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Best Ballroom Dance Shoes For Wide Feet To Jazz Up Your Day

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes For Wide Feet To Jazz Up Your Day

What would you say are the best ballroom dance shoes for wide feet?

You want to have something light on your feet so that you can move with ease. However, you also want something that is gorgeous, yet simple enough to keep the eyes of the audience on the dance itself.

When you’re a dancer with wide feet, it’s genuinely hard to find something that will fit you and still feel comfortable. I mean, you’re practicing for hours on end each day. You’re always in heels and your feet are starting to hate you for it.

But what if I told you that you could have the comfort with the stability and ankle movement in shoes?

Well, we’ve compiled a list of the best ballroom dance shoes for wide feet that will help you achieve full movement in your ankle and foot, they’ll be light on your feet, while also looking stunning.

After this, your feet will never have to suffer again!

8 of the best ballroom dance shoes for wide feet

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes For Wide Feet To Jazz Up Your Day

1. Diamant Ladies Dance Shoes 141-067-550

These open-toe sandals are made in Germany, and they’re definitely one of the best ballroom dance shoes for wide feet!

They’re handcrafted with a front sheet of three superimposed wings that will adapt to your foot perfectly. These shoes are made with an adjustable push-button buckle for quick opening and closing on a crossed-heel strap.

Believe it or not, it’s made to fit a G-width foot for maximum comfort while you’re dancing! The 5 cm flare heel gives you maximum stability when you’re moving across the dance floor, and it doesn’t create any pain in your heel.

These shoes are made out of a breathable and moisture-absorbing premium microfiber that was made in Italy. It’s incorporated into the inner lining of the shoes, which means that they’re extremely comfortable.

Also, its upper is made out of black glitter suede, which is very soft. This is actually the most important part for dancers with wide feet, as this will give you a snug feeling without cutting into your skin.

2. Tangolera A32CL Nappa Nera Heel 7 cm Comfort Fitting

There’s no more pain with these shoes! They’re anti-inflammatory, as they’re handmade with 100% natural leather. The leather outsole is also available for professionals, but only on request.

The lining is also made out of leather, with a memory foam bed padding. They’re suitable for indoor and outdoor wear, so you’re not just bound to dance in them. You can wear them on a night out as well.

These shoes are made in Italy, which means that they’re high-quality shoes that you should definitely invest in. They’re on the pricier side, but they’re definitely worth it.

Dancers have quite a hard time finding shoes that don’t tear their feet into shreds. For example, these shoes are perfect for Tango dancers.

Tango is extremely hard on your feet, so you need something that’s comfortable and stable. Even though these shoes have a 7 cm heel, they’re still extremely sturdy and luxurious.

The heel is quite pointy, but it’s very stable. The inside of the shoes is red, which will make you feel like a femme fatale!

3. Werner Kern Gala 4.5 cm Nappa Antik Comfort

If you want the best ballroom dance shoes for wide feet to also be elegant and extremely comfortable, then the best option for you is the Werner Kern Gala 4.5 cm Nappa Antik Comfort.

The strap over the heel is what provides an extremely stable fit because the exterior strap is individually adjustable. Also, the interior strap can be adjusted to fit beautifully with the leather-covered elastic strap.

The 4.5 cm heel has a broad step surface that is extremely comfortable, and it doesn’t take away from the mobility of your step. Also, the heel is shock absorbent, which means that your feet won’t hurt even after hours of dancing.

The width of these shoes guarantees an elegant and comfortable dance floor experience. The flexible and soft midsole is made out of latex, which gives even more mobility to the foot.

The outsole is made out of high-quality suede leather for controllable and light turning and gliding. It’s perfect for even the hardest parts of your dance routine.

4. TANGOLERA A1 Fucsia Wide fit Heel 6 cm

If you’re looking for the best ballroom dance shoes for wide feet that are sparkly and colorful, then you should definitely go for the TANGOLERA A1 Fucsia wide-fit heel.

