Chippewa Boots Review 2017: Find The Ultimate Boot For Multifunctional Use

Chippewa has been supplying US citizens with the ultimate multipurpose boot since 1901. The Chippewa boots review are extremely durable and made to withstand any environment. No longer will you need to buy a specific boot for every task as the Chippewa boots will fill all your multifunctional needs and can be used as working boots or just casual everyday boots.

Exploring the Chippewa boots and coming up with the best Chippewa boots was not that difficult at all. The company already has a proven track record of satisfying customers and their handcrafted quality leather statement speaks for itself. But before we look at the best boots, we would like to show you some top features to look at and consider before buying you next pair of boots.

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Essential Features To Look For Before Buying Multi-Purpose Boots:

You may think that all boots are the same, but the real truth is that all of them are different and most boots only serve a certain purpose. Finding a boot that is both high quality and looking great, may be a tedious task and therefor many people settle for buying more than one shoe. This can be expensive and you can save that extra cash by considering these features for your next pair of boot.

  • Quality: First and foremost, we always need to look at quality and the type of materials used to construct the boot. Having a high quality boot will save you a lot of cash on the long run and ensure that your boots not only feel great, but that they also look good.
  • Durability: This feature will go hand in hand with quality. If you are looking for a boot that you need to wear every day and put through a lot of difficult situations, the durability level definitely needs to be considered. If your boots are highly durable, you will obviously be able to wear them more often and this will save you money in the long run.
  • Purpose: Understanding the reason for buying boots will allow you to make a better and more informed decision on the type of boots you need. Multi-purpose boots are generally made to withstand the punishment of everyday life and they will help protect your feet in nature. But you need to make sure that your shoes are made to step in puddles of water and if the shoe has adequate grip when you work in slippery environments.
  • Comfort: Finally, with any shoe you buy, you will need to inspect the comfort. This means that you will need to fit them and make sure that they do not hurt your feet and if you may have pronated or supinated feet, you will need to ensure that the insole can be adjusted of removed. This will save you a lot of extra foot pain and joint problems.

With so many brands out there, it is important to make sure that the boot you choose fits this criterion. The Chippewa brand has been around for 115 years, giving them an advantage over most of the newer brands when it comes to experience and trustworthiness. We have scoured stores and online stores, to find the best Chippewa boots review and let you know all the key features and how they may benefit you.

With That Being Said, Let’s Look At The Top Multi-Purpose Boots To Meet All Your Needs

Top 4 Chippewa Boots Review

1. Chippewa Apache Lace-Up Boot

Using imported leather and handcrafted in the USA, the Chippewa Apache lace-up boot brings style and quality together at a very affordable price. The boots feature a chocolate worn mixture color to hide any dirty spots that may appear on the boot as you work from day to day.

The synthetic sole on this boot has been made to provide comfort in every step and to protect your feet from the bottom up. The will mold with your steps and allow a smooth transition through every step that will neutralize any foot pain and sharp objects you may step on.

A thick removable cushion is featured on the inside of this boot, the cushion will easily mold to the shape of your foot and should it become dirty, you could just remove and wash the cushion. The cushion may be washed in a washing machine, but we recommend a soaking hand wash to ensure it is perfectly clean and odorless again.

The drill vamp lining not only looks good, but will ensure that water cannot easily penetrate. Unfortunately the boot is not waterproof, but we consider it to be water resistant and this will allow you the opportunity to step through puddle, but not in the swamp through muddy conditions.

The shaft measures approximately 6” from the arch and the laces will go up high to the top. This will keep your feet sturdy and support your joints and ankles when walking through rugged terrains.

Overall this is a great boot for construction workers and anyone working in difficult and uneven terrain environments. The boot will ensure that your feet are protected and the soft cushion will provide the ultimate comfort along the way

  • Great for rugged and uneven surfaces
  • Easy to lace up
  • Provides a tight and supporting fit
  • Looks stylish and always clean
  • Not waterproof and may be cause irritation in wet conditions

2. Chippewa Men's 6" Rugged Handcrafted Lace-Up Boot

With a hand crafted leather exterior, the Chippewa Men’s 6” lace up boot should be the perfect fit for all your needs. The leather is made in the USA and has been rated as one of the top quality leather products in the world. This will ensure that you have the ultimate quality to protect your feet from difficult and rugged terrains.

The boot features a standard lace up D-ring to ensure that you can have the perfect tight fit and the laces have made from extremely high quality materials. This will also ensure that you never have to replace them or fear that they might break.

