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Are Ecco Shoes Good? 10 Things To Consider Beforehand

Are Ecco Shoes Good? 10 Things To Consider Beforehand

Whether you’re searching for high-quality, comfortable, and supportive running sneakers, or you’re wondering whether you can wear lightweight, breathable sneakers to work without anyone questioning your sanity, you might have crossed paths with Ecco. But are Ecco shoes good for your feet?

Even though Ecco hasn’t had the same popularity as some of its more mainstream counterparts (Nike, Adidas, and New Balance, for example), the brand seems to have entered a new era with Natacha Ramsay-Levi’s second capsule collection for At.Kollektive.

Natacha launched her collection as an experiment with Ecco Leather which happens to be the leather tannery and supplier established by the Ecco brand.

While Ecco might not have been everyone’s first choice (at least style-wise), Natasha’s collection seems to be swaying the masses toward the sustainable, environmentally friendly leather sneakers and shoes made by Ecco.

We’re bringing you everything you need to know about the Ecco brand. That is before you decide if you’re willing to spend a generous amount of money on comfortable, supportive, and sustainable shoes that are appropriate for numerous occasions (hint: we’re rooting for Ecco!). Read more down below!

What are Ecco shoes?

Are Ecco Shoes Good? 10 Things To Consider Beforehand

Before we answer the “Are Ecco shoes good?” question, we need to brush over the history of the Ecco brand. Where did Ecco shoes come from? Who came up with the design of Ecco shoes? How did Ecco shoes stand the test of time?

First off, the Ecco brand was founded around 1963 by Birte and Karl Toosbuy. Karl was a man with a dream – he was trained as a shoemaker and he wanted to have a business that was somehow related to making shoes, which happened to be a shoe factory.

Karl and his family decided to give up the security of regular careers, give up the home they built, and move to Bredebro, a little town situated around the area of southwest Denmark. The risk they took paid off because the company started making and selling shoes from the get-go.

By the end of the first year in business, one of the designs (the Venus pointy-toe pumps) became a huge success and was featured in Tidens Kvinder, a Danish fashion magazine. At the start, the Ecco brand focused on footwear.

As time went on, the Ecco brand expanded onto leather products, leather accessories, and small leather goods, too. Now, this brand carries a lot of history that attests to the fact that they’re known for comfortable, supportive, and durable shoes.

Are Ecco shoes good?

Ecco shoes are great, but we’re not here to sway you any other way than the one you want to walk on. When you’re searching for the perfect shoes, we know that there are a few (or a little more than a few) things to consider before committing to a brand, a type, or a style.

We’re bringing you a rundown of those things to make the entire shoe-picking process easier.

Ecco shoes are known to be comfortable, supportive, and durable, as well as breathable, flexible, and made with high-quality leather. Not only that, but Ecco shoes are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and pretty fairly priced compared to some of the other competing brands. Read on!

1. Comfort

We’re all guilty of overthinking and overanalyzing everything we purchase, especially when we’re spending quite a considerable amount of our hard-earned money.

When you start wondering “are Ecco shoes good,” remember that Ecco shoes are made for comfort (granted that’s something you’re searching for, of course).

They are made with lightweight, breathable materials that are guaranteed to keep you going through the day. Additionally, Ecco shoes are padded for comfort and support.

And, to make matters even better, they feature the Ecco Comfort Fibre System that’s responsible for providing you with even more comfort. What can we say, Ecco shoes are synonymous with comfort!

2. Support

But, are Ecco shoes supportive enough to keep your feet protected from rolled ankles, plantar fasciitis, and other feet-related health niggles?

Before you rule them out, consider the fact that there are numerous testimonies of people wearing them on walking tours, sightseeing trips, and other dragged-out promenades. According to those people, they couldn’t be happier with how their Ecco shoes performed.

Ecco shoes, as we mentioned beforehand, are made with high-quality fabrics and comfortable cushioning that happen to be responsible for providing you with enough support throughout the foot.

Even though Ecco shoes are breathable and flexible (more on that down below), we have to underline the fact that they’re pretty sturdy as well.

3. Durability

Are Ecco Shoes Good? 10 Things To Consider Beforehand

Now, we’ve been going on and on about how high-quality Ecco shoes are. Because of that, you can only assume that we’re going to talk your ears off with how durable and hardwearing they are, too.

