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7 Best Water Shoes For Wide Feet And Fun Days At The Ocean

7 Best Water Shoes For Wide Feet And Fun Days At The Ocean

When you’re packing for a summer vacation, a pair of water shoes is usually a staple. Great for any type of outdoor activity near the water, these shoes will save your feet from sharp rocks and slippery surfaces. But what are the best water shoes for wide feet, though?

You’re probably tired of buying water shoes only to figure out that they’re way too tight for your feet. None of them seem to fit right and things even get worse once these shoes get wet. With every step you take, you feel like they’re cutting into your skin.

However, you still want to enjoy your vacation, and lying on the beach simply isn’t enough to make you happy. So, you’re determined to find a pair of water shoes that are going to fit you no matter what. And thankfully, we have a solution for you.

We understand your pain and want to make it easier for you. You deserve a chance to experience the feeling of putting water shoes on and enjoying your day without pain and discomfort. This feeling shouldn’t be reserved only for those with “standard” feet.

7 best water shoes for wide feet

7 Best Water Shoes For Wide Feet And Fun Days At The Ocean

Water shoes should be breathable and fast-absorbing. They’re a great choice of footwear for hot summer days near the water. But some people never had a chance to wear them since all of the models they tried were simply too tight.

Welcome to the club of people with wide feet where finding appropriate shoes feels like a mission impossible. But we’re about to change that!

The models of water shoes that we picked out will be perfect for your summer vacation. And what matters the most, they will fit you like a glove! You’ll finally get a chance to enjoy your water activities without fear of scratching your leg or slipping on the wet ground.

Let’s start right away and see what models are made to fit wide feet.

1. IceUnicorn Quick Dry Aqua Shoes

When you look at these shoes, you’ll first assume that you’re looking at a pair of sneakers. But looks can be deceiving, right? However, it’s great that these shoes combine all of the features of everyday kicks and water shoes.

They’re made out of stretchy lycra fabric that’s breathable and salt-resistant. So, even if you’re swimming in the ocean, you can be sure that your shoes won’t get ruined.

It’s also important to notice that the material of these shoes is stretchy and will adjust to the shape of your feet. This is a great feature for all of you who have wide feet since you won’t experience cuttings due to overly tight footwear.

Their elastic strap will allow you to adjust their fit. You can tighten it or loosen it as much as you want which is particularly useful for different feet widths.

All in all, these shoes are a great option for all of you who have wider feet. They come in so many color combinations that you’ll surely be able to find what you’re looking for.

2. Native Shoes Miles

Native Shoes, Miles
$50.00 $37.00
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03/16/2024 12:51 am GMT

If you go on the Native website, you’ll notice that these shoes fit wide but are short in length. So, they recommend going a size up to ensure a comfortable fit.

These slip-on shoes are perfect for days at the waterpark. They’re made out of EVA material which is the same one Crocs uses for their famous clogs. So, it’s definitely perfect for all kinds of water activities.

They’re flexible and lightweight, so you can easily pack them in your bag without them taking up too much space. This is good to know if you’re packing for a holiday abroad as you don’t want to overfill your luggage.

Even if you plan on wearing them around the garden as you’re having fun with sprinklers with your kids, these shoes are still a great match. Seriously, if you need a pair of everyday shoes for summer, these may just be the number one best water shoes for wide feet.

3. Xero Aqua X Sport Water Shoes

Xero Shoes Men's Aqua X Sport Water Shoe
$144.99 $109.08
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03/16/2024 12:45 am GMT

These are real sports shoes that are a great choice for days when you know you’ll be around water. They’re made out of mesh upper that lets water go through. They also have a non-absorbent tongue that will allow your shoes to stay lightweight even after wearing them in water.

Another great thing about this model is that it provides you with good traction that’s going to help you stay on your feet. Even if you’re walking over slippery surfaces, these shoes will give you enough grip and will keep you safe from falling.

