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The 3 Best Onewheel Shoes For The Smoothest Ride

The 3 Best Onewheel Shoes For The Smoothest Ride

There’s nothing else quite like riding a Onewheel. It’s a unique experience for both old skaters and those who have never skated before. Before you embark on the journey of learning this new hobby, it’s good that you’re thinking about what are the best Onewheel shoes to use.

Your shoes are the only thing that connects you to your board, which is why having a proper pair plays a huge role in the overall experience of riding. In the case of the Onewheel, you make the board move by applying pressure, which is why you need to have good control over your feet.

Because the activation of the sensor is the most important part of this ride, we recommend wearing shoes with flat soles. Since it’s important that you apply an even amount of pressure to the whole front pad, a flat sole would be the best solution.

Wearing the right pair of shoes will make you feel connected to your board, creating a smoother and more enjoyable experience. Skateboarding shoes are designed in a way that will help you feel the board beneath your feet, and Onewheel shoes are no different. Let’s see what are some of the best ones.

What makes shoes good for a Onewheel?

The 3 Best Onewheel Shoes For The Smoothest Ride

So, what exactly makes shoes good for a Onewheel? The most important feature you should look for is wide soles, both on your heels and your toes. With wide-sole shoes, you’ll get more control over your board and a lot more stability in your feet.

If you’re not looking for shoes that are specifically designed for skating, a nice pair of basic shoes could be a good choice, too. However, make sure you find a pair that has a really wide sole and a heel that’s flat on the ground.

Most of our everyday shoes are designed so that the toe and heel areas are more narrow than the rest of the shoe. On top of that, these shoes often have raised heels or gaps that make them good for running, for example. However, that could be a problem if you decide to wear such a pair on a Onewheel.

You need a flat, stable shoe that will enable you to distribute pressure on the pad evenly. Because of that, we recommend that you look for your new pair of Onewheel shoes in the skateboarding section of your local sports store.

These shoes are often designed so that they provide all of the features we’ve mentioned. On top of that, they’re usually made of high-quality materials that can last you for a long time. Although Onewheel is usually pretty easy to ride, with the right pair of shoes the whole experience will be even more enjoyable.

Should I go for a pair of high, low, or mid shoes?

Besides the type of sole, you should also think about what kind of shoes you’d want depending on their height – high, low, or mid.

Of course, for good ankle support and protection, we recommend reaching for a pair of high-top shoes. However, if you’re looking for more flexibility, mids and lows might be the best choice for you.

If you’re a total beginner and need the most protection and stability you can get from your footwear, then high tops are what you need. Not only will they keep your ankles safe, but they’ll also give you more control over your board.

Plus, you’ll be at a much bigger chance of avoiding those awful burns if you slip off and hit the wheel. If you’re an experienced rider, however, you probably want to experiment a bit with your board. In that case, a pair of high-top shoes might be too limiting.

With low-top shoes, you’ll provide your ankles with more freedom to move around. If you already have good control over your board, wearing this type of shoe shouldn’t be an issue. They’re quick and easy to put on, too, which is always a good thing.

In the end, what type of shoes you choose depends purely on you, your preferences, and how you ride. Just make sure you get the ones that will help you get the most out of your ride and make you fall in love with it more with every move you make.

The best Onewheel shoes

When asking around about what are some of the best Onewheel shoes you can get, most answers will probably revolve around three brands: Converse, Vans, and Nike. And for a good reason, too.

These brands are known as classic, skating shoes. Especially Vans, which were designed specifically for skaters. However, Vans, Converses, and Nikes have become popular worldwide, and not just for skating.

Although they’re now a part of the mainstream fashion scene, they’re still good for what they were originally made for – sports. Don’t let the hype around these shoes stop you from enjoying the amazing features they offer. Here are our top picks.

1. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star is always a good choice

The 3 Best Onewheel Shoes For The Smoothest Ride

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star is a classic shoe that you probably already own. Maybe in more than one color, too! They’re a staple piece of most wardrobes nowadays, and it seems like they’ve never stopped gaining popularity, no matter what generation wears them.

As for Onewheels, a pair of these classic shoes is a great choice for those of you who decided to try on this new hobby. Yes, we all know how stiff they can be when you first put them on, but don’t let that discourage you.

Put them on and walk around the town for a bit. You’ll notice how quickly they’ll break in. They’ll be an ideal choice for your first pair of Onewheel shoes because of the stability they offer. Not only are their soles flat, with heels that stick to the ground, but they’re also pretty flexible.

Of course, we recommend going for a pair of high-tops that will give you a sense of security. Not only that, but they’ll make you a lot more comfortable when you step on the board because you’ll be able to feel it under your feet.

2. Go with a classic and choose Vans Sk8-hi

(Source: Vans)

Vans is probably the most popular skating brand in the world. Or at least they’ve started off as a skating brand. Now, whether you’re a skater or not, you probably have a pair of Vans that you wear on a day-to-day basis.

Since they were originally designed to be worn by skaters, there is no doubt that they’ll give you an amazing riding experience. Although you could go with pretty much any model they have, we recommend reaching for Sk8-hi if you’re looking for your first pair of Onewheel shoes.

They’re available in a large variety of styles and they’ve become a classic in the Onewheel community. They’ll provide you with plenty of support, cushioning, and soles that are wide enough to enable you to have good control over your ride.

On top of that, the pattern on their soles, and the rubber that they’re made of, will provide you with a good enough grip that won’t make you feel like you’ll slip off your board any second. With that, you’ll have a lot of control, while also feeling comfortable enough to fully enjoy your time.

3. Nike’s SB line

The 3 Best Onewheel Shoes For The Smoothest Ride

(Source: Nike)

And, last but definitely not least, Nike and their SB line was made for skateboarding and proves to be an ideal choice for a Onewheel. Whether you’re looking for high-tops or mid and low ones, this line has got your back.

Nike SBs are made of high-quality materials that will enable you to wear them for a long time without having to buy a new pair. On top of their durability, they have flat soles that give you plenty of control over your board.

Their amazing Zoom Air technology is a game changer. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to enjoy long rides even on bouncy terrains. It won’t impact your ankles, and it helps bring the wheel wobble down to a minimum.