What Type of Footwear Protects your Entire Foot

It is back to school season and we are all in the market for a new pair of shoes. The question that is on every parent’s mind is what type of footwear protects your entire foot? This is a great question to ask. There are so many different types of footwear out there, but what it the best type to buy for you and your family. I will give you my opinions on the best footwear that will also protect your foot. I am a shoe lover, so I know my stuff!

What Type of Footwear Protects your Entire Foot? 

1. Riding Boots

What Type of Footwear Protects your Entire Foot riding boots

One of my favourite actresses states how she wears boots because it protects her entire foot. The shaft is often high and is fitted around your calf so it makes it difficult for dirt to enter inside of your boot.

Riding boots are sturdy and reliable footwear as well. They are quite versatile since they go with different outfits and can be worn on all sorts of occasions. I have pairs for work, pairs for play and pairs for everything in between. The bottom line is that riding boots are my top choice for footwear that protects your entire foot.

2. Cross Trainers

What Type of Footwear Protects your Entire Foot cross trainers

You may have heard of this kind of sneaker before. They provide the best support and are very flexible. If you are a runner or jogger, these are your sneaker of choice. They will protect your foot from shin splints and provide support for the arch of your foot.

As a runner I swear by these sneakers. If you do not believe me, then talk to your orthopaedic doctor. They recommend cross trainers because they can be used for multiple sports. Great for running, tennis, soccer, rugby and so much more.

3. Work Boots

Yes, you knew these would be on the list. Most comfortable work boots are survival footwear for those who want to protect their entire foot from a work injury (for example if you are a sawer and you have to use chainsaw for work, I guess you will need have a pair of work boots with steel toe cap). The jury is out as to whether you should purchase a pair with a steel toe in it (I have friends who love them and one’s who believe they are dangerous), so I will say it is a buyers choice.

What Type of Footwear Protects your Entire Foot work boots

Work boots are made to be worn all day so they have great arch support, they are usually made of waterproof leather and most have padding at the top of the shaft for added comfort against your leg. I personally recommend Timberland, Irish Setter and Cats for my work boot of choice. Many new workers will purchase Tim’s while those who have been working for a while will go with Cats. It is a personal preference.

4. Military Boots

They have military boots available as well and the great part is, is that they look like everyday boots. They offer steel toe, removable orthotics, great arch support and all day comfort. They are basically your army shoes, but in boots form.

What Type of Footwear Protects your Entire Foot work shoes

When looking at military make sure they have safety first labels on them so you know you are not purchasing a regular pair of boots. This will allow you to know if they have shock absorbers, if they are safe around electrical hazards and so much more. The best part is that you are able to run from site to site in your boots, but also have the protection of a military boot. It is the best of both worlds.


When looking for footwear that protects your entire foot, be sure to look for the following items: safety first labels, check the soles, moisture wick lining, stable soles, it completely covers your foot, you have wiggle room in your toes, proper support, comfort and that you have tried them on in the store.

If you follow those rules then you will find the perfect pair of shoes for you or family member. It may be difficult at first, but the right pair of shoes is out there!

What Type of Footwear Protects your Entire Foot
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