7 Easy Steps on How to Clean Leather Work Boots

It has happened to all of us; we get home from work and our boots are carrying all of the dirt, grime and other unknown items on them. We want to make work boots last long, but that is difficult when we have to wear them on site for 12 hours a day. That is why I came up with a solution on how to clean work boots.

There are 7 different ways that it can be done, and each is easier than the last one. I have also included to all natural remedies to help keep your work boots looking clean and chemical free. It is the all-natural look that is perfect for every member of your family, not just for your work boots. Let’s start cleaning.

Wipe Those Boots Clean!

The easiest way to clean your work boot is just to grab a rag and clean it the old fashion way. Take the rag or old piece of cloth, and dampen it. Start at the bottom of the boot and work around the toe area and just clean all of the salt and grime off of them. This may take a bit of elbow grease to get some of the mess off of them, but it is not too difficult. The rag will probably need a good wash afterwards. I recommend you keep a rag in your vehicle and then you can just spit on it to get them clean in a pinch.

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Sometimes You Need Some Water and Vinegar

This is my go to cleaning solution. I use it mostly to clean my windows since it is all natural, but you can also safely use it on your boots. Just mix one cup of water and a half a cup of vinegar together and get a rag out to clean your boots. This is more powerful and potent than using just water alone. You can take your rag and just go around the toe and bottom of your boot and work up to the shaft. The boot will be clean in no time.

Toothbrush Time

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The toothbrush will allow you to clean off all of the stubborn caked on dirt that is still to your work boot. You can do this either with the bristles wet or dry. I prefer to clean it with dry bristles since they seem to attack the dirt better when they are dry. Just a personal opinion. When you are done cleaning your boot with the toothbrush, you can proceed to take a rag and lightly dust off the loosened dirt from your work boot. They probably look brand new now.

Just Stomp It Off

If the dirt is not heavily caked on yet, I just stomp my boots on the pavement outside of my vehicle. I can scrape them off and get most of the dirt off prior to using the rag. The best part is since I do this each time I wear my work boots, the less often I have to take the rag or toothbrush to them. I like having a bit of dirt on my work boots since it shows they are for working in, but I do not want them to look as though I work in a mud puddle. Just stomping them out creates that authentic work book looks for me.

Allow Mud To Dry

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When the mud is dry, it is easier to clean off. You can take a shoe brush and brush it off that way. I always advise you to allow mud to dry on your boot. Most boots are waterproof, so it should not hurt the leather of your boot. Once you brush off the dried off mud, then just take a rag and buff it clean. It will be as if you never walked through that mud puddle at work today.

Get Out The Waterproof Leather Spray

Once you have cleaned off your work boots, I always recommend you spray them with a waterproof spray to keep the leather looking clean. The waterproof spray will also make your life easier by helping keep dirt loose on your work boot so you can stomp it off or wipe it off easier. See, these waterproof sprays do help to keep our lives much easier. You can just go to Wall Mart or your local retail store that sells work boots to purchase an inexpensive waterproof leather spray.

Keep it Chemical Free

My friend and I are into all natural remedies. If you are like us and would rather use water and vinegar to keep things clean, then instead of a waterproof spray with harmful chemicals, use beeswax to coat on your leather work boots. This will also keep dirt off of your work boots and, bonus; it will keep them waterproof as well so you can wear them during rain, sleet, snow and ice. The beeswax is easy to wipe onto your work boot. Just allow it to dry prior to wearing them.


Now that you know how to clean your work boots go ahead and clean all of the boots in your house. I always like to clean with a holistic approach and keep things all natural. By cleaning with the bees wax, you will make work boots last long, especially the leather.

When your work boot is waterproof, it can see all four seasons and continue to see another four seasons until they need to be replaced. Just remember: stomp, wipe, brush and use water and vinegar solution to keep those work boots clean.

Once they are clean, then keep the leather healthy with either a waterproof spray or use the all-natural bee’s wax that can be located in many stores. Your work boots will be around for years to come (just may need to replace the sole). Go ahead, walk through that mud puddle.

7 Easy Steps on How to Clean Leather Work Boots
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