Why Do My Feet Sweat? A Question Many People Ask, But Only Few Know

So, you take off your shoes and notice a funny stench. You then ask yourself: why do my feet sweat? There are numerous answers to that simple question. Here I will provide difference answers so you can change the way you treat your feet. Your nose will thank me!

You are not Changing your Shoes

It is recommended by medical professionals never to wear the same shoes two days in a row. Your shoes need at least 24 hours to be completely dry. It is always a safe bet to have two different pairs of nice boots for work and other professional occasions.


I always say have at least one pair of nice black and a nice pair of brown shoes so you can mix and match with different outfits and occasions. It is always nice to need more than one pair of shoes!

You are not Keeping your Feet Clean!

Yes, I know this sounds easy, but not everyone seems to follow this rule. When you are in the shower (or bath) just grab that bar of soap, lather some up and wash your feet. You clean the rest of your body, so it only makes sense to clean your feet.

Think about it – you are on your feet all day, think about the weight you put them on and all the tasks like walking and running they go through. Just remember to wash them when you are in the shower or bath.



You are not Doing your Own Pedicure

Keeping your toe nails clean and trimmed prevents them from sweating and smelling funny. Get rid of those uncomfortable calluses as well. Just purchase a pumice stone from your local drug store and file away at the dead skin. Otherwise, the hard callused skin can be prone to being smelly from the moisture is holds when wet. Wet bacteria means smelly feet.

You are not Changing your Socks

This should be a no brainer to everyone. Use a pair of socks and then change them. If you are an avid gym goer like myself, you should ideally change your socks after taking your shower. Do not reuse them for the next day. Instead, just put them in the dirty laundry since the sweat will make your feet smell.



You are not Airing Out your Feet

This is easy during the hot summer months, but a bit difficult during the cold winter ones. This will allow our feet to dry out from boots and slippers (which I am very guilty of wearing) and be less prone to sweat. This is why it is good to wear sandals and flip flops during the summer – less likely to make your feet sweat and smell.

If you are not allowed to wear sandals at work, be sure to opt for open toe leather or canvas shoes. Your feet will be able to breathe still, but will look more professional than sandals.

You are not Using a Spray Deodorant

Yes, you read that correctly. If you have noticed that you are more prone to sweaty and smelly feet you should be using a spray deodorant each day. Deodorant is used to minimize odour and wetness under your arms, so it can be used to keep your feet dry and to get rid of the odour as well.

Plus, the spray deodorant costs a fraction of the price as compared to the leading foot sprays and it does the exact same thing. No brainer really.


Are You Wearing Insoles?

Wearing deodorised insoles will be quite beneficial for those who have naturally sweaty feet. They will be an additional deodorizer in addition to the spray deodorant you will be using. Your feet will be fresher each day of usage. Just remember to purchase more than one pair of insoles as you should not wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row.

What Material are Your Shoes?

If you said plastic, then go to the trash can and toss them. You should only be wearing leather or canvas shoes. Plastic does not allow your feet to breathe thus causing sweat and odour. Moms, do not let your daughters wear jelly sandals as their feet will sweat and smell. I know they are cute and pink, but they are not a good idea for your children.

What Material are your Socks?



This makes a big difference in the smell of your feet. Just like with your shoes, your socks also need to be made of a breathable fabric. That means stick to cotton and wool. Stay far away from unnatural fabrics like polyester or even nylon.

Your feet breathe best in cotton. Period. Also, try antibacterial socks. They will keep your feet dry and fresh due to their chemicals they are infused with.

How Old are You?

If you have a teenage boy or anyone who is highly active in sports, it is best to purchase two pairs of sneakers. Remember the 24 hour rule, so if you are going from the gym one day to football practice or rugby practice the next, you will need a fresh pair of dry sneakers readily available.

Plus, teenage boys are generally known to be quite rough on their sneakers anyways so it should be no big surprise that their feet will



be quite smelly and wet anyways. Even teenage boys who are not as active require two pairs of sneakers since they can be quite smelly and sweaty due to hormonal changes.


As you can see, to answer the question: why do my feet sweat? There are many different causes behind smelly and sweaty feet. It is best to attack at the first smell, or when the kids are you. Allow them to air out their feet, purchase good leather or canvas shoes and have multiple pairs. It may seem expensive, but you do not want to have to purchase foot creams and powders that can be avoided.

Why Do My Feet Sweat? A Question Many People Ask, But Only Few Know
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