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6 Best Landscaping Boots To Stay Safe And Comfortable

6 Best Landscaping Boots To Stay Safe And Comfortable

If you’re one of the landscapers or construction workers, hats off to you. There’s nothing easy about being on your feet the whole day, working outside, no matter the weather conditions. Because you get exposed to pretty much everything, it’s important to choose the best landscaping boots possible.

Lots of people don’t pay enough attention to the kind of shoes they wear and what a huge role they play in their safety, comfort, and overall working conditions. As a landscape worker, you need to be prepared for everything that Mother nature has in store for you.

Since your working conditions are always uncertain and full of surprises, it’s best to be able to adapt to anything. Good boots can help you with that while giving you protection, durability, support, and comfort.

Finding the right boots for you can be pretty hard and annoying, especially if you’re unsure what to look for. Luckily, you came to the right place. We’ll help you understand some of the things you should look for in your next pair of boots, as well as some of the best ones on the market today.

What you should look for when choosing the best landscaping boots for you

6 Best Landscaping Boots To Stay Safe And Comfortable

Choosing the right boots for you and your type of work isn’t really the most exciting shopping experience you can have. There are a lot of things you have to pay attention to. Safety, comfort, and durability are just some of them.

Before we get into some of the best landscaping boots on the market, let’s go through the main things you should pay attention to when choosing the ones that are right for you. The last thing you want is to get an expensive pair of boots and regret it at work the day after.

1. A waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry

Since you start working in the morning when the grass is still wet, your shoes have to be able to handle moisture. Especially on those dreaded days when you get both sunshine and rain. Because of the constant soaking and drying throughout the day, leather work boots suffer the most.

These weather changes stress the leather, which causes it to crack faster. If you experience this often, the best landscaping boots for you would be ones that have waterproof leather uppers.

If this is too big of an investment for you – don’t worry. You can always treat your boots with a waterproofing spray or cream before you head to work. It should have a similar effect.

To make sure you get the best possible result, follow the boot’s manufacturer’s recommendation on what type of waterproofing is the best for your type of shoe. On top of that, make sure your new boots have a good waterproofing system that can seal out water. You have to keep your feet dry.

Luckily, most of the manufacturers have already designed their booths to have a built-in waterproof membrane. The best part is – you won’t even know they’re there! They’re designed to be comfortable and seamless, located in the lining of the boots.

Okay, but… what exactly is a waterproof membrane? The secret behind it is pretty simple. It’s an impenetrable liner made in one piece that doesn’t let the water go through but still allows air to flow in and out of your shoe. How cool is that?

2. A protective safety toe to keep your feet protected

No matter what kind of landscaping work you do, whether it’s heavy construction or running lawnmowers and using hedge clippers, it’s essential to stay safe. Because of that, the best landscaping boots you can get are the ones that have safety toe protection.

Working with heavy materials or driving trucks and backhoes can be quite dangerous. It’s important to protect every part of your body, including your feet and toes. Almost every construction worker has a story to tell about the injury they avoided simply because their boots had a protective safety toe.

American Society for Testing and Materials sets worldwide standards for safety gear, which include boots with safety toes. With this, they’ve helped protect workers in case something drops on their feet.

If you have already avoided such injury thanks to the protective toe, make sure you replace your shoes right after the heavy impact or compression. Even if there are no visible dents, there’s a high chance that the strength of the protector has been compromised.

The most common material used for safety toe caps is steel. However, it has some disadvantages, such as:

  • It’s heavy and adds to the weight of the boot
  • It conducts heat or cold in the boot
  • It tends to cramp space in the toe area.

Nowadays, there are lighter versions of toe caps that don’t include steel. Most of them are made of aluminum, composite materials, or alloys, all of which provide the same strength and protection.

3. Traction outsole to give you more control

6 Best Landscaping Boots To Stay Safe And Comfortable

Working as a landscaper means you get to work in a variety of conditions and walk over different terrains. These often include wet grass, concrete, dirt, loose sand, and more.

Buying different pairs of boots for each of these would be too much for your bank account, which is why it’s important to choose the best landscaping boots that can handle everything that Mother nature throws at you.

The soles of your boots play a major role here. Secure footing is a must-have, especially if you do all the heavy work. If your work includes a lot of pushing, a boot with slip-resistant outsoles will be your lifesaver.

Some boots come equipped with them already, and most of them meet the standards set for different inclines and slippery conditions. If you’re interested in this kind of protection, look for boots that have “slip-resistant” written on their outsoles.

4. They need to be light and breathable

As a landscape worker, the last thing you’d want is for your shoes to be heavy and make your job even harder. It’s enough that you have to push 100 lbs of dirt in a wheelbarrow the whole day. Especially during hot summer days when your body already feels heavy on its own.

In that case, an unlined or non-insulated boot will be your best friend. Whether it’s summer or fall, the best landscaping boots are the ones you don’t have to drag around the construction site.

Most non-insulated landscaping boots have a soft lining inside that helps absorb moisture and help with the airflow. That way, your feet stay dry, comfortable, and cool.

