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A Summer Staple: 10 Fabulous Flip Flops For Wide Feet

A Summer Staple: 10 Fabulous Flip Flops For Wide Feet

Flip flops are a summer staple, we’re sure of that. Whether you slip them on for a beachside adventure after a hard day at work or for a day of running errands, sipping on Starbucks and minding your own business, you can’t go wrong with flip flops. What are the best flip flops for wide feet, though?

Now, you’d think that you wouldn’t need to worry about your wide feet when shopping for slippers, slides, or flip flops because they’re made with an open upper – but that’s not the case. Flip flops can fit tightly around your feet and cause blisters, bruises, calluses, and even bunions.

What makes flip flops even worse for your feet seems to be the fact that the traditional flat, flimsy flip flops we all know and love don’t offer arch support, shock absorption, or cushion – and that’s something that can cause foot-related problems over time. Flip flops are great, but you need to pick the right pair.

When shopping for flip flops for wide feet, you need to pay attention to a myriad of things that can make a world of difference. This type of footwear is not the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of foot health, but that’s about to change. Follow our tips and tricks and there’s a chance you might find the perfect pair of flip flops for wide feet.

What to consider when shopping for flip flips for wide feet?

A Summer Staple 10 Fabulous Flip Flops For Wide Feet

We assume you already know whether or not you’re dealing with a set of wide feet. But when you’re unsure, you need to check with a podiatrist and ensure you’re wearing appropriate footwear for your foot type. Wide or narrow, perfectly fitting footwear can make or break your day.

A podiatrist might suggest you do your research and opt for brands that offer a wide range of widths to choose from. Whether you’re shopping for sneakers, boots, or flip flops, you’re better off starting with brands that offer footwear for your foot type. Get the right measurements and you’re good to go.

When you’re done with that, you can always seek out footwear with a wide toebox, plenty of wiggle room around the toes, and soft, stretchy fabrics that can accommodate your wide feet. Flip flops are typically wide enough, especially when you get the right measurements, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

We also can’t forget about the fact that you shouldn’t go for cheap, poorly-made flip flops anyway. At the end of the day, your feet need arch support, padding for comfort, and high-quality, hard-wearing materials regardless of whether you’re running errands or hopping over to the office.

Flip flops for wide feet need to be comfortable, wearable, and versatile. Cushioned midsoles, sturdy outsoles with texture for traction, and an upper made of water-resistant materials are a must when you’re shopping for flip flops that are going to last you a long time. Find our top picks down below!

Our top picks for the best flip flops for wide feet

1. FitFlop F-Mode Platform Sandals

Fitflop Women's Flip Flops Flat Sandal
$84.00 $69.99
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03/16/2024 06:04 pm GMT

Starting with something stylish and comfy, you can’t go wrong with FitFlop F-Mode platform sandals because they’re made to go with pretty much everything you own. FitFlop flip flops (that’s a tongue twister!) are the opposite of thin, flimsy flip flops you used to buy at Walmart for $5.99.

Crafted with triple-density Microwobbleboard soles, these flip flops are guaranteed to get you through the day pain and pressure-free. Platform soles combined with cutaway straps are a not to the ’90 and you can count on these sandals to elevate whatever ‘fit you come up with. What’s not to love about them?

2. Birkenstock Gizeh Essentials EVA Sandals

Birkenstock Unisex-Adult Essentials Gizeh Eva
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Classic and timeless, Birkenstock Gizeh Essentials EVA sandals are a great way for you to stay on-trend without sacrificing comfort. Birkenstock produces some of the most comfortable footwear on the market, and these sandals aren’t different – they’re perfect for people with wide feet.

Equipped with arch support, stability, and balance, these sandals are wide enough to accommodate even the widest of toes. Even though they’re made with the same lightweight material as sportier flip flops, they’re much more wearable.

Whether you rock them with a suit and structured tote or a loungewear set, you’re going to look (and feel!) like a million dollars.

3. Olukai Ohana Flip Flops

OLUKAI Ohana Men's Beach Sandals
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03/16/2024 06:10 pm GMT

Ohana means family, but Olukai Ohana means the most fabulous flip flops for wide feet ever. Olukai Ohana flip flops tick all the boxes when discussing high-quality, hard-wearing footwear.

Made with ultra-soft EVA insole, grippy rubber outsoles, and a water-resistant upper, these flip flops are everything you need and more for a summer of adventure.

Whether you wear them to the park, when you’re running errands, or even when you’re grabbing brunch with friends, you’re going to feel supported and protected.

