Top 6 Best Non Slip Shoes – Buyer’s Guide and Slip Resistant Shoes Reviews 2019

Slip resistant or non-slip shoes are available everywhere and they are also extremely useful in today’s world. The best non slip shoes can be used in most working environments and most of them are also great for multifunctional and everyday use.

Hazards can easily occur and you could end up with bad injuries in normal circumstances, but with non-slip shoes, you will be protected from these injuries and accidents and you will be able to walk on almost any surface with the adequate grip to keep you stable.

In most work environments, whether it is physical or just a normal day job in the factory, you will need these shoes for comfort and protection. The slip resistant feature is one of the most focussed on for work shoes for servers, especially in wet conditions and oily environments like restaurants.

We have set out to find the top non-slip shoes and show you exactly how they could make your life and working experience easier and safer. The slip resistant feature is also not that expensive and you will be able to focus much more on the comfort when it comes to spending that extra amount of money.

But before we dive into the best non slip shoes, you will need to know exactly what to look for to ensure that you do not waste your money and get adequate value for your money.

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2. Skechers Flex Advantage - Best Bang for the Buck











Buyer's Guide Non Slip Shoes

Things to Take Note of in Non-Slip Shoes

Best Non Slip Shoes at work

First, you need to know that there are two different types of non-slip shoes and they have different features. These two shoe types are the work shoe and the casual non-slip shoe. Each of them has different aspects for their respective purpose, but they are both slip resistant.

  • Non-slip work shoe: The non-slip work shoe is a little bit stronger when it comes to overall design and this will make the shoe great for general things like, walking on rooftops and tracking through the oily surfaces at the factory. Unfortunately, they are not designed for style and they will not work with your casual wardrobe.
  • Casual non-slip shoe: The casual non-slip shoe is great for everyday purposes and it has been designed with the emphasis on style. The shoes are not generally made from tough materials like leather, but you could find the few exceptions. These shoes will be great for casual jobs like waitressing and bartending.

Now that you understand the types much better, it is imperative that we look at some of the key features in non-slip shoes. These features will contain the features for both shoe types, but you already know that the durability and material are what is important in the work shoe:

Key Features to Look for in the Best Non Slip Shoes

Best Non Slip Shoes for 2019

The key features in non-slip shoes can be similar to those of other shoes and it will depend on the reason you need these shoes. These are a few general features, which will ensure that you get value for your money and that you are able to wear them for a longer period of time.

  • Durability: The durability will depend on the type of materials which have been used in the construction of the shoe. For work purposes, we generally recommend leather, but this does not have to be the case for casual shoes and the stitching only needs to be up to standard for the shoes to last.
  • Comfort: As with any shoe, the most important general feature is the comfort and how the shoe feels on your feet. An uncomfortable shoe will be tough to wear and you will disregard it, thus you will have waste unnecessary money.
  • Grip: Non-slip shoes put a lot of emphasis on the grip, but the grip also needs to be durable. Looking for a soft grip might not be the best long-term options and the harder grips will be a little more expensive.
  • Design: This is more for the casual non-slip shoes, but the design and style are also really important and a lot of thought needs to be put in. The shoes should fit your general wardrobe and also allow you to look fashionable at the same time.

Now that you understand some of the critical features of non-slip shoes, you will be able to make a much better choice regarding the value and perhaps even saving you some money. With that being said, let’s look at the top non-slip shoes for 2018:

Top 6 Best Non Slip Shoes 2019

1. Skechers for Work Men's Rockland Systemic Slip Resistant Lace-Up Shoe - Editor's Choice

The Skechers men’s Rockland work shoe is one of the more stylish shoes on our list and it features multiple strong features that will make the shoe more durable for work purposes.

The shoes are made predominantly from leather to increase the strength, but the inner lining brings a new level of comfort to your feet. This will reduce the break-in period and also reduce chances of abrasions.

On the inside of the shoe, you will have a removable insole, which is washable to make sure the shoes are always clean. This cushioned insole is really comfortable and will take on the shape of your feet to reduce any stress and fatigue from being on your feet all day.

The rubber outsole really stands out on this shoe and even though it is a little soft, it will help reduce the impact from every step, thus another way of stopping fatigue. The softer rubber will stick to surfaces and this sticky sensation is only enhanced when moisture is present to allow you more flexibility when it comes to walking on different surfaces.

  • Softer rubber outsole with added grip features
  • Removable and cushioned insole
  • Soft inner lining for more comfort
  • Durable leather design
  • Only available in one color and style

2. Skechers for Work Men's Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip On - Best Bang for the Buck

The Skechers flex advantage slip resistant work shoe for men will be great for urban use. The shoes are really stylish and they have been constructed from synthetic materials. This does make the shoes softer to wear and will reduce any chances of abrasions occurring, but the durability does take a little backseat in the shoe.

The softer synthetic outsole provides excellent traction for those slippery surfaces and will definitely help you to avoid slipping on oil messes.

Furthermore, the shoes are also slip on, thus allowing you to quickly take them off in the middle of a work shift to give your feet a little break. We also like the elastic side gores at the openings, which make the shoe more flexible and will be much easier to put on. These shoes also do not require a strenuous break in period.