Ecco shoes can endure carrying you through numerous seasons and occasions without wearing down or breaking apart.

These shoes are made with high-quality leather that doesn’t expand, which adds to the durability factor. They’re comfortable from the get-go because they’re made with leather (and other fabrics) that are constructed to endure all wear and tear conditions.

They are made out of full-grain leather that’s soft, but resistant to scratches. And, they’re pretty durable!

4. Breathability

Nobody wants smelly feet, right? When you’re asking yourself “Are Ecco shoes good?” remember that they’re made with lightweight, breathable fabrics that guarantee odor-free feet at the end of the day.

Ecco shoes, unlike some of the other competing brands, are made with natural materials rather than synthetic ones. Natural materials such as leather, suede, nubuck, and canvas are recommended for people who struggle with sweaty and smelly feet because they allow airflow.

As we mentioned beforehand, Ecco shoes are made out of full-grain leather, which means they’re perfect for anyone searching for breathable footwear.

However, some of the Ecco shoes are also made with mesh panels, little holes that allow airflow, and other breathable technologies that are responsible for making these shoes one of the most comfortable shoes out there.

5. Flexibility

We brushed over the fact that Ecco shoes are flexible, but that might be the feature that sways you to purchase your own Ecco sneakers or Ecco sandals.

Ecco shoes are made with fabrics that allow flexibility, but they’re also made with something known as “the hand stitch approach.” Ecco artisans use a never-before-seen, state-of-the-art machine that bends and stretches the leather to ensure flexibility.

6. High-quality materials

We know we talked your ears off with Ecco’s high-quality materials, but we haven’t mentioned that Ecco produces everything from scratch (kind of). Ecco possesses tanneries that are responsible for producing high-quality leather that’s used to make leather footwear and other leather products.

Ecco’s tanneries are situated across the Netherlands, Thailand, Indonesia, and China; and, according to Ecco, they’re responsible for design, development, production, and retail which seems to be unique to their industry.

These tanneries owned by Ecco are among the world’s most prominent manufacturers of leather goods which only adds to their quality.

7. Pioneering technologies

Now, the Ecco brand stays on top of different technologies employed to make footwear more comfortable, supportive, and protective (among other characteristics).

Ecco shoes feature different technologies, such as Ecco sole innovation, that are responsible for making these shoes better than the shoes of their competitors. For example, Ecco shoes feature exterior soles made with midsole foam that adds greater support without weighing you down.

As for the Ecco sole innovation, the exterior soles are responsible for adding traction and preventing you from slipping and falling down. Ecco also continues to work with pioneering technologies to provide us with the best of the best, when we’re talking about footwear.

8. Modern designs

When you’re trying to figure out if Ecco shoes are a good choice for you, you probably aren’t wondering about the actual appearance of the shoes.

But, when you’re searching for something you can wear year-round to different occasions you might want to get your hands on something that’s equally practical and pretty. This will ensure you can wear the shoes when running errands, working out or spending the day at the office.

Ecco shoes feature modern designs (need we remind you of the Natacha collection that’s made quite a bang across the fashion-forward circles?) that are wearable and easy to style. And, you can choose between sneakers, sandals, slides, and even formal shoes.

9. Environmentally friendly

Are Ecco Shoes Good? 10 Things To Consider Beforehand

We discussed the fact that Ecco possesses tanneries responsible for producing high-quality leather that’s, later on, used for producing footwear and other leather goods.

But, we haven’t mentioned the fact that Ecco made an effort to become environmentally conscious by undergoing a research program to reduce the environmental impact of the tanning process. Ecco produces vegetable-tanned leather which employs plant extracts rather than chemicals.

And we’re not surprised by that because vegetable-tanned leather features some of the oldest methods of leather tanning and can be pretty cost-effective compared to other methods.

10. Reasonably priced

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Finally, we aren’t here to pretend that the price doesn’t play the most prominent part when choosing the perfect footwear. Actually, the price might be one of those characteristics that dictate whether or not we’re going to purchase something.

Ecco shoes are reasonably priced given their quality, comfort, durability, and beauty. Ecco shoes typically don’t cost more than $200, but you can get them for as little as $70 when they’re on sale or clearance. Whether you pay the full price or manage to cut corners, Ecco shoes are worth the money!

Are Ecco Shoes Good 10 Things To Consider Beforehand