The Best Red Wing Boots: Everything About Red Wing Heritage You Need To Know

Red Wing Work Boots are one of a kind. I have loved looking at them since I was a kid and always dreamed about owning a pair. I know it is a bit odd, but look at them. They have great tailoring and are made to be worn. They go great with everything you pair them with and they come in a wide variety. Here are some of the best Red Wing boots out on the market today.

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Red Wing Boots Buyer's Guide 

How To Choose The Best Red Wing Boots?

To me, choosing the best pair of Red Wing Work Boots is like choosing the best pair of Converse or Clark's. They all have their traditional looking pair of boots or sneakers, and then they have the new versions that are made even better. Here is what I am looking for when I am choosing a pair of Red Wing work boots.

Look for the golden shoe laces. This to me is the original and the best. They are what Red Wing is all about. The German immigrant who came here to make a solid work boot for men by men.

The golden shoe laces mean they are the crème de la crème of work boots and the top of the line. This is all a man wants, and the type of man many women want to be with. Look for the golden laces.

The other way to choose the best Red Wing boots is to look at the stitching. It should be identical and look as though they have taken their time on it.

These are made in America after all, and they should look well assembled because of it. They need to look tried and true and authentic. Not like other pairs of work boots that look as though the stitching took a few minutes to do.

I want to see the blood, sweat and tears that went into these best work boots and the person who put the blood sweat and tears into them. These are great work boots, and never forget that every time you try them on.

What Are The Advantages and Benefits of A Red Wing?

The advantages of a Red Wing work boot is that they look great and they feel great. A man who wears Red Wing is a man who knows what the most comfortable work boot is all about. He does not need for it to have a steel toe, but he does know that they need to be comfortable and for them to last a long time.

Things to Look For and Attributes that Differentiate Red Wing Boots

Just the look alone separates Red Wing boots from other work boots. They are super stylish yet they are not stuffy. They can be worn with suits and ties or with your jeans and a nice shirt. One of my teachers used to wear them we khakis to school each day. They last for years, not months or days. It seems that the more you wear them the better they look.

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Look at these boots as an investment, not as an expensive boot. These will last longer than any of your other work boots, and will continue to look resilient just like you. You don’t stop so why should your boots?

What’s The Best Way To Use This Product?

The only way to use this product is to wear them like a man. Wear them to work and then switch up your outfit for something else. They look great with jeans and even better dressed up. These are work boots that need to be worn to look great. Do them justice and wear them with a suit sometime. Believe me they will not disappoint.

Top 5 Best Red Wing Boots Reviews

1. Red Wing Heritage Work Chukka

These come in lots of colours! They come in the Oro-lginal, Briar Oil Slick, Copper Rough and Tough, Grey, Brown, Brown Briar Oil Slick Leather, Charcoal Rough and Tough and Copper. All feature Red Wings golden shoe laces which I personally believe makes the shoe. Otherwise they would look quite similar to Clark’s.

These Heritage boots are made of leather and in the US. They have a leather sole and the shaft is about 4 inches from the arch. The heel is about one inch thick and they have a three eyelet chukka for lightweight comfort and easy on and off. The heritage shoes also have an atlas treed sole.


  • Feature the golden shoe laces
  • Easy slip on and slip off
  • Come in several different colours
  • Made in the USA
  • Will last for years, not months
  • Once broken in, they will be great to wear all day, everyday
  • Have a 4 inch shaft
  • Have a leather sole
  • Have great Atlas treed sole


  • Run slightly large - you may need to order a half size smaller if you are between whole sizes

2. Red Wing Heritage Moc 6" Boot

What I love most about Red Wing boots is the fact that there is a colour for everyone and every outfit. These in particular come in 13 colours! I will only name a few since there are so many: Briar Oil Slick, Black Harness, and Copper Work smith, Charcoal rough and tough and Concrete Rough and Tough.

These boots for the most part offer the golden laces. They are made of leather with a synthetic sole. The shaft is about 5 and a half inches from the arch and the heel is about an inch thick with a platform of about three quarters of an inch thick.

