Find the Best Brand of Authentic Work Boots Made in USA

There are many brands of work boots out there that sell a wide variety of boots. However, only a few are based and made in the USA. Work boots made in USA are crafted with pride and quality craftsmanship.

How do you know which brand is the best for you to consider? What does each one have to bring to the table? What is the history behind the popular brands? All of these questions will be answered in this guide to work boots created in the USA by loyal American brands.

There are many brands of boots that are native to the USA, but just a few will be covered here. They are not necessarily any better than others, Red WingKEEn, Carolina, Thorogood, and WolverineGeorgia are just three of the many high-quality work boots made in the USA.

Work boots are an important wardrobe item for many jobs. Being so, it is critical to make sure that the boots you wear are comfortable and safe for the job. Whether they are steed toed, have a rubber or synthetic sole, soft toed, or something else, there are tons of options available to you.

The Best Brand of Authentic Work Boots Made in USA

1. Carolina

work boots made in usa calonia

The goal of Carolina is to provide 100 percent effective footwear to working people everywhere. They were founded in 1963 as a division of H. H. Brown. They make work boots for engineers, loggers, and hiking boots.

The first manufacturing facility was built in Morganton, North Carolina in the good ole USA. Operations took place here until 2000, where they expanded among other US factories.

Valuable products are available at a good price from Carolina and their approved retailers. However, they do outsource for some materials, so not absolutely every piece of your shoes will be created in the USA. This does not cause anything on the shoes to be less safe or durable, which is what one might think when hearing so.

2. Thorogood

work boots made in usa though

Since 1892, Thorogood has been making quality boots and shoes for working people. The first pair, made for telephone workers, allowed workers to shimmy up the poles and support themselves while working. They could wrap their legs around the pole and steady their position with the specially designed boots.

In 1905, they entered into nationwide distribution. This caused them to need more space and move to larger factories. The new factory was completed in 1909 and has its own power plant underneath. This helps them to save costs and produce more efficiently.

Today the provide over 125 different shoe styles around the world. Almost all of their product is made in their Wisconsin factories. They are one of few companies that are dedicated to keeping the majority of their shoe production in the United States. They are the largest "Made in USA" footwear company.

3. Wolverine

work boots made in usa wolverineBrand

Wolverine prides themselves on their legacy of success and innovation. They are based in Rockford, Michigan and are completely made in the USA. They have factories in Michigan and other parts of the country.

Originally founded in 1883, Wolverine has been making quality boots and shoes for decades. They created their own unique way of tanning horsehide to make it soft and pliable. This lead to the creation of their popular 1000 Mile Shoe.

The 1000 Mile Shoe is so durable that it is claimed to give you 1000 miles of wear. Wolverine honors their heritage with a boot and shoe collection that are inspired by their classic patterns. They have had the dedication to continue to create quality shoes and boots for over 130 years.

Work Boot Tips

work  boots made in usa choose

Choose Boots for Your Needs

  • Work boots have many different features depending on what you need them for (construction site, farm, outdoor, logger, woodworking...). Some have steel toe caps, and others have thicker soles. Know what you need for your job before taking a foray into the world of work boots.
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  • Making sure that your boots are well taken care of is important, especially for these high quality brands.
  • Dry
  • Allow them to dry in between uses. They like to air dry without a whole lot of heat. The amount of heat that your hand can stand is about the same for your boots. Remove insoles to dry even faster.
  • If they get soaked, fill them with newspaper to draw the moisture out from within.
  • Clean
  • Remove mud and salt to keep them from getting ruined. A stiff brush works for mud and will not let them get wet. A mild solution of vinegar and water is good to wash away salt.
  • Condition
  • All leather benefits from conditioner. They should be clean and dry before application.
  • Oil-based treatments soften, silicone or PTFE based treatments help with waterproofing without softening.

Get the Right Fito

  • If they are not comfortable, they do not fit properly. Take your time to choose what you are going to wear.


  • Insoles can increase comfort quite a lot. They have special ones just for work boots. Cheap drugstore insoles will not do the job that more specialized ones will, and are not worth trying.

Quality Boots

  • The higher quality your boots have, the longer they will last. They also do not fit as well, and can be unsafe if not secured enough.

Rotate Footwear

  • Alternating two different pairs of boots will help them to last longer. They will have a chance to dry out completely, and they will be more comfortable.

Break in Your Boots Properly

These companies that sell work boots made in USA are reputable and sell high quality merchandise. You will not be able to find many other brands that are made in USA with such good quality. You cannot go wrong with any of these brands.

Thorogood, Wolverine, and Carolina maintain their factories in the United States and only outsource from other countries in small amounts. It would be hard to find at least one tiny aspect of a shoe that does not have an outsourced part, but these brands you best chance.

Find the Best Brand of Authentic Work Boots Made in USA
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