The most important thing about them is that they have a wide toe box, which is the main reason why they’re on the list of best water shoes for wide feet. They’ll give your feet enough space and after you try them on, you’ll say goodbye forever to overly tight shoes that cut into your feet and ankles.

They also have adjustable lace locks, so you can loosen them as much as you want. In the end, you’ll feel as if you got your custom pair of shoes that you can make fit however you want. Even if they stretch a bit with time, you can simply tighten the laces and they’ll still fit you like a glove.

4. IceUnicorn Barefoot Shoes

IceUnicorn Water Shoes Quick Dry Swim Aqua Barefoot Socks
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03/16/2024 12:44 am GMT

This is another model made by IceUnicorn but their design is different from Quick Dry Aqua Shoes. These ones have a more barefoot feel and once you put them on, you won’t believe that you’re actually wearing anything on your feet.

They’re made out of extremely stretchy fabric. So, even though these shoes don’t have adjustable laces, you’ll easily be able to put them on since they’re so flexible.

When you look at them, you’ll get a feeling that you’re buying a pair of socks. But don’t worry as these water shoes still provide you with a solid grip that’s going to keep you safe on different slippery surfaces.

It’s also important to mention that these shoes are unisex, so both men and women can wear them. This is particularly important for women as we all know how tight female shoes can be. So, the fact that these are made to fit both men and women instantly means that they come in a wider fit.

5. Crocs Mens Swiftwater

Crocs Men's Swiftwater Mesh Wave Sandals
$44.99 $35.99
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03/16/2024 12:39 am GMT

These are real male sandals perfect for days at the beach. They’re stylish and water-friendly, but at the same time, they’ll give your feet enough support and protection.

They’re made out of stretchy mesh upper that’s breathable and allows water to come through. Another great feature is their adjustable strap that you can tighten or loosen as much as you want.

They also have holes on the sides of the upper which allow water to leave the shoes easier and faster. This means that you won’t be walking around in shoes filled with water. They will dry fast so you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing them outside the pool or the ocean.

However, the thing that makes them unique is the massage pods on the footbeds. So, once you’re out of the water and want to explore the surroundings, you’ll still be comfortable wearing them. And since they have great traction, you won’t slip walking over slippery and wet surfaces.

6. NRS Kicker Wetshoe

NRS Men's Kicker Wetshoe
$57.95 $52.95
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03/16/2024 12:39 am GMT

These water shoes come in two models – one for women and one for men. What makes them different from all the other shoes on this list is the fact that they’re supposed to keep your feet warm. That’s why they’re a safe option for paddlers and rafters since they fight against cold water.

A wide toe box will provide your feet with all the room they need. You won’t feel cramped up in your shoes and you’ll finally own a pair that doesn’t cut into your ankles. That’s a dream come true.

They also have a hook strap that allows you to tighten your shoes as much as you want. This will make them fit you like a glove.

What’s also great about these water shoes is that they have additional reinforcement at the toe and heel. This increases their durability so even if you end up stumping them along the rocks, they won’t get ruined the first time you wear them.

7. Teva Hurricane Sport Sandals

Teva Women's Hurricane XLT 2 Sandal
$75.00 $69.95
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03/16/2024 12:34 am GMT

Last but not least, we have a pair of sandals that don’t look anything like other models on the list. But they’re equally durable and water-resistant which means they more than deserve their place on this list.

They’re a popular choice among active people who love to explore the great outdoors and it’s all thanks to their fast-drying fabrics. At the same time, we’re talking about stylish design that many women are going to fall for. Who doesn’t love to be comfortable and look good at the same time?

Even though the Teva website doesn’t state that these sandals are great for people with wide feet, many positive reviews prove otherwise. Their adjustable straps allow you to loosen these water sandals as much as you want, making them extremely comfortable.

If you’re looking for lightweight, comfortable, and durable shoes that are water-friendly and appropriate for wide feet, then you’ve found the ones that tick all the boxes!