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How To Ship Shoes Without A Box But Still Keep Them Safe

How To Ship Shoes Without A Box But Still Keep Them Safe

The world is developing at a really fast rate nowadays, so there are new trends and opportunities that appear on a daily basis. Shipping that was once insanely expensive and complicated has become a normal thing. Many people have been wondering how to ship shoes without a box but still keep them safe.

It’s truly fascinating to see how things change over time, and that now we have the opportunity to ship items so easily. However, no matter if you’re sending a gift to your long-distance friend, or selling something online, you need to make sure to pack it well so that the package arrives intact.

Even though it sounds simple, sometimes it might be a bit more complicated than we think. But worry not, we’re here to help you out! Today we’ll talk about the best ways to ship shoes without a box and the only thing you’ll have to do is choose the option that fits you best.

So, prepare those shoes as they’ll be ready to ship soon!

How to ship shoes without a box: Top 6 ideas

How To Ship Shoes Without A Box But Still Keep Them Safe

We understand you. Shipping something without a box might be very stressful as you’ll be scared of damaging the product, in this case, shoes. However, there’s no need to worry because there are many tips and tricks that you can use to pack them safely.

And the best part of it is that most of these things can be found in all of our homes. You won’t need to go out and spend lots of money just to wrap the package and ship it without worrying.

Anyway, let’s not waste any more time. Let’s see what you can use to achieve your goal! Here are the 6 best tips and tricks we’ve found for you.

1) Gym sack or dustcover for purse

Two of the most common options that people choose when they are getting a package ready for shipping are a gym sack or a dustcover for a purse. Most of us already have them at home, so we don’t have to run to the store and spend more money.

However, even if we do, it’s not very expensive, but it’s a great way of shipping shoes without a box. Not only will your package stay safe, but it also looks very pretty. As a bonus, the person getting the package won’t have to spend a lot of time unwrapping it.

If you choose this method, it won’t be enough to just put both shoes inside and close the gym sack or dustcover. You’ll need to make sure that they don’t get crushed by one another. You can put something inside them, like the paper you get when you buy brand-new shoes.

That way, it will be difficult to squish them and you’ll prevent any damage from happening. Also, you’ll need to make sure that it’s closed properly. Since it can get easily opened, we suggest you even tie or tape it.

Better safe than sorry! We don’t think that anyone would be happy to get just one shoe, while the other one stays traveling.

2) Zip bag

Zip bags are hiding in almost all of our homes. Even if you never intentionally went to the store to buy them, it’s likely that they somehow ended up in your pantry. Maybe someone came to visit and brought something in it for you, or you simply got a delivery that way.

However, even if you look for a zip bag and don’t find it, you can run to the store and buy it. Luckily, it’s not expensive and it’s a good option for shipping shoes when you don’t have a box to do so.

Another good thing about zip bags is that they’re odor-proof. So the condition in which you’ve packed them will be the condition in which they will arrive to the person you’re sending your package to.

The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure that the bag is big enough to fit your shoes. If you have a chance to do it, it’s best you put one shoe in one zip bag, then another one in the second. And then place both of them in the third bag. That way, you’ll keep them well protected.

What you can also do, is take some paper or rip the pages of an old magazine. Then crumple the paper and put it inside your shoes so they don’t get squished. And there you have it, a perfectly packed pair of shoes that are ready for shipping.

3) Plastic wrap

How To Ship Shoes Without A Box But Still Keep Them Safe

Plastic wrap is another good option when you’re trying to find a way to ship a pair of shoes safely. There are a few types of plastic wraps. However, you can use whichever you have at home or whichever is easier for you to get at the moment.

If you have the plastic wrap that you use in the kitchen to preserve food, you can use that one. But, some people also have those that are used to wrap furniture and huge packets for delivery. If you’re one of those people, then it’s perfectly fine to use that as well.

The only difference is that kitchen plastic wrap is usually a bit thinner and you’ll need to use more of it to secure the package. However, there won’t be any problems using any of these options.

Just as we’ve already advised you to first secure one shoe, then another, and then both together, we’ll tell you to do it again. That way you’ll prevent them from taking any damage and you won’t have to stress about the condition in which they will arrive to the person you’re sending the shoes to.

Plastic wraps are used for shipping very big and easily breakable packages, and they almost never fail. Therefore, you can definitely relax if you choose this option.

4) Bubble wrap

Here comes the bubble wrap to save the day. But, wait! Don’t pop the bubbles this time. I know there’s no better feeling than popping them… However, this time, you’ll need to skip that part. I know, I know; it’s so hard not to do it. But, if you want to keep your package safe, you’ll need those bubbles alive.

