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There is nothing worse than buy a brand new leather pair of boots and see it with a bunch of scratches and losing its color after two months of use. A Wolverine 1000 mile boot review can be an excellent option after several tries of having a durable and high-quality boots.

Faded boots bring a slouch impression, which is exactly the opposite of what you want when you buy leather boots. They should bring a nice style and charm to your costume and highlight your sense of good taste.

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The Wolverine 1000 mile boot comes to serve the owner for years to come in the rain, snow, dust and heavy works. The boot can be your faithful companion during all day without struggling and hurt your feet.

Is Wolverine 1000 Mile The Perfect Boot for Me?

The Wolverine 1000 mile boot is a versatile shoe. The high-quality leather does not fade out with the time, which is the best friend of the boot. As the time passes by, the Wolverine 1000 mile acquire a charm and classic appearance.

However, one thing you need to know before buying the Wolverine 1000 mile boot: these boots are not waterproof. They are water resistant, but, if you are willing to buy the Wolverine 1000 mile to step into a heavy rain or to cross a river, you need to acquire the Wellington’s or Timberland boots.

The Wellington are rainboots and the most suitable for these situations. The Timberland boots are great for hiking and, depending on the model, you will be able to acquire a waterproof boot (or the best steel toe boots).

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What is the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot?

The Wolverine 1000 mile boot is a typical American product that has over 100 years of history. Produced in Michigan, USA, Charles F. Stead Suede supplies the high-quality leather that stands perfectly throughout years of intense use.

The sole is also in a durable leather and the heel is Trusted Vibram rubber. It is available in four colors: black, brown, rust, and cordovan. In suede leather is possible to find in navy and red colors.

In comparison with the Thursday Company President boot, the Wolverine 1000 mile wins in quality. The positive point of the Thursday President boot is that the sole is in rubber, which avoid sliding down. But the Thursday boots can present flaws in the finishing, what doesn’t happen with the handmade Wolverine 100 mile.

The wolverine 1000 mile boot is perfect for those who are interested in a high-quality finish. The boot can be used in a daily work life or, if you prefer, to add a stylish tone to your party or business clothing.

  • Thick and resistant waxed cotton laces
  • Quality materials (leather, rubber, and other construction materials)
  • Classic look
  • You can use it in all four seasons
  • Leather sole & Price
  • Sizing (the Wolverine boots are about 0,5 size bigger than usual)

Key Features

  • Leather: Charles F. Stead provides the high-quality leather, which guarantees that the pair of boots will be your company for several years. One of the things that I find most interesting about the Wolverine 1000 mile boot is that as much as you use it, more charming the shoe becomes. The leather does not tear apart, keeping the 100 years classic style in your boots.
  • Handmade: The Wolverine fabric is in Michigan and they kept the handmade production. This detail is extremely important to guarantee the quality of each part of the boot.
  • Heels: The Goodyear rubber heels are flexible and resistant. They are about 1 centimeter in height. Although I had news that some heels broke after few months, the company guarantees the full support to solve the problem.
  • Laces: The flat waxed laces are available in cotton and there are four eyelets and three hooks, which adds a special touch to the boot. The only problem is the inside part of the hooks, that can scratch the shoe tongue.
  • Sole: The sole is a resistant type of leather. Some people can be a little insecure about the leather sole, but the rubber heels guarantee the stability even in slippery floors.
  • Sizing: The Wolverine shoes have the little bigger size than others shoes. So, per example, if you wear an 11, you can fit in a 10 or 10,5.
  • Feeling: The internal finishing of the boots provide an extremely comfortable feeling. These boots are appropriate for work use. That means that you can use it during all day and all week without hurting your feet.
  • Color: The Wolverine 1000 mile boot are available in brown, black, cordovan, rust, and tan. In suede leather, they are available in gray, red, navy, and brown. The positive point of the 1000 mile boot is that they do not fade with time, maintaining the original color even after years of use.
  • Style: Since 1914, Wolverine maintained the original pattern, which brings a classic and traditional tone to the boots. At first sight, it seems that the shoes came directly from the beginning of the 20th century. It goes well with all types of clothing and can be used in daily work and for business events.


The Wolverine 1000 mile is perfect for those that are concerned with a good appearance in daily life. This 20th-century boot is appropriate all types of appointments without mistakes.

The best of Wolverine 100 mile review is that there’s no risk of color fading, which is the main problem of most part of leather boots in the market. Although the price is high ($360 in the official Wolverine store), the benefits of this boot are amazing.

Surprisingly, the 1000 mile boot gather comfort, style, and quality, a combination that is hard to find among the top leather boots. An original Wolverine 1000 mile boot review can last over 5 years without need of changing the sole or the laces. If you are interested in acquiring this product, click here and choose the color that you prefer.

Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot Review – Best Boots for Men
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