Finally, the insole is made from memory foam and this will mold and keep the shape of your foot. This makes the shoe great for people suffering from pronated and supinated feet and will also help support the joints to provide a comfortable walking experience.

  • Slip on style
  • Softer overall shoe promotes comfort
  • Great for different wardrobes
  • Really affordable
  • Abrasions resistance
  • Lacks in durability

3. Merrell Jungle Leather Slip-On Shoe

When we look at the Merrell Jungle slip-on shoe, the first thing that comes to mind is style. Not only is this shoe really durable, but it is also slip-on and features a fashionable moc design.

The shoe is also constructed from durable leather and this will be great for working in strenuous environments which require you to be on your feet for longer periods of time, but luckily, you can quickly slip the shoes of and give your feet a break.

On the inside, you will be treated to a comfortable inner sole and padded collar lining. This should provide your feet with maximum comfort and ensure that the shoes do not cause any abrasions during prolonged use. Furthermore, the shoes feature a Suregrip outsole, designed specifically for tough slippery surfaces.

These shoes are available in multiple colors and the style should match any modern wardrobe. The fashionable style will also allow you to wear the shoes during everyday activities and also for casual purposes.

  • Great for casual and work purposes
  • Durable leather construction
  • No laces slip-on style
  • Inner padding for comfort
  • Best slip resistant shoes for both men and women
  • Does not offer ankle protection for slippery surfaces

4. Skechers for Work Women's Sure Track Erath Athletic Lace Slip Resistant Boot - Editor's Choice

The Sketchers sure track Erath Athletic work shoe for women shows that we haven't forgotten about the women. The shoes are made from leather and synthetic materials to ensure that the shoes are durable for prolonged working use.

The sneaker design type makes the shoe great for different wardrobes and it will work in the urban environment.

On the inside of the shoe, you will have a plush memory cushion insole, which molds to the shape of your feet.

The insole also keeps this form and will be great for pronated and supinated feet. Furthermore, the synthetic lower materials allow the shoe to stretch, thus promoting a more relaxed fit for users and also ensuring more comfort.

Finally, the outsole is really durable and has been made from high-quality rubber to enhance the traction of the shoe. With this shoe, you can be sure to stick to any surface and moisture will only enhance the grip even more.

  • Stylish sneaker design
  • Promotes a relaxed fit
  • Great for pronated and supinated feet
  • Durable leather materials incorporated
  • Best of the best non slip shoes for women 2018
  • Gives your feet a bulky feel

5. Skechers for Work Women's Sure Track Trickel Slip Resistant Shoe - Best of the Best

Timberland has remarkable sustainability and dedication to keeping boots waterproof and comfortable. These leather steel toe boots are comfortable to the max.

The synthetic sole aids in the natural break in period. Soft and able to be worn all day, these boots are at the very top when it comes to comfort.

One thing to note is that this pair does tend to wear over a short amount of time. The softness of the shoe, unfortunately, means they are not as durable.

The Skechers sure track Trickle slip resistant shoe is much like the previous one and it also features a bulky sneaker-like design. The shoes are also made from a mixture of synthetic and leather material to help improve the durability of the shoe, but it is only available in one color.

On the inside of the shoe, you will also have a plush insole, enhance by memory foam cushioning to mold exactly to the shape of your feet and provide you with much more comfort and joint support. Furthermore, the shoes have a soft inner lining to help avoid any abrasions and to ensure that the break-in period is short.

Finally, for the outsole, it has been designed from a softer synthetic material. This does somewhat hamper the durability, but the grip is extraordinary and you will be able to take on any surface. Moisture will also help increase the traction of the shoe to ensure that you never slip.

  • Durable leather material incorporated
  • Softer design to promote comfort
  • Memory foam enhanced insole
  • Stylish sneaker design
  • Lacks in durability on the outsole
  • Expensive

6. Skechers for Work Women's Eldred Slip Resistant Shoe

Probably one of the best slip resistant shoes for women, the Skechers Eldred work shoe for women has been designed with some of the best synthetic materials available. The shoe is quite larger than the other sneaker designs and it also features a padded collar interior lining to help reduce any abrasions.

This shoe will be great for more active women and it can also be used for everyday errands. The shoe features an insole, which has been enhanced with memory foam to mold to the shape of your feet.

This will ensure that your feet always feel the same of the inside and it will take some of the strain from your joints. The shoe also promotes a relax fit for everyday use.

Finally, the shoe is available in multiple different colors to match your clothing and wardrobe, but the charcoal/pink is really unique in terms of color. The outsole has also been made from synthetic materials to help promote comfort and also allow maximum traction. It is also worth noting that moisture will increase the overall grip of the shoe and it will be great on oily surfaces.

  • Softer synthetic materials
  • Available in multiple unique colors
  • Softer outsole provides more traction on moisture-filled surfaces
  • Really affordable
  • Comfortable inner lining to help resist abrasions
  • The lighter colors do retain dirt more and are harder to clean.
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