They have a leather sole and a footbed that’s made out of memory foam. These shoes guarantee that you won’t experience any pain while dancing because they put the well-being of the dancers above anything.

They’re made in Italy, which definitely says a lot about the quality of these shoes.

The slim heel is 6 cm high, but the straps completely hug your foot to make every step you take stable and comfortable.

These heels are hot pink, which makes them great for dancing during the summer, or even during the holidays. Actually, you can wear them at any time of the year, because they truly are wonderful to look at.

5. Bandolera A3 Camoscio nero / Vernice nero 7 cm Heel Comfort Fit

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes For Wide Feet To Jazz Up Your Day

We can guarantee that the Bandolera A3 Camoscio nero / Vernice nero shoes very much belong on the list.

They are made out of black suede and black patent leather braided upper. The closed heel is also made out of black suede, with a black patent leather strap, and painted heel.

On request, you can also buy them with a professional leather outsole.

Why are these so good for dancers with wide feet? Well, the memory foam foot-bed padding gives your feet a comfortable feeling. It’s a no-more-pain insole!

Also, the straps can be adjusted around your foot to accommodate your feet.

You can find these shoes with a 7 cm heel, or even a 9 cm heel. Either way, it’s amazing for dancing because it’s stable and elegant at the same time.

6. Chantal Silver Shimmer 9.5 cm Women’s Lace Up Ladies Latin Dance Booties

These tall and bold lace-up booties make the best ballroom dance shoes for wide feet! They’re a must-have in your dancing wardrobe.

These shimmery booties have a moisture-wicking microfiber insole with soft gel cushioning. This means that you can wear them the entire day without slipping on your own sweat in your shoes.

These dance booties have a 9.5 cm heel, which means that the heels are quite high, and you should take this into consideration when buying them. However, they’re perfect for Salsa dancing.

What actually provides excellent traction and maneuverability while dancing is the ultra-flexibility suede sole. You’ll still have full movement of your feet when you’re dancing while feeling completely stable and secure.

Why are they good for dancers with wide feet? Well, the lace-up closure allows dancers complete control over the fit. You can adjust them to snugly fit your foot and still feel comfortable.

7. Charlotte Black Satin 2.5″ Women’s Latin & Ballroom Dance Shoes

The Charlotte Black Satin 2.5″ Women’s Latin & Ballroom Dance Shoes are one of the best options for wide feet by far. We can guarantee that these shoes will exceed your expectations.

They have a moderately low heel that’s traditional for ballroom dancing. It’s perfect for anyone who’s just beginning and has a wider foot because the buckle in the front makes them adjustable. You can even wear an interchangeable strap under the arch and around the ankle for maximum support.

The unrivaled moisture-wicking microfiber insole with soft gel cushioning is perfect for people who love to dance for a very long time. The open toe is also one of the reasons why these are among the best ballroom dance shoes for wide feet. They give you so much space and comfort!

The Charlotte Black Satin shoes are perfect for Latin dance, because of the small but flared heel. It provides stability and unmatched movement possibilities.

They’re made to last throughout intense movement, which means that you won’t have to buy a new pair any time soon!

8. Diamant Ladies Bridal Shoes 170-112-092-Y – VARIOSPIN

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes For Wide Feet To Jazz Up Your Day

Another example of the Diamant brand from Germany is the Ladies Bridal Shoes 170-112-092-Y – VARIOSPIN. These are a standard model of dance shoes.

They are some of the best ballroom dance shoes for wide feet because these toe-closed pumps have an infinitely adjustable press-stud buckle. It provides easy opening and closing on a crossover heel strap.

Believe it or not, they’re made with a width of H extra wide. Doesn’t that just sound like a dream?

Also, they have a Diamant Comfort footbed and a stable 4.2 cm Spanish heel. This means that your heels won’t just be comfortable, but also fairly flexible.

The inner lining is made out of a material that absorbs moisture with ease, from a premium Italian manufacturer. Even the white satin upper is a high-quality fabric that came all the way from England.

If you want to enjoy your dance routine without having your feet hurt like crazy, then you should definitely check them out.