How to Keep Your Feet Warm in Winter in 5 Easy Steps

With winter approaching, and the cold stormy weather it brings us, we need to know how to properly keep our feet warm. We all have our different methods and practices, but I have come up with the top 5 ways of how to keep your feet warm in winter. Just follow my easy how to tricks and you will have the warmest feet in your family guaranteed.

What You Need:

  • Socks
  • Slippers
  • Hot water bottle
  • Soaking tub with warm to hot water
  • Microwave oven
  • Pillow cover
  • Duvet cover
  • Lotion
  • Heating
  • Rice bag wrap

Step By Step Instructions

Suggestion 1: Warm Accessories

how to keep your feet warm in winter 2


Change socks. When your feet sweat during the day, the sweat is dampening your feet. In order to prevent this just change your socks.

Wear thicker socks. And then rub your feet once the heavy socks are on. Remember that wool socks are better insulated than cotton and polyester. There are also thermal socks you can purchase. Once your socks are on don’t forget the slippers!

You can also warm up your socks by putting them in the dryer for a couple of minutes. I love dryer warmed socks.

Suggestion 2: Apply Heat

how to keep your feet warm in winter 1


Get out that soaking tub. Pour warm water in the soaking tub and put your feet in immediately. For kicks and giggles add bubble bath or even some foot cream to the soaking tub.

You can also apply heat with a rice bag. Just simply heat it up and apply it around your feet.

My favourite way on how to keep your feet warm in winter is to use a hot water bottle. Wear your socks and roll the hot water bottle under your feet. They’ll be warm in no time.

Suggestion 3: Your Environment

How to Keep Your Feet Warm in Winter 3


Adjust your heat. If your body that is covered is warm, but parts that aren’t covered are cold, then you may need to adjust the heat settings. Double check and make sure that the windows are closed and drafts are sealed.

Keep your feet wrapped in bed. Make sure the covers are all tucked in around your feet. For added warmth, make sure sheets and blankets are tucked in.

Lie on your stomach when in bed. Blood circulates better when your feet are lying flat. With your blood circulating better, your feet will warm up faster and stay warmer longer.

Suggestion 4: Be Active

When sitting for a while, you need to move around to warm up. Stand on your tip toes and walk around. Jog in place for a moment or two. Movement helps to circulate your blood better.

Rub lotion on your bare feet. This helps with circulation. Then put on your socks and slippers.

Just rub your feet. Do this for a minute or two. Put your socks back on and then go to bed.

how to keep your feet warm in winter 4

Suggestion 5: Make Your Own Foot Heater

how to keep your feet warm in winter 5

Just take a pillow case and fold it in half. Place safety pins down both sides. Place a hot water bottle inside. Put your feet inside for extra warmth.


These are my top 5 suggestions on how to keep your feet warm in winter. The suggestions are easy enough to follow and most items are in your house already. If you do not have one, you can always modify. My favourite modification is putting my socks in the oven rather than the dryer. This way I can control the heat and make dinner at the same time. It is perfect during the winter season, plus I’m preserving energy.


How to Keep Your Feet Warm in Winter in 5 Easy Steps
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