What’s even better about these flip flops seems to be the fact that they run big. That’s great news for you considering that means they’re perfect for your wide feet.

4. Hoka Ora Recovery Flip Flops

Hoka Ora Recovery Men's Flip Sandal
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Hoka sneakers are popular and prominent across the world because they’re one of the bounciest sneakers on the market. When you get home from a workout and you want to allow your feet to air out without sacrificing the bounce, you can opt for Hoka Ora Recovery flip flops.

Hoka Ora Recovery flip flops are great for people suffering from foot-related problems, but they’re even better for people with wide feet. Lightweight, breathable, and supportive, these flip flops are made to remedy the stresses your feet undergo on a hard run.

EVA foam works overtime to provide you with the stability you need.

5. Teva Mush II Flip Flops

Teva Women's Mush II Flip Flop
$34.00 $27.97
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03/16/2024 06:20 pm GMT

We know that supportive, protective, and overpriced flip flops aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. When shopping for the comfiest flip flops for wide feet, you might be on the hunt for something that reminds you of the plastic flip flops you used to wear – enter Teva Mush II flip flops.

Teva Mush II flip flops are reminiscent of the old-school style we all knew and loved, but they’re much more durable than one might expect them to be. Made with EVA foam and recycled plastic straps, they’re super simple to slip on and off. Moreover, they’re perfect carry-ons because they’re light as a feather.

6. The Row Ginza Platform Flip Flops

We couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to throw a few designer, over-the-top options. We’re aware that not everyone’s willing to break the bank on a pair of flip flops, but you might be looking for something that’s guaranteed to attract attention and turn hands.

With The Row Ginza Platform flip flops, that’s not something you’re going to need to worry about.

The Row flip flops might be close to $1,000, but they’re the most simple, sleek, and chic flip flops we’ve ever seen. The statement shoe of the summer, these flip flops are engineered with a one-inch sole, soft velvet straps, and cushioned insoles that make you feel like you’re walking on clouds.

We’d argue that they’re worth the hype, but that’s up to you to decide.

7. Loewe Ease Embellished Leather Flip Flops

And considering you’re already thinking of spending $1,000 on a pair of flip flops, you might want to check out Loewe Ease Embellished Leather flip flops.

Made from top-quality leather, these flip flops are extremely soft, supple, and supportive, and they’re one of the most comfortable designer flip flops for wide feet on the market.

Designer footwear might not be made for comfort, but that’s not the case with Loewe Ease Embellished Leather flip flops. With chunky soles and the brand’s Anagram logo on the buckle, these flip flops are a fashion statement, there’s no question about that.

8. Reef Cushion Cloud Platform Flip Flops

Reef Women's Cushion Cloud Flip-Flop
$55.00 $28.00
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03/16/2024 06:39 pm GMT

Forget about bunions, blisters, and bruises with Reef Cushion Cloud flip flops. Reef’s Cushion Cloud flip flops actually feel like a cloud and that’s why they’re guaranteed to keep you on your toes.

Designed with five millimeters of foam padding and lined with padded, stretchy fabric, these flip flops are made for walking. Whether you’re going to the office, walking around the town, or even shopping for hours on end, your feet are going to be happy and healthy.

Equipped with super soft compression-molded EVA with anatomical arch technology, you can count on arch support, stability, and balance with these flip flops.

9. OOFOS Oolala Luxe Sandals

OOFOS OOlala Luxe Sandal
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03/16/2024 06:45 pm GMT

Oofos Oolala Luxe sandals might come with a silly name, but they are much more than meets the eye. Lightweight and breathable, these sandals come with a recommendation from the American Podiatric Medical Association for their positive effects on your foot health.

Wide feet adore these sandals because they’re made with ample arch support, plenty of wiggle room, and wide straps that wrap around your feet with ease. Not to mention that these sandals take the strain off your knees and lower back thanks to the padded insoles.

10. Crocs Baya II Flip Flops

Crocs Unisex Baya II Flip Flops
$29.99 $26.60
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03/16/2024 06:54 pm GMT

Crocs are everyone’s favorite comfortable clogs, but what’s the tea with Crocs flip flops? With a classic design, these flip flops might not be much to look at, but they’re equipped with pretty much everything you need to go about your day without worrying about your feet.

Lauded by healthcare workers across the world, Crocs Baya II flip flops deserve a spot on the list because they’re super plus, wearable, and water-resistant. Crafted with Crocs’ proprietary resin, these flip flops are cushioned enough to make your feet feel like they’re getting a hug every time you wear them.

A Summer Staple: 10 Fabulous Flip Flops For Wide Feet