A Foot Affair: Why Are My Feet So Dry, Hot N Cold

Do you find that your feet are terribly dry? Do they itch and often become hot and sometimes very cold? Why are my feet so dry, hot n cold and basically in a bad way, is a question often asked.

As a sufferer of these symptoms over my lifetime, I have made it my mission to find out why this happens. Our feet support us all day, and we tend to put them through a lot, from constant standing, walking and too tight shoes, so when they start developing issues, we need to address it immediately.

The reason your feet are dry is because your feet don’t possess any oil glands, like the rest of your body. So they require that we give them artificial moisturizing and loads of tender loving care, a habit which most people don’t bother with and often regret not doing. Now, when it come to feet that are always cold or always hot, there can be a variety of reasons. Some are pretty obvious, but most are not.

Let us explore these feet afflictions and break each one down for you. By assessing the symptoms, checking what the causes could be, applying a cure or cures and finally adhering to prevention methods going forward, you can alliminate your affair with your feet for good.

Why Are My Feet So Dry?

Why Are My Feet So Dry


  • Flaky skin with red intimitant patches
  • Cracks and fissures that look like long, hard craters
  • A rash or itchiness that can sometimes burn hot or even cold
  • Bleeding cracked skin and possible fluids being emitted a grave warning to heed


  • Constant exposure to the elements, whether it be hot or cold conditions. During summer we tend to wear sandles and open shoes, and while that is great for airing the feet, it can cause the skin to dry out
  • No moisturzing routine
  • Excessive body weight – overweight people are prone to dry and cracked skin on their feet, partly from their general bad diet and partly from the weight exerted on the feet
  • Standing for long periods of time - waitresses will account for very dry feet often
  • Bad diet and eating habits
  • History of family having same symptoms
  • Excessive exercise routine and no after care routine – long distance runners are prone to excessively dry feet

Cures and Preventions

Prevention is always better than cure but in this case, as you have dry feet, this is what you can do. These methods should be an ongoing routine in order to keep the dryness at bay.

  • Apply a thick, vitamin E moisturizer twice daily and massage the lotion into your feet, even reapplying if you feel they need it. There is no such thing as too much moisturizer when it comes to your feet
  • Especially after a bath or shower, or in fact, any exposure to water, apply a moisturizing cream
  • When it comes to bathing, try not to run a bath that is very hot as this does not aid the already low oils in the feet
  • Water! Water! Water! Drink loads of water to assist with hydration – this applies to assisting the entire body and skin in general
  • The correct size and shape shoe is paramount for your feet’s health. Ensure your shoes allow your feet to breath and whenever possible remove your shoes and socks to aid the breathing process

Sometimes all your feet need is some TLC, and this can come in the form of a Foot Spa.

Here is a how-to video on treating dry feet to answer the question: Why are my feet so dry?

Why Do My Feet Get So Cold?

Why Are My Feet So Cold


  • Cold feet – duh! Obvious right? Yes, but there are cold feet, and there are icy feet – knowing the difference is paramount. Feet that numb up and are tender to the touch are bad news
  • If your feet literally freeze up, go white and lose blood flow, then you have a worse problem than just cold feet
  • White or very blue feet is a sure sign of too cold feet – in addition, feet going numb
  • Burning feet and I don’t mean hot – they can get so cold that they burn


  • Lack of heat – another obvious cause, but sometimes it can be as simple as warming your feet up, against a hot water bottle, heater or just wrapping them up in thick woolen socks will work
  • Bad blood circulation
  • Anemia
  • An under-active thyroid
  • Being a Diabetic
  • Excessive smoking
  • Nerve damage
Why Are My Feet So Dry Hot and Cold

Cures and Preventions

  • A simple good old pair of winter socks can do the trick
  • Warming them up in hot water, slowly at first, so as to not burn them
  • A good foot massage with warm hands and baby oil
  • Beta Blocker tablets, which are for high blood pressure sufferers – the ingredients will heat up your blood basically
  • Intense headache tablets, used for migraine sufferers – similar to the beta blocker method
  • Exercise, especially any form of cardio – so get moving!
  • Wear leather shoes or boots, as leather is a super material for retaining heat
  • Eating warm or even spicy food – sure to heat all of you up in a jiffy

Take a look at Footvitals on Cold Feet – some interesting info here.

Or try this Electric Heated Foot Warmer from Amazon.

What Does It Mean When Your Feet Are Hot?

Why Are My Feet So Hot


  • Hot feet – another duh moment – but don’t mistake hot feet for cold feet, which can actually burn to the point that you think they are hot
  • Itchiness and rashes – the type that makes you go crazy
  • Dry, flaky patches where the skin actually peals off
  • You feet are painful when walking


  • Nerve ending damage
  • Being a Diabetes sufferer
  • Uncomfortable shoes, especially high heels (those that elevate your heel too much are bad news)
  • Too much alcohol
  • Being an HIV/AIDS sufferer
  • Certain medication can cause your feet to heat up – check the ingrediants of your meds and ask your doc
  • Hot, spicy food
  • Athletes Feet
  • Vitamin B deficiency
  • Standing or walking for too long
  • Being exposed to high tempertures that possibly could burn your skin like the sun or a sunbed

Cures and Preventions

  • Avoiding alcohol and that includes alcohol based medications Even mouth wash should be avoided
  • Taking pain meds like Tylenol and Advil will help
  • Cooling your feet down regular with cold, icy water baths
  • Airing your feet regular and ensuring that the shoes you are wearing are not too tight or too high
  • Taking time to sit down regular, if your day incorporates long periods of standing or walking

Cold Therapy Socks are all the rage – try them to cool down those tootsies!

Take a look at an informative video on Burning Feet Syndrome.

Buzzfeed tells us how to keep your feet warm with a cool video how-to.

As you can see, there are many reasons and many remedies for why your feet are dry, cold or hot. Check out the symptoms, try the remedies and be nice to your feet. They carry you from A to Z everyday and without them you would be quite lost.

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  • Analyze the symptoms
  • Diagnose the problem
  • Eliminate the cause
  • Treat the issue
  • Continue to look after your feet going forward – prevention is much better than the curethe symptoms
A Foot Affair: Why Are My Feet So Dry, Hot N Cold
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