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5 Best Running Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma: A Pain-Free Run

5 Best Running Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma: A Pain-Free Run

Hey there, my fellow runner! Your friends think that getting up in the morning and finding the motivation to run is the worst thing about this sport. But you and I know the real deal… It’s getting the right type of footwear. However, once you have to choose the best running shoes for Morton’s neuroma, that’s when hell breaks loose.

Finding the right pair for you can be a lot of work. When you first start running, you’ll go through many (and I mean many) shoes until you find the perfect model. Once you finally do, it’s life-changing. You enjoy your running sessions more, and it seems like everything aligns perfectly for you.

Until, one day, you find out you have a condition called Morton’s neuroma. You read all about it. It affects the ball of the foot, and you don’t need any kind of research to tell you that it can be really painful.

But, you know what hurts more than the actual condition itself? Finding out that you’re back to square one when it comes to finding the perfect pair of running shoes.

Don’t let that discourage you! There are plenty of great options on the market that will help you enjoy your running again. Luckily, you’re here, and we’ll go through some of the best running shoes for Morton’s neuroma together.

What’s Morton’s neuroma?

5 Best Running Shoes For Morton's Neuroma: A Pain-Free Run

For those of you who just came back from the doctor’s after finding out you have Morton’s neuroma, it might be helpful to understand this condition a bit better, first. Let’s dive into the world of toes and nerves.

How many times have you checked the inside of your shoe because it felt like there was a pebble inside that you simply couldn’t get out? It’s the most annoying feeling in the world. Imagine constantly walking on a Lego – that’s the kind of torture this condition brings.

Except it’s not a Lego, a pebble, or a sneaky little gremlin living inside of your shoe and giving you a little pinch to try to get you out of his home. It’s probably just Morton’s neuroma.

Whether it’s because you wear the wrong type of footwear, or you like to put on high heels after your running session, there are many causes of this condition. The pain you feel every time you move is caused by the thickening of the nerves around your toes.

When you walk, run, or put any kind of pressure on the front of your foot, the nerves between your third and fifth toe will get squeezed, irritated, and they’ll cause a great deal of discomfort.

There are many tell-tale signs that you might be dealing with this annoying condition. The most common ones are sharp pain, a burning sensation in the middle of your foot, or the aggravating feeling that you have something stuck in your shoe.

But, don’t fret! This condition isn’t here to stay. Some stretching or foot-related exercises will get you back on your feet. The most important thing, however, is finding shoes that will relieve discomfort, and I’m here to help you with that.

Best running shoes for Morton’s neuroma

If you’re looking for good Morton’s neuroma shoes, you’ll want a pair that has high arch support. Your toes will be thankful for the cushioning, as it will take off some of the pressure from them.

On top of that, you’ll want to provide them with some extra space so they can move around freely, without irritation. That’s where shoes with a wide toe box will prove to be your best running buddies.

This is no time for shoes with high soles, so look for pairs that have low or no heels at all. And, let’s not forget about the flexible uppers, which will absorb any external shock and make running a much more comfortable experience overall.

If this seems like too much information for now, don’t worry. I’ll list some of the best running shoes for Morton’s neuroma, that will have all of the features mentioned above. Let’s dive right in!

1. Tulum Vero Backstrap Wedge Neuroma Shoes

Vionic Women's Flex Sierra Lace-up Walking Shoes - Sneakers with Concealed Orthotic Arch Support White Black 6 Wide US
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03/17/2024 05:15 pm GMT

I get it, you’ve probably spent a small fortune on running shoes already. If you could buy your next pair on a reasonable budget, that would be the perfect solution. Well, I’m happy to say that I’ve got just the right shoes for you!

Tulum Vero Backstrap Wedge Neuroma Shoes are made of a high-quality upper that allows amazing airflow. Your feet will always be cool and fresh, while the super soft footbed offers your toes the cushioning they need. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Well, wait until you hear about their durable outsoles and high flexibility that will make your running sessions a whole new experience. And, all of that for a reasonable price!

2. HOKA One Bondi 6

HOKA ONE ONE Men's Bondi 6 Running Shoes, Lead/Majolica Blue, 13 US
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As a runner, I’m sure you’ve already heard of HOKA. I mean, how couldn’t you? They make some of the best running shoes on the market, and I’m pretty sure you’ll find them on any list of the best casual footwear. So, it comes as no surprise that one of their models found its place on our list, as well.

With models for both men and women, the HOKA One Bondi 6 is a perfect solution for everyone who’s dealing with Morton’s neuroma. One of the first things you’ll notice about these shoes is their large outsoles which come with incredible cushioning.

Your feet will be thankful for the comfort Bondi 6 provides, and you’ll be surprised to see just how much they reduce the symptoms of your condition.

In fact, that’s their main goal – reducing foot and heel pain. Because of that, they also come with a wide toe box, breathable and flexible upper, and super soft insoles. Unfortunately, they’re on the pricier side. Once you put them on, however, you’ll understand why.

3. Brooks Women’s Ghost 9

For all my ladies dealing with Morton’s neuroma – I’ve got some good news for you. Brooks Ghost 9s will make all your dreams come true.

As a female runner, I’m sure you’ve noticed how narrow our running shoes usually are. I’m not sure why companies believe that we don’t need that extra space at the front of our shoes just as much as men do, but Brooks decided to change the game.

Their toe box is quite wide, while the entire shoe is well-cushioned, providing your whole foot with plenty of comfort. With their soft inner soles and flexible upper, it’s clear that the company really focused on providing runners with the ultimate comfort.

Unfortunately, their heel drop could be a bit lower, so I recommend trying them on before deciding to purchase a pair for yourself. Overall, however, these could become your new go-to running shoes.

4. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080V10

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 1080 V10 Running Shoe, Summer Fog/Neo Crimson, 12.5
$149.99 $129.99
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03/18/2024 06:51 am GMT

Another perfect pair for my fellow runners who are trying to stay on a budget! And, it’s from everyone’s favorite brand New Balance. Sounds interesting? Let’s see what their Fresh Foam model offers.

I won’t go into detail about all of the amazing technology used to make these shoes one of the best choices for people who suffer from Morton’s neuroma. Let’s keep it simple, shall we?

When it comes to durability, this model is a real winner. Let me tell you – they’re made to last. They’re made of a perfect mix of synthetic materials and mesh, while their rubber soles will give you the perfect grip you need.

Don’t worry about the comfort, either. Do you want that perfect stretch, support, and flexibility? Fresh Foams have got you covered! Your feet will be perfectly sung and supported, and they won’t lack freshness, either! What else do you need from a running shoe, right?

And, the best part is – you won’t go into debt when buying these shoes. Their price is perfect for the features they offer, and they just might become your new favorite pair.

5. Altra Torin 4

Let me introduce you to the Altra Torin 4, the solution to your Morton’s neuroma troubles. Also, they won’t empty your wallet, which is always a good thing to hear when buying a new pair of running shoes.

I mean, you can hardly go wrong with buying shoes that are designed specifically to target those dealing with Morton’s neuroma. Despite how lightweight these shoes are, they still come with an incredible amount of cushioning that will make you feel like you’re running on clouds.

Their outsoles are not so bad, either. They’ve got everything you need – flexibility, durability, and amazing traction. On top of that, these shoes are designed so that both your forefoot and your heel are at the same distance from the ground. No more annoying swelling!

It’s clear that the designers had your troubles in mind, as they’ve also made these shoes with a toe box that’s wide enough for your toes to spread and have some extra bit of comfort. I see no cons to Altra Torin 4s!

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5 Best Running Shoes For Morton's Neuroma: A Pain-Free Run