Construction workers often opt for unlined boots, especially those who work during fall. In the case of this type of boot, there is no interior lining. Instead, there’s raw and rougher leather inside their shafts. If this is the case with your shoes, you might want to use wool-blend socks.

This type of sock will act as a layer that absorbs moisture while still keeping your feet cool during hotter months and warm during the colder ones. Works like magic!

5. Arch support and cushioning for more comfort

The best landscaping boots have adequate arch support and sufficient cushioning, which help with absorbing shock and avoiding foot pain. Since everyone’s feet are different, comfort is all up to your preferences and needs. So, make sure you try on other shoes before purchasing the right ones for you.

If you have natural padding under the heels of your feet, you might not need as much padding as a person without it. These things change with age and weight, so don’t be surprised if one day, your favorite pair of boots don’t feel as comfortable as they used to.

If your feet often hurt by the end of your workday, you don’t have to buy new boots right away. You can try removing the insoles and replacing them with different ones that provide the right amount of padding and arch support for your feet.

In the case of posture or walking issues, custom-made orthodontics would be the best choice for you. Just make sure the boots you purchase have removable insoles, so you can swap them for the ones that better fit your needs.

The best landscaping boots on the market

The right pair of boots can be life-changing. Not only do they make your job easier, but they can save you from a lot of injuries. Luckily, manufacturers nowadays provide a variety of great landscaping boots, and for a good price, too!

Since we’ve learned about the things you need to look for when choosing the right boots for you, we can get to some of the best landscaping boots currently on the market. These shoes provide the best balance out of everything we’ve previously mentioned, and they’ll make your life a lot easier. Let’s jump right in!

1. Timberland PRO Men’s 6″ Pit Boss Steel Toe

Timberland PRO mens Pit 6 Inch Steel Safety Toe Industrial Work Boot
$127.50 $113.58
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03/17/2024 03:19 pm GMT

The Timberland Pro Bit Boss boots are a perfect choice for landscape workers who are looking for a great level of grip, comfort, durability, and toe protection. I mean, who wouldn’t want all of these things in a single pair of boots?

They’re made of full-grain leather, with rubber soles and steel safety toes. Timberland is one of the most popular brands when it comes to high-quality work footwear, and for a good reason. Although no boots can be to everyone’s liking, the Timberland Pro Bit Boss’s come close.

Thanks to the rubber compound of the soles, the boots have a good grip, and they’re heat, oil, and abrasion resistant. On top of that, the upper leather perfectly conceals the steel cap inside, making them ideal for ASTM and ANSI safety standards.

These amazing boots don’t lack comfort either, thanks to the cushioned midsole, breathable footbed, and shock diffusion plate. The odor is minimized thanks to the liner of the boot being made of Cambrelle fabric which is antimicrobial.

Your ankle will get plenty of support and protection, too, with a shaft height of 5.5 inches. And if that wasn’t enough, the collar has additional padding, too. Sounds comfortable and secure to us!

Unfortunately, although the leather on Timberland Pit Boss is water-resistant, these boots are not completely waterproof. You’ll need additional treatment to keep them in the best condition for the longest time possible, which might include waterproofing as well.

On top of that, they might need a few days to break in, so don’t feel like you’ve made a mistake if they’re not the most comfortable pair of boots you’ve owned. With their amazing size range from 7 to 15, these boots are perfectly suitable for both men and women.

2. EVERBOOTS Waterproof Work Boots

Although Ever Boots is a relatively new brand, that didn’t come here to play, their Waterproof Work Boots prove it. They’re an affordable option that provides comfort and quality materials. Although they have some cons, these work boots have a well-deserved place on our list thanks to their waterproof qualities.

Even though they started their production in 2015, Ever Boots have built quite a reputation in the industry for making some of the best landscaping boots. At first glance, these shoes might seem soft, but don’t let them fool you.

They’re made of full leather and don’t need any breaking in, yet they retain amazing toughness. This is due to the steel shank going through the sole, which provides strength and resistance, especially when digging.

Unfortunately, these amazing boots don’t have a protective toe, which some people might consider a con. However, their rubber sole provides pretty good bump protection.

When it comes to the inside of the boot, it’s waterproof and breathable, thanks to the liner that will keep your feet warm and dry. Not only does it absorb sweat, but it also prevents blisters, and every landscape worker knows how annoying and painful those can be.

Although the insole is pretty comfortable, it’s also removable, which gives you the option to swap it if necessary. However, there might be some issues with these boots when working with soil that contains gravel, as the treads are pretty shallow compared to some other boots on our list.

Because of that, they tend to get clogged with mud and small stones. Although this is a minor con, it’s still good to keep in mind if you work in these conditions often. When it comes to their size, they go from 6 to 14, making them a good option for everyone.

3. KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh 6″ Steel Toe

KEEN produces some of the best landscaping boots on the market, making them one of the world’s leading brands. Their Pittsburgh model provides a modern design with amazing, all-around foot protection.

