A Complete Brooks Ghost 9 Review

The Brooks Ghost 9 is one of the most reliable neutral trainers on the market. When it comes to modern shoes, there are many different aspects that you need to look at, including durability, comfort, and breathability. The Ghost 9 expertly combines all of those features to give you a running shoe that is truly the complete the package.

Last update on 2019-12-20 PST - Details

Footwear with Astounding Versatility

We start our Brooks Ghost 9 review by looking at its many uses. The model is extremely comfortable, while also being both sturdy and reliable at the same time. That versatility is extremely important, and it shows throughout all parts of the shoe.

You can use the Ghost 9 as a classic running shoe, but it also works as a piece of footwear you can bring to the gym or wear in more casual circumstances. This is key because it means this shoe is perfect for all types of exercise.

It is rare to find a shoe that is great for both light and heavy runners, but the Brooks Ghost 9 perfectly fits the bill. It is also a good option for anyone who wants extra cushion as they go about their daily life.

A Soft Cushion for All Walks of Life

What makes the Brooks Ghost 9 so special is how much it packs into a tight, slick shoe. There is simply no essential part that this model doesn't cover. You get great traction, good cushion, and a firm, responsive feel. Not to mention, all of those incredible traits come at an extremely affordable price.

At the forefront of those features is the Ghost 9's cushion. The model is built with Brooks' signature BioMoGo DNA foam to provide extra support with each and every step. The foam also does a great job of adapting to each person's individual stride and taking pressure off the body.

Another bonus of the special cushion is that it transitions both momentum and energy from the point your foot strikes to other regions of the sole. That creates a strong energy transfer to help make your workouts much smoother, regardless of how hard or long you run.

The cushion is also not too soft without being too hard either. That mix gives you the soft feel you need for longer runs, as well as the firmness for shorter bursts.

The final part of the comfort is how quickly the shoe is to break in. You get to wear them right out of the box, which cuts down on spending time in uncomfortable or hard shoes.

An Upgraded Upper: New and Improved

Brooks Men's Ghost 10 Primer Grey/Metallic...
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Brooks Men's Ghost 10 Primer Grey/Metallic...
  • Surface: Road. Differential: 12mm. Offers medium to high arch support. Engineered mesh upper provides breathability and needed stretch. Lightweight synthetic overlays. Traditional lace-up closure. Plush tongue and collar. Soft fabric lining for a great in-shoe feel. Removable foam insole. BioMoGo DNA is a blend of earth-friendly BioMoGo and responsive Brooks DNA, and has a gender-friendly cushioning design, making for a dynamic ride. Full-length Segmented Crash Pad accommodates any foot landing
  • Get lost in your thoughts with a smooth and well-cushioned ride in the Brooks Ghost 10.
  • Predecessor: Ghost 9.

Last update on 2019-12-20 PST - Details

Something else to note when conducting an advanced Brooks Ghost 9 review is that, while there are many ways it has been updated over past models, none of are more impressive than the new upper.

This part of the shoe is now seamless and created with new engineered mesh.

That allows it to hug your feet in a snug-but-comfortable way without putting extra pressure on any one spot.

In addition, you get a slightly wider toe box than past models, which offers your feet a lot more wiggle room. There is also a lower heel stack that makes the shoes feel much more grounded, as well as a guiding eyelet on the tongue that ensures it will stay put throughout the entire run.

Traction and the Advanced Crash Pad

The Ghost 9 also offers a lot of grip and strong traction. The unique platform mixes a full-length crash pad with Omega Flex Grooves so that your toe off is consistent wherever your foot falls.

The pad helps you keep a consistent stride on any long runs where it is easy to lose form. It also combined with the fully segmented sole for extra flexibility.

It is easy to look at all of the features covered here and think that the Brooks Ghost 9 is heavy. However, it is quite the opposite. This model is one of the lighter styles you can find, which allows you to run without anything holding you back.

The Ghost with the Most

This Brooks Ghost 9 review covers everything you need to know about the shoe. It is a sturdy, reliable, and cushioned trainer perfect for all sorts of exercises and workouts. It does not matter if you want a tempo trainer or a well-cushioned long-distance shoe, this offers both in one succinct package.

The ample features protect you on longer runs, while the light feel and cushion make sure you never end up with sore feet. It is rare to find a piece of athletic footwear that works for so many different purposes. However, the Ghost 9 truly stands out for that exact reason. When choosing your next casual shoe (for running, jogging or even walking around town) look no further than the Brooks Ghost 9.

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