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Best Welding Boots Of 2023: Our Top 8 Safe Choices

Best Welding Boots Of 2023: Our Top 8 Safe Choices

Just like any other construction task, welding can also be very dangerous. Especially if you’re not equipped with the right kind of protective gear such as clothing, gloves, masks, and of course, the best welding boots suitable for your work.

Welding boots are not like any other work boots on the market. They are special boots that feature heat-resistant leather and some kind of protective toe cap (usually steel toe).

Wearing this type of boots is of utmost importance if you want to protect your feet and ensure you don’t get seriously injured.

So, what are the best welding boots on the market this year? Let’s find out!

Features to consider when looking for the best welding boots

Before we move on to our actual list, let’s first discuss some of the most prominent features any pair of the best welding boots shoes should have.

1. Boot construction

First things first, we have to look at what the boots are made of. As highlighted above, welding boots have to be constructed from heat-resistant material, usually sturdy leather, that’s able to withstand extremely high temperatures for a certain period of time.

That leather also has to be comfortable, flexible, durable, and supportive enough to be worn all day.

When it comes to their outsoles, they have to be made out of insulating materials that are waterproof and provide protection from potential electrocution.

All in all, these boots simply have to provide water, heat, and electricity resistance and keep you safe at work.

2. Safety toe

The best welding boots need to have some type of safety toe. Many workers debate whether to get steel toe or alloy toe protection, but most opt for steel toe boots.

Steel toe caps are not only more durable and protective, but they are also better at handling high temperatures, flame, and molten-metal spatters.

Alloy toe caps, on the other hand, can be a good alternative, but they are not as durable and protective as steel. They might feel lighter on the feet, but if you ask us, it’s not worth compromising safety for a small weight difference.

There are also composite toe boots which are the lightest work boot option. They are decent, but of course, their features could never compare to those of steel toe boots.

Some welding boots also come with metatarsal guards, which, unlike toe caps, sit on top of the boot, thus offering an additional layer of protection for your metatarsal bones. They are usually made out of composite steel, alloy steel, aluminum, or stainless steel.

3. Comfort and support

One thing is certain – comfort and support should never be compromised, especially not when you’re required to wear a pair of boots for an extended period of time.

Therefore, the best pair of welding boots should offer a snug fit, a decent amount of cushioning, good arch support, and above all, should not take too much time to break in.

4. Pull-on vs. laced design

And lastly, welding boots can be found in two designs: pull-on and laced.

Pull-on welding boots are, you guessed it, exceptionally easy to get in and out of. They usually go past the ankle area and offer more protection than their laced counterparts. Pull-ons take around a week to properly break in.

On the other hand, laced welding boots are adjustable. Because of the handy lacing system, you can adjust the fit according to your liking, and even practice some interesting and secure lacing techniques.

The one major drawback of this design is that laces can easily catch fire, but this problem can be avoided by using heat-resistant laces.

8 Best Welding Boots of 2023

1. Ariat Men’s Sierra Wide Square Steel Toe Work Boots

Ariat Mens Sierra Wide Square Toe Steel Toe Work Boot Aged Bark 10.5
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We’re starting off strong with these western-inspired boots. They feature the brand’s innovative, cutting-edge Advanced Torque Stability technology that guarantees composure and rock-solid steadiness.

These Ariat boots are made out of durable full-grain leather with an attractive stitch pattern. They feature oil and slip-resistant soles to ensure maximum heat and wear resistance, as well as removable All Day Cushioning insoles for out-of-this-world comfort.

This model can be found in two colors, aged bark and dark brown, and bought for $179.95.

2. CAT Footwear Revolver Steel Toe Work Boots

Cat Footwear Men's ST Revolver Pull-on Steel Toe Work Boot, Dark Brown, 7
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03/15/2024 10:40 pm GMT

The second pair to make our list of best welding boots comes from none other than CAT Footwear. These boots feature a pull-on design, are made out of 100% sturdy full-grain leather, and feature durable slip and heat-resistant outsoles.

They are very comfortable and surprisingly lightweight on the feet. They come with a moisture-wicking lining and dual pull handles on the sides for easier wear. They also feature steel toe caps for maximum protection on site.

