable PU upper, skid-resistant soles, and a pull-on closure. These pointes are also wear-resistant and waterproof. They’re excellent for beginners because they’re comfortable, durable, and simple to slip on and off.

10. IJONDA pointe shoes

IJONDA Adult Ballet Pointe Shoes Hard Toe Dance Shoes Pink Satin Practice Ballet Slippers for Girls Women (Pink, Numeric_ 7)
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03/16/2024 04:19 am GMT

Oh, we certainly cannot forget about IJONDA.

While they’re mainly used by professional ballerinas, they’re a great option to consider if you’re shopping for a high-quality, hard-wearing, and established pointe shoe.

Beginner or not, you might be on the hunt for a fashion-forward, extravagant statement piece. And that’s exactly what these IJONDA pointe shoes are.

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10 Best Pointe Shoes For Beginners To Keep You On Your Toes