Best Georgia Boots Reviews 2017: Find The Ultimate Boot To Start Your New Year

Whether you spend a lot of time on your feet or if you are working in a demanding and arduous environment, having Georgia boots reviews can greatly reduce the strain on your feet and keep you comfortable throughout the day.

50 years ago, the trusted gumboot would have been the ultimate choice, hands down. But with the latest advances of technology, people look for boots that are not only comfortable, but also have a sense of style.

The Georgia boot is made for the hardworking man and the company lives by their motto created in 1937. To this day, they believe that your boot should work just as hard as you. We will explore Georgia work boots reviews for 2017.

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Key Features of the Georgia Boots

The Georgia boot is one of the more affordable types of working boots on the markets. The Georgia Company prides itself on quality and using some of the best imported leather on the market.

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With that said, here are a few key features to look out for in Georgia boots:

  • Durability: Having a shoe that is durable is the most important of all the features. With durability, you will have the opportunity to use the boot longer and even for more purposes than just work. Maybe you like hiking of off-road biking. With highly durable shoes, you will be able to do all of these tasks with one pair of shoes.
  • Style: Does your job have a specific dress code? Well if that is the case, you will need a shoe that not only completes its intended purpose, but also matches your working outfit. Sometimes you will also need to buy a shoe that matches your daily style and dress code.
  • Purpose: It is extremely important that you clearly define the purpose of the shoe. If you need to walk through swamps all day, you will need a shoe that is longer and waterproof, but if you are working in the corporate industry, you will need a comfortable shoe that is anti-slip for walking on chemical filled and slippery surfaces.
  • Comfort: Finally we look at comfort. A shoe should fit you like a glove at all times and make you feel extremely comfortable. If you are a supinated or pronated walker, you would need a shoe that fits into this medical condition and provides you strength and comfort.

With a wide variety of different working shoes, the Georgia Company has a shoe for every part of your job. Sometimes you will need quality over style, but the Georgia Company has the capability to incorporate both of these elements into your shoe.

These four features are extremely important when we look at the Georgia and will definitely need to be considered before buying the best shoe for your job.

Now Let’s Look at the Georgia Boots Reviews for 2017

1. Georgia Giant Men’s Romeo Slip-On Work Shoe

One of the more functional boots on our list, the Georgia Men’s slip-on work shoe is one of the most durable shoes on the market.

The shoe is made from durable, full grain leather molds that are made to protect your foot from any weather condition. With a high quality rubber sole, this shoe will allow you to walk through water puddles and even mud without getting your feet wet or damaging the leather.

The EVA stable midsole is made to provide comfort and the stabilizing steel shank will provide extreme support to your joint, giving you the opportunity to use this shoe in rough and difficult terrains without hassle.

Finally the slip-on style is made with elastic gores and nylon webbing pull-straps to allow easy dislodging of the shoe. This feature will also be of great benefit if you may be late for a meeting and thus you can quickly slip on the shoe.

The shoe is also available in all neutral colors; ranging from light brown to a more stylish darker grey color.

  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Strong durable leather quality
  • Quick-dry lining
  • Extremely comfortable insole
  • Quite narrow shoe opening might be a tight fit for people with large feet

2. Georgia Shoe Men's 6" Wedge Work Shoe

Made as the perfect shoe for barn work or farming, the Georgia 6” men’s wedge work shoe come from the same line of durable leather as the Georgia Men’s slip-on shoe. The leather is imported and is made to resist some of the harshest terrains on the farm.

Compared to the traditional leather shoe, this boots is made with extremely high quality leather that is almost 3 times as strong and 2.5 times more resistant to common abrasions.

The steel shank is added to help promote stability and allow you to climb on to ladders and even step through those destructive pasture chemicals that may damage the average boot.

The Goodyear welt technology is added to give the boot more flexibility and enhance the overall strength that the boot will provide. The boot shaft measures approximately 6” from the arch and will allow you to step through puddles and mud that may damage the average shoe.

Finally the rubber sole is guaranteed to keep your feet safe from those hard and penetrating nails that will easily pierce a normal shoe. The pricing for this shoe is quite affordable and for the quality, it is much cheaper than some of the same quality brands.

On the downside, the rubber sole may be slippery to people working in the factory and if there is oil present, this may sometimes be a problem. The boot perfectly works in the rainy conditions, but it tends to have a little slip in oil.

Overall this boot is made perfectly for farmers and outdoor workers. The quality will last a few years and this shoe is considered to be a once off buy. The multi-functionality is great and the shoe can even be worn for normal everyday tasks

  • Extremely durable for farm work
  • Quite affordable compared to rival brands
  • Great support for people with abrasions and supinated feet
  • Quite slippery in oily and factory work places

3. Georgia Boot Men's Georgia Giant G6274 Work Boot

This lightweight and low profile shoe is made to bring quality and style to your feet. The leather quality is impeccable and will help protect your feet from any rugged terrain.