These quality boots are available in both men’s and women’s sizes, can be found in two colors, brown and dark brown, and have a price tag of $104.

3. Dr. Martens Ironbridge Welding Boots

Dr. Martens, Men’s Ironbridge Steel Toe Heavy Industry Boots, Teak, 4 M US
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These boots give off serious villain vibes. We’re guessing it’s because of that padded steel metatarsal guard that is reminiscent of Bane, the antagonist from The Dark Knight Rises.

Anyway, these Docs have every reason to be considered one of the best welding boots on the market today. They feature a secure lacing system, are made out of full-grain leather, and come with slip and oil-resistant rubber outsoles.

The leather is attached with double stitching and the upper and lower soles are heat-sealed together. This means that everything is firm and secure in place. These boots also come with electric hazard protection, and they are generally waterproof, durable, fire-resistant, and extremely flexible.

They come in two color options – Teak Industrial Trailblazer (dark brown) and Black Industrial Grizzly (classic rich black). A pair will cost you around $255.

4. EVER BOOTS Tank Men’s Work Boots

EVER BOOTS “Tank Men’s Soft Toe Oil Full Grain Leather Work Boots
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03/17/2024 07:04 pm GMT

Undoubtedly, Ever Boots Tank is one of the best welding boots of 2023. These boots feature a supple nubuck upper that is extremely supportive and non-restrictive, together with reinforced stitching, a soft toe, and a padded collar.

They come with wide non-slip rubber outsoles, excellent arch support, and removable insoles – a great feature for all those who need custom orthotics. They also boast Goodyear welt construction to guarantee durability and longevity.

Tank boots come in two colors, tan and dark brown, and are the most affordable option on our list at $100 a pair.

5. Irish Setter Two Harbors Men’s 83906 Pull-On Boots

Irish Setter Work mens 83906 Wellington Steel Toe Work Boot,Brown,8 D US
$229.99 $204.95
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03/15/2024 10:44 pm GMT

Fifth place belongs to another great pull-on welding boot by Irish Setter, boasting full-grain leather, steel toe caps, and slip-resistant rubber outsoles. They also feature insulated soles to reduce the risk of electrocution.

These boots are pretty tall. They measure 11.5 inches from the arch, and their heel measures approximately 1.5 inches. They can withstand high temperatures up to 475°F and protect you from heat and molten-metal spatter.

This Irish Setter model is a bit pricey at just over $220, but in our opinion, it is worth every dime.

7. Iron Age Men’s Ground Breaker IA5016 Welding Work Boots

Iron Age Groundbreaker Men's Safety Toe Industrial Boot Black - 10 Wide
$109.95 $103.13
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03/15/2024 10:53 pm GMT

These Iron Age boots are very similar to the Dr. Martens Ironbridge mentioned above. They are made out of 100% leather and feature a combination of Goodyear welt construction and Kevlar stitching which play an important role in the boots’ durability and longevity.

The outsoles are man-made out of non-slip synthetic materials to ensure incredible grip and traction. And they’ve got you covered on the protection front, featuring steel toe caps, metatarsal guards, and electric shock insulation.

According to some wearers, these boots run a bit big, so we advise ordering a size smaller or visiting the store to try on a pair in person. They are also supposedly not as comfortable as some other work boots, so keep that small drawback in mind, since they do cost around $140.

8. Rhino Metatarsal Welding Boots

Rhino Men's 6MS01 6" Steel Toe Metatarsal Leather Work Boot (13, Black)

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03/15/2024 10:54 pm GMT

What would a list of the best welding boots be without Rhino shoes, a brand that has earned its reputation for providing reliable, affordable work boots?

Very similar in appearance to others on this list, these boots are worth the hype. They are also made out of 100% durable leather, and feature non-slip rubber outsoles and cushioned insoles for superior comfort. They’ve also got protection covered with steel toe caps, metatarsal guards, and electric hazard protection.

These boots do feel a bit heavy on the feet, but nothing out of the ordinary. And their laces tend to wear out rather easily. But other than that, these Rhino boots are a great option for a hard-working welder. And they cost less than $100.

Best Welding Boots Of 2023: Our Top 8 Safe Choices