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How To Wear Yeezy Slides: The Style Guide You Needed

How To Wear Yeezy Slides: The Style Guide You Needed

How to wear Yeezy slides, you ask? It doesn’t matter if you love them or hate them, there’s a good chance that these weird slides have caught your eye.

There aren’t really people who have a neutral opinion of Yeezy slides. Despite these shoes not being for everyone, they’ve become a fashion staple all around the world now. They have a minimal look to them, but they’ll still be the focus of your outfit.

These slides were created by Kanye West, who gave a modern twist to the usual Adilette-style shape. They look like the future of slides, and so many people are jumping on this trend.

Many different colors have dropped, and before you fall into the trap of buying ones that you can’t style, we’ve figured that out for you. We’re not going to gatekeep this information from you, so we’re sharing everything you need to know about how to wear Yeezy slides.

We’ll give you the styling options as well as explain to you why you should choose them over your basic summer slides.

How to wear Yeezy slides: Sizing and fit

How To Wear Yeezy Slides: The Style Guide You Needed

The first thing you need to know when figuring out how to wear Yeezy slides is the sizing part. They may look chunky, but many people recommend getting a size bigger than you usually would.

For example, if you usually wear a European size 38, then you may want to choose your Yeezys in the European size 40, or even 40.5 if you want to be extra comfortable. This is genuinely up to you, as you’ll be the one wearing them.

If you can try them out before buying them, then that’s perfect. Be sure to walk around the store in them for a bit to determine what size fits you the best.

However, it’s better to get a size bigger for your own comfort and ease when you’re ordering them online. You don’t want to buy a pair that could possibly be uncomfortable for you to walk in.

Once you get these slides, you’ll want to wear them all day and every day, which is why they need to be as comfy as possible.

Styling options for Yeezy slides

We often get asked how to wear Yeezy slides. They aren’t your usual slides that you see people wearing out. So, it’s no wonder you are curious to know what outfit is the best to pair them with.

Yeezys are known for their minimalistic and utilitarian aesthetic while putting a large focus on quality and comfort. This is why people choose to wear them all over the world.

If you’re here, you’re probably in need of some styling tips. Don’t worry – we’ll provide you with loads of ideas to help you look fashionable.

1. Yeezy slides with comfortable lounge-wear

When you start asking how to wear Yeezy slides, you’re probably thinking about being comfortable, rather than fancy. That’s exactly why one of the best options is to pair them with simple loungewear.

You can wear them in the house, while you’re running errands, and so on. This mostly includes wide and stretchy pants, that you’ll combine with a big hoodie or a big sweater. You can even wear socks under them, for maximum comfort and coziness.

This is one of those styles that probably crossed your mind already, but we believe that it’s the most common one. So, combine your quality slides with your favorite comfy outfit, so that you can enjoy every moment of your day.

2. Yeezy slides with skirts

How to wear Yeezy slides with skirts? Wouldn’t that look ridiculous?

Well, think again! We’re not telling you to wear them with mini skirts, as that would look awful. However, who can tell you what you can and can’t do? We’re just here to give you some guidance.

But if you’re asking for our opinion, we’d say that the best skirts to pair with your Yeezy slides would be midis or full-lengths. The airiness of the skirt will go perfectly with the comfort of your slides.

This combination is perfect for the summer, as you’ll be able to walk around the entire day without getting too hot.

Pairing this with a simple tank top or an oversized graphic T-shirt will make you look modern and fashionable. For the eye of a millennial, it may not be the easiest thing to comprehend but trust us, it’s really trendy right now.

3. Yeezy slides with jeans

How To Wear Yeezy Slides: The Style Guide You Needed

Let’s be honest, you can pair anything you want with a cute pair of well-fitted jeans. You don’t even have to overthink how to wear Yeezy slides when the jeans do everything for you.

Jeans are perfect for the transitional periods of the year, and combining them with Yeezy slides can give you the perfect styling option while also staying fashionable.

When it comes to tops, you can add a simple tee, a baby tee, or even a jacket or blazer on top. Your jeans will pull everything together, and the minimalist style of your slides helps to create the perfect balance.

A little tip we’d have for you would be to wear socks with this outfit. This may be a controversial practice, but it’s a combo that goes perfectly together.

4. Yeezy slides with baggy pants

Yeezys were created by a rapper. What’s one styling trend all rappers have in common? Well, it’s definitely their oversized and baggy clothes.

Go into your closet and take out your baggiest pair of pants, and your baggiest oversized T-shirt or hoodie. We can promise you that the outfit will look fire as hell!

When it comes to accessories, you can put a beanie on as well as socks under your slides. This combination is very popular when it comes to streetwear, so don’t be afraid to try it out.

If you want a classy look, then this styling option isn’t for you, but do give it a try before you completely disregard the idea.

5. Yeezy slides with shorts

Shorts are a summer staple, and you probably have many options to choose from.

The good thing about the leisurely look of the Yeezy slides is that you can combine them with any type of shorts that you want! If you choose baggy shorts, then you can put on a small shirt, or even an oversized one.

Jean shorts go well with everything, either way! Even the small booty shorts with a crop top would look amazing. You can still pair this outfit with socks if you want some extra comfort with these slides.

6. Yeezy slides with athleisure

Athleisure has become very popular in the US. You won’t see too many people in Europe wear their gym outfits to run errands, but if you’re in the US, then this is the peak of fashion right now.

When it comes to women’s athleisure and how to wear Yeezy slides with it, you have so many options. Put on your gym clothes and pair them with these slides. Simple leggings and your sports bra will do it justice, we promise you!

Also, big and baggy sweatpants can pull the outfit together.

When you’re going to the gym, you’ll change into your gym shoes once you get there, but on your way, you can rock your comfy slides.

You don’t have to think too much about accessories in this situation. Simple white socks will give your outfit the final touch to make it look sporty and relaxed.

How to maintain your Yeezy slides

How To Wear Yeezy Slides: The Style Guide You Needed

Now that we’ve talked about how to wear Yeezy slides, it’s also important to know how to maintain them. You don’t want to pay so much money for something that’ll fall apart after a couple of weeks. You want to take good care of them, which is understandable.

So, how do you keep your Yeezy slides clean and in good shape?

Firstly, you should never wear them in severe weather conditions. We mean, you probably won’t wear slides when it’s raining outside. However, if it’s just stopped raining, you should probably decide against them.

The puddles and the mud will stain your Yeezys, and they could lose their color quickly. It may be hard to clean them afterward.

You also shouldn’t wear them while you’re doing sports. Yes, they’re comfortable, but your slides can lose their shape from the undeniable pressure that you’ll put on your feet.

It’s actually quite simple to maintain them if you don’t wear them in severe conditions. You can simply use a mild soap and a gentle washcloth to clean them. Just never use boiling hot water on them, as they may lose their shape completely. You want to use cold water and not soak them entirely.

Try to use a light hand while you’re cleaning any dirt that’s left on them. Otherwise, you could potentially scratch and damage your slides.

So, as long as you’re being gentle and careful, you should be fine.

Good luck!

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How To Wear Yeezy Slides: The Style Guide You Needed