For people with supinated and pronated feet, the boot features a removable insole. The insole already provides a ton of comfort, but this will allow you to insert your very own custom made insole to ensure that every step is comfortable. People with supination tendencies will also enjoy the 5.75” sturdy shaft. This will protect your joints and keep your ankles from taking all the strain.

Finally the boot has been designed to give that worn look while still providing some sense of style. A USA pin has been added to the bottom of the laces and the color will almost give the effect of quality shoes that have been worn for a few years. The Vibram sole is extremely tough and will ensure that slippery surfaces never get you down at work or in everyday life.

Overall this is a great shoe for all purposes and can be used as farming boots or in wet swampy conditions in the woods.

  • Great for multi-purpose use
  • Easy to lace up and get a perfect fit
  • Resistant to all weather conditions
  • Extra support for supinated feet
  • Slightly expensive and difficult to find in other countries than the US

3. Chippewa Men's 9" Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe EH Logger Boot

If you are looking for a more modern style boot, made to withstand the swamp and all treacherous conditions, the waterproof insulated steel-toe boot will be the perfect fit. The boot features an extremely high arch measuring 9”. This will come in handy in the woods to keep out anything trying to get inside or protect your lower legs from sharp and dangerous bushes.

The waterproof feature of the boot is great for loggers in the wet swamps, but will also be very beneficial to farmers and construction workers. The boot features a synthetic sole that will keep mud from coming inside and creating that irritating mushy feeling when you walk.

With many boots failing to withstand electrical charges, this boot has certainly overcome that barrier. Even with the added steel toe to protect rom falling objects, the insulation will still keep out and stop all electrical charges from damaging your feet. This is a great benefit of construction workers and electricians working in dangerous environments.

Finally the removable 460 Texon waterproof insole will ensure that water cannot penetrate from the bottom. The sole will also adapt and mold to your feet, giving you a smooth painless walking experience and supporting your feet wherever you walk.

Overall the boot is great for all uses and especially in construction and maintenance. Your feet will be protected from electrical charges and even dirty and infected water, making this shoe great for almost any physical job. It's one of the best steel toe boots.

  • High arch to support joints and ankles
  • Resistant to electrical charges
  • Steel toe will protect your feet from falling objects
  • Short 30 day warranty may not be enough to adequately test out the boots

4. Chippewa Men's Street Warrior Engineer Boot

A high arch boot, measuring almost twice the size from the arch to the top than your average working boot, the Chippewa men’s street warrior is made for working in the big city. The boot features a type of style that represents class and can be worn with almost any wardrobe.

The boot is made from pure leather and also features leather linings that will ensure quality and durability throughout your working experience and even though the boot may seem expensive, the price will average itself out over the multiple years of use you will have with the boot.

The Vibram sole is one of the patented features in most Chippewa boots and will provide a great stepping experience. The sole will absorb all the impact from the ground an allow you to have a smooth transition through every step.

For added protection and to ensure a secure fit, the boot offers and added steel shank and buckles that will give that tight and snug fit. The steel shank will keep your feet protected from dangerous objects in construction yards and give you peace of mind to complete your job without hassles.

Overall the style of the boot fits the style of the city and even though the boot will still be great for multiple outdoor uses, we like to recommend it for construction and engineering use in the city. The boot will also keep your feet dry in the rain and the 13” opening make this a great fit for people with larger feet.

  • Stylish and high quality
  • Easy to slide on and off
  • Added steel shank to increase protection
  • Designed for engineering and construction use only
  • Many people may not trust the buckling system over laces

Final Thoughts:

The Chippewa brand is one of the top brands on the market that not only caters for the working citizens. Most of the Chippewa boots can be used for an extremely diverse range of activities and this may sway their style to your favor. The prices may seem harsh at first, but the quality evens out the price over the long run.

While it is difficult to choose the number one Chippewa boot, we have decided that the Chippewa Men's 6" Rugged Handcrafted Lace-Up Boot will meet the need of almost any job requirement and still allow you to go about your everyday life. The boot not only asserts style, but also provides all the comfort in the world to accommodate supinated and pronated feet as well.

We would like to thank you for reading this article "Chippewa Boots Review" and we hope that it will give you more insight on the Chippewa brand and how multi-functional their products really are. We would like to encourage you to share your experiences with us and tell us how you have enjoyed using the Chippewa boots to fulfill your everyday needs.

Chippewa Boots Review 2017: Find The Ultimate Boot For Multifunctional Use
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