These 6″ steel-toed boots are perfectly designed for landscaping and construction workers. Not only is their leather incredibly durable, but they’re pretty stylish, too! The cool thing about their Nubuck leather is that it comes from tanneries monitored by a non-profit organization that stands for eco-friendly practices.

The thing KEEN can be proud of when it comes to Utility Pittsburgh is the level of foot protection these boots provide. Not only do they have a steel toe, but the additional heel protection, the 6″ shaft, and the stability plate in the sole provide all-around foot safety, ankles included!

Don’t worry, the designers at KEEN thought of everything. Unlike steel, which is pretty heavy and rigid, the protection plate is made of thermoplastic polyurethane that provides strength and flexibility. The sole has a deep, high-traction tread, which makes it slip and oil-resistant. What else does a landscape professional need?

If you think that’s all, KEEN doesn’t stop there. There’s a reason why these are one of the best landscaping boots you can get. Not only are they safe and comfortable, and their sole leaves no marks, but they’re also waterproof with a moisture-wicking liner that doesn’t allow odor build up.

There’s hardly anything bad you can say about these boots, which is why they’re pretty pricey. That may be a con for a lot of people. KEEN definitely knows their worth. If you’re interested in treating yourself to a pair, we’re happy to tell you that their size range is made to fit almost everyone.

4. Rocky Men’s Iron Clad Landscaping Work Boots

Rocky Men's Iron Clad 8" Waterproof Non-Steel Boot,Bridle,10 M US
$121.14 $101.75
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03/17/2024 03:29 pm GMT

If you’re a landscape worker yourself or know someone who is, then you probably know how exhausting it can be coming back home with foot pain after a long day at work. Luckily, Rocky Men’s Iron Clad boots bring comfort to a whole new level.

Regardless of the soil and surface you’re walking on, Rocky’s Air-Port footbeds provide incredible cushioned support. On top of that, their EVA midsoles have shock absorption attributes, which adds to the amazing comfort these boots provide.

On top of being comfortable, Iron Clads have steel safety toes that provide great protection for your toes and foot. Safety doesn’t have to be uncomfortable!

Working on slippery terrain, especially during winter and fall, can be especially dangerous. Luckily, these boots come with seven-layer slip and oil-resistant outsoles which makes them a perfect option for just about any type of soil and construction site.

Slipping and falling isn’t the only issue when it comes to construction sites during colder months. No one likes working when their feet are wet. Fortunately, these amazing boots are made of waterproof leather, so that will become a problem of the past!

Overall, Rocky Men’s Iron Clad are amazing boots for almost every terrain and they can adapt to a variety of working conditions. On top of that, they’re comfortable, safe, and pretty stylish, too!

5. Wolverine Men’s Dublin Landscaping Work Boots

Wolverine Men's W04780 Dublin Boot, Wheat, 7 M US
$170.00 $128.79
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03/17/2024 03:39 pm GMT

Every landscaping worker knows how important it is to always be prepared to walk on wet surfaces. Among others on the list, Wolverine Men’s Dublin is another amazing pair of waterproof boots.

With their waterproof leather with a wave mesh lining, Wolverine’s Dublin is a great pick for landscape professionals who are often exposed to wet terrains and surfaces. They’ll allow you to keep your feet dry and cool when exposed to rain, snow, or any kind of damp exterior.

Moreover, their rubber lug outsoles add to the safety element, as they provide great traction when walking on mud or wet grass, which is pretty much a daily thing for landscape workers.

Now, it’s not all about staying dry, you have to have some comfort, too. It’s one of the crucial things you should look for when choosing the best landscaping boots for you. The manufacturer thought of that, too, which is why these boots come with full-cushion footbeds, providing comfort no matter the terrain you’re working on.

Unfortunately, these boots don’t come with a steel toe. Because of that, they might be a better option for those who don’t often work with heavy materials that can fall on their feet.

6. KEEN Utility Waterproof Dover Industrial Boots

KEEN Utility Dover 6" Waterproof
$159.99 $76.70

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03/17/2024 03:39 pm GMT

Considering the quality of their shoes, it’s no surprise that there’s another pair of KEEN boots on our list. This time, we’re talking about Utility Waterproof Dover Industrial boot. This incredible pair will provide you with comfort, lightweight construction, and great durability.

KEEN’s Utility Waterproof Dovers have upper waterproof leather, with a breathable membrane and moisture-wicking technology. On top of that, they secure the feet and give them a locked-in feeling, not allowing any water to get inside. When we say your feet will be dry, we mean it.

The special fabric lining inside reduces the odor, and the carbon fiber toe provides a great level of safety and protection. Moreover, the outsoles are made of rubber, which fights the electrocution risks and keeps you safe on slippery surfaces.

The lace-up closure with locking metal hooks keeps your feet secure and in place. The only bad thing about this is that the hooks often grind against the laces, which might weaken over time. Considering all the amazing things these boots provide, changing your laces from time to time sounds like a good deal to us.

6 Best Landscaping Boots To Stay Safe And Comfortable