The rubber soles are sure to protect your feet at the bottom and allow any worker to walk through chemicals and even muddy areas.

This big lace up boot is fitted with full grain leather that will easily mold to the shape of your foot; the mold will stay intact even if you take off the shoe for quite a while, giving you the benefit of choosing the perfect time to wear the boot.

But with the cushion covered insole and the EVA midsole, this boot may be the perfect shoe to wear every time and for all daily tasks as well. Furthermore the boot is fitted with high performance fabric mesh that will line the boot and provide a water resistant effect while still maintaining all the comfort

On the downside the shoe may cause pain and blisters to people with bigger feet and the brass rivets at the ankle may also give you an abrasion incase the fitting size is too small. We recommend ordering half a size bigger to avoid these problems and have a lot of comfort as you work.

Overall this boot is great for multifunctional use and will also help farmers and factory workers alike. If you work in construction you will have the added benefit of ordering this shoe with a steel toe and this will help protect your feet from any hard items that may fall.

  • Great for working in barns and in the factory as chemicals will not penetrate or destroy the shoe
  • Easy fitting and big laces make it great for people struggling to find the right fit
  • Great for pronated and supinated feet, as the leather and insole cushion will easily mold to your walking style
  • The steel toe is not included and needs to be bought additionally
  • People with bigger feet may get abrasions from steel rivets in ankles

4. Georgia Boot Men's Flex Point 6" Work Boot

If you work anywhere in watery and wet conditions, the Georgia men’s flex point work boot will be the perfect fit for you and your job description.

The rubber soles are made extremely durable and the Goodyear technology will not only protect you from sharp objects, but also provide a non-slipping effect on all surfaces.

The added collar is padded to protect from water penetrating from the top, while the water resistant leather will make sure the swamp does not get into your boot.

Not only does the boot exert some great style, but it also provides a quick-lace system to get you on your feet in no time and these laces are extremely strong to resist the harsh and ruggedness of nature.

The rear pull loop will keep your laces safe in the woods, while the soft insole also provides comfort and allows you to step easily without hassle. The insole is made to perfectly mold to the shape of your foot and provide added comfort all the time.

We could not find anything negative to say about this shoe, it is 100% waterproof and made for the outdoor working environment. Farmers and construction workers alike will love the fit and even people with bigger foot sizes will be able to wear these boots with ease.

  • Everything about this shoe seems perfect for outdoor use
  • Waterproof to keep your feet dry in any terrain
  • Comfortable fitting and moldable insole to support any medical foot condition
  • A little expensive for the person not buying this for work

5. Georgia Boot Men's Athens Work Boot

The Georgia Athens boot is made with style and comfort in mind. While providing you the comfort of all the Georgia working boots, this boot is fashioned with the old wild west style in mind and the synthetic sole will provide you great grip on any surface, while maintaining a great look.

The opening measures at around 15” wide and will be a great addition to anyone with bigger feet sizes. The shaft is around 11” from the arch and this will help keep your feet from getting wet or muddy.

Furthermore the high quality leather will keep your feet dry and is completely waterproof in even the toughest of conditions.

For people with supinated or pronated feet, Advanced Memory Polyurethane foot bed will easily mold to the shape of your feet and keep that shape as long as you own the shoe. And if you need more support, the boot is fitted with a patented anchor disk by Georgia to give you added strength and a more comfortable walk.

  • Perfectly made for supinated or pronated feet
  • Wide opening will support bigger feet
  • Large ankle area that will not only provide comfort, but also great support
  • Made to fit the old Wild West style
  • The synthetic sole may damage more easily than the standard rubber soles in the Georgia footwear lines

Final Thoughts

The Georgia range is one of the best work boots brands on the market. They are not only affordable to the middle income citizen, but they also provide years of excellent quality. For the farm and construction worker, we recommend the Georgia Boot Men's Flex Point 6" Work Boot. This boot will give you years of durability and also has an added waterproof feature to keep your feet dry.

As for style the shoe comes in a few neutral colors that will fit your everyday clothing and the added high quality insole will provide excellent comfort to anyone, regardless of your walking style. The boot may be a little expensive, but you are sure to make up your money with every year you do not need to buy new shoes.

Finally we would like to thank you for reading our article on Georgia boots reviews and we would like to know more about the types of shoes that you may be interested and if you have had any great success with these shoes. Please share this with your friends and maybe help someone have a better shoe for the next working year.

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Best Georgia Boots Reviews 2017: Find The Ultimate Boot To Start Your New Year
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