What’s The Difference Between Composite Toe Vs Steel Toe Boots?

Protective safety shoes are essential to wear in order to have healthy feet. These protect your feet from injuries and mostly reduce the severity of injuries that might occur at your workplaces.

The safety shoes which are present today are comfortable, stylish, and flexible and at the same time help to prevent any serious injuries. There are two types of safety boots widely available in the market. They are best composite toe boots and best steel toe boots.

I will list down certain parameters through which you can decisively know the difference between composite toe vs steel toe boots and for certain the best option needed for you. Before that, let’s look at the benefits of each of this safety footwear individually.

What Exactly is Steel Toe Boots?

This footwear has been used in the industry since long and still is chosen by many because of the low price in which it is available. This safety footwear exceeds the OSHA standards and they have the steel in the shoe toe area.

One of the best features which the steel shoe offers is the compression factor, this varies from a single company to the other and also this is reflected by the demand of the customers .This is one product we would like to recommend Men's Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work Shoe

Steel toe shoe gives a more flat protection than the composite one and it is best suited for hazardous environment.

These shoes are ideal to wear to places where there is heavy industry work going on and it is very much hazardous if one has to deal around nails, glasses and rubber around. It alarms the metal detectors and should not be used if one has to walk for a long distance. These steel toe shoes should not be missed Caterpillar Men's 2nd Shift 6" Steel Toe Boot.

Learn about Composite Toe Boots

These are products which are usually using lightweight and they prove out to be more comfortable than the steel toe ones. These shoes meet the minimum requirement of the OSHA and these are neatly 30% lighter than the steel toe.

It is will be comfortable to wear the composite steel toe during the winters but these are more expensive than the steel toe ones. Do check out Timberland PRO 6" TiTAN Composite Safety-Toe Work Boot.

Metal detectors do not get alarmed with composite shoes as it not made of metal and it is best to wear these in freezing zone. These shoes are used by electricians mostly and can be used if you have to walk for long distances. One may find Carhartt Men's CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boot useful.

The Difference Between Steel Toe vs Composite Toe Boots

As both the shoes provide a good protection to the toe, it is always expected to consult your respective at your workplace whenever making such a selection regarding the safety boots. As in some fields, a composite toe is recommended whereas in others steel toe boot is needed. So, it all depends on your requirements.


Steel Toe Boots

Composite Toe Boots

Puncture Protection


Not so Good

Shatter Proof









Insulation During Winter



Electrical Resistance

Not so good



Heavy Duty Steel

Non-Metal Material like Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, Fiber, Plastic etc

Safety Level



1. Lightweight

Steel toe shoes are known to have higher weight as compared to the composite shoes. Steel toe boots are designed to protect the feet of the workers from hazardous work situations. It is very much suitable and needed by electrician, construction worker mostly.

Composite toe boots do not contain any metal but composite material like Kevlar, plastic, carbon fiber etc. Therefore, they are not that much heavy and are ideal option for someone who prefers lightweight shoes.

2. Price

As far as the price is concerned, we have seen that steel toe shoe costs less as compared to the composite toe shoes.

Composite toe boots have always known to be more expensive than the steel toe boots. However, it depends mostly on the need of the person who buys it as each server different purposes.

difference between composite toe and steel toe boots important

3. Insulation Provided and Shatter Proof

If a comparison has to be made with respect to the insulation provided between both the steel toe shoes then composite toe shoes are known to give great insulation especially in cold climates than the steel toe boots. Steel toe boots are known to be considered better as being shatter proofed than composite shoes.

4. Electrical Resistance and Puncture Protection

One more aspect where we find a difference between the two safety shoes is the resistance to electric. Composite toe boots offer better electrical resistance than when exposed than steel toe boots.

Steel toe boots give its users with a much better puncture protection than a composite toe one under hazardous work situations. We got a video like a test with a electric chainsaw and a pair of steel toe boots to give you see the importance of these boots when you work with chainsaw or construction site.

Check out the video: Electric Chainsaw and Steel Toe Boot Test

General Overview

If your work requires to parade to and fro through a metal door a number of times then a composite shoe will be a better option than a steel toes boot.

Next, if the equipment with which a worker has to deal with and carry around is very heavy, then a steel toe shoe will be a wonderful option as it will keep their feet safe in case the heavy objects slips from their grip accidently. For people who have to work around a lot of nails and sharp objects then there can be a no better option than steel toes boot.

Composite shoes would act as a protection as well as a source of comfort in freezing climate.

Have a look at this video about the AV Tire go over these boots to test their protection.

Making sure you choose the right pair of safety shoes is important as the protection of your feet lies in your hands. Both the shoes are known to protect your foot from getting injured and hurt while you are at a particular task. They both are considered equally good at impact resistance and compression resistance.

We have made the comparison and we hope that the difference between composite toe vs steel toe boots help you to make a more wise choice regarding the best safety boots.

What’s The Difference Between Composite Toe Vs Steel Toe Boots?
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