What you’ll need for this option is lots of bubble wrap, a pair of scissors, and some tape. Again, it’s best you wrap them separately and then together. However, since bubble wrap is really soft, it’s not essential to do it. It’s totally up to you and you can choose according to how much of it you have.

When you’re shipping shoes without a box, this is definitely one of the best options you’ll have. That’s because the bubbles will keep them safe, but even if they get popped, there will still be a layer of protection around your package.

It’s like having plastic wrap when the bubbles disappear. That’s why this is one of the most popular options when people are shipping packages that can get destroyed easily.

Even though shoes aren’t that sensitive, it’s still important that they are safe since their soles, or even arch support can get damaged if we don’t secure them well.

5) Plastic bag

How To Ship Shoes Without A Box But Still Keep Them Safe

When looking for a way to ship shoes without a box, and you know that it doesn’t have to travel a lot, or it’s a great-quality service, it’s even fine to use this one thing you definitely have at home. It’s also great when you need to send something quickly and you don’t have any time to buy special kinds of wraps.

It’s a plastic bag. Yes, you’ve read it correctly, a simple plastic bag you can get in almost any store when you buy groceries. Even though it’s not the safest option to pack your shoes that way, it’s still fine as an emergency option.

Luckily, you can put your shoes in multiple bags, and then tie them all together to make sure everything stays in place.

The downside of this is that it’s not the best ecological choice and it’s not as good at keeping your shoes safe as other options. But, you can always put some paper inside of them to make sure they don’t get squished, and everything should be fine.

However, it should be one of the last options. If you just don’t have enough time or resources to do it any other way, you should know that a plastic bag is always there.

6) Flat rate envelope

When trying to figure out how to ship shoes without a box, many people forget that it’s possible to use a small flat-rate envelope. Yes, it might sound impossible or like it doesn’t provide any protection to what’s inside your package. However, it’s actually still one of the best options you have.

So, get an envelope and the pair of shoes you’re supposed to ship. If you decide to put both of them together, make sure they don’t get crushed by one another. Instead, use a bigger envelope that will give you a chance to place them carefully.

When you do that, it’s best to try and find another envelope that you can put this in. If you don’t have the chance to do so, it’s not a big problem. This is just a piece of advice for some extra security.

Tape the envelope and make sure that nothing can get opened during shipping. If you have some plastic wrap, you can even wrap the envelope one or two times, just to make sure everything is safe and nothing can get in or out.

Another important thing to mention is that you shouldn’t put anything else except for the shoes. Envelopes are sensitive and can get ripped if you put too many heavy things inside them. So if you’re planning to ship something else too, don’t mix it with this pair of shoes you’ve prepared.

How to ship shoes if you don’t have their original box?

Sometimes the problem you’re dealing with is that you have to ship shoes, but you don’t have their original box. So, you’re worried about whether it’s fine to send them in a random box and how to make everything look nice and keep the shoes intact.

Don’t worry. Even though you don’t have their original box, you can still prepare the package to look simply amazing just by putting some effort into packing the shoes. Luckily, you won’t have to stress about it any longer because we are here to help you out.

Let’s see how to ship shoes without a box, but still, make the whole package look awesome and keep them safe!

1. Let’s start

How To Ship Shoes Without A Box But Still Keep Them Safe

Take any shoe box you have at home and make sure it looks nice and clean. If you don’t have a shoe box, any kind of box that can fit both of your shoes should do the work. So, the first step will be to prepare that and a little brush.

You’ll use the brush to clean your shoes to make sure there’s nothing dirty on them. Even if you never wore them outside, there could still be some dust and you definitely wouldn’t like to ship them in that condition.

2. The next step

If it’s possible, remove the insoles and wrap them in bubble wrap. That way, you will keep them safe, and the customer (or whoever you’re sending the package to) will notice that you’ve carefully prepared their package.

Insoles are very important, especially if you’re packing shoes that are famous for being very comfortable. That’s why this step is recommended if the shoes have removable insoles.

3. The package is almost ready

Now, take some tissue paper or any other padding and put it inside both of the shoes. That way, you will keep them safe and they won’t be at high risk of getting squished. When you’ve done that, take one shoe and wrap it in whatever it is you have (use examples that we’ve talked about, like plastic wrap or bubble wrap…).

Then repeat the process with the other shoes as well. When you’ve successfully protected both of them, you won’t need to wrap them all together again. Instead, carefully put them in the box and make sure that you don’t put them on top of one another. Place them side by side to keep them safe.

When you’ve done that, you can even add additional padding to make sure that when you close the box, the shoes don’t move a lot inside.

4. And done!

Finally, the last step will be to close the box and wrap it so it can’t get opened accidentally while it’s being shipped. You can use any kind of wrap we’ve already mentioned and you won’t have to stress.

Congratulations! You’ve just prepared the package to be shipped safely!