The boot opening is about 6 inches wide around and even offer a moc-toe with traction treed rubber outsole. These boots are triple stitched for additional quality and have Goodyear welt construction like all the best boots.


  • Offer 12 different colours so there is a colour for every wardrobe
  • Have Goodyear welt construction
  • Made of leather
  • Have a moc-toe
  • Features a Traction Treed rubber outsole
  • Have a thick heel and platform
  • Extremely comfortable and versatile
  • Look great casual or dressed up
  • Offer the golden shoe laces on most boot colours


  • Does not have the best insoles compared to other Red Wing boots

3. Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger 6-Inch Boot

A lot of colour choices, but not as many as our previous boot. They come in 8 different colours such as Amber Harness, Copper Rough and Tough, Black Harness and Hawthorne Muleskinner.

These boots are made of leather and have a synthetic sole. They are of course made in the USA. The shaft is about 6 and a half inches from the arch and offer a heel that is about an inch thick with a platform that is about half an inch thick.

These boots have a long tongue and several eyelets on the shaft for the laces.


  • Made in the USA
  • Come in a variety of colours
  • Named after the men of Minnesota or were hard working miners - what other shoe brand does that?
  • Beautifully stitched with care


  • The shaft is a bit higher than I’d like
  • Does not have golden laces

4. Red Wing Heritage Beckman Round 6" Boot

Another wide variety of colours to choose from with these Red Wings Heritage boot. You have Cigar Featherstone, Black Cherry Featherstone, Black Featherstone, Brick Settler, Walnut Settler, Chestnut Settler, Cherry, Black Cherry and Tan.

These boots unfortunately do not offer the golden shoe laces that I have come to adore when it comes to Red Wings boots, but these are still great.

They are made of full grain leather and are made in the USA. They have both a leather and rubber sole, and the shaft is about 5 and a half inches high from the arch.

The heel is about an inch an a quarter thick and these boots offer a plain toe ankle with a waxed leather finish and even feature contrast stitching to set the apart from other men’s boots. They have top line piping and a lug outsole.


  • Made of full grain leather
  • Made in the USA
  • Have a thick heel
  • Are a part of the Beckman collection which are the first “truly good shoes” made from Red Wings German immigrant owner Charles Beckman
  • Great with jeans or pair with a suit
  • These are a bit more casual than other Red Wing boots, but still look great dressed up


  • Run a bit large - best to order half a size down
  • Do not have the golden laces

5. Red Wing Heritage Roughneck Lace Up Boot

I love traditional looking Red Wing boots, and these ones look just like them. They come in four different colours such as Briar Oil Slick, Olive Brown Roughneck. Copper Rough/Tough and Black Spitfire. The one that look most traditional is Briar Oil Slick which are of course my favourite.

They are all made of leather and made in the USA which is always a bonus when you are looking to purchase something made in your home country. They have a synthetic sole and the shaft is about 6 inches from the arch.

The heel is about an inch and a half and the platform is about three quarters of an inch thick. These are one of the most durable boots and even have a stylish round toe.


  • Come in four different colours
  • Made in the USA
  • Have a 6 inch Shaft
  • Built to last
  • Will be comfortable after wearing for a day or two
  • Once the sole is broken in, you are good to go with these boots
  • Very well constructed and the appearance is immaculate
  • Made of premium leather
  • Can be worn with jeans or can be worn with suit and tie
  • Have the signature golden laces


  • Run large


Oh this is always my favourite part! It is so difficult trying to pick a favourite pair of my favourite brand of boots! Red Wing’s are all special in their own way, but I have already narrowed it down to the boots that offer the golden laces. I just tossed the others out. This easily swings my decision to the Red Wing Heritage Roughneck Lace up Boots.

These may not be the originals, but they are even better in my opinion. They are well stitched and hand crafted. The leather is amazing and the colours are perfect. Plus best Red Wing boots can go from work to date night and everything in between. Wear then with jeans or with a suit and you are good to go.

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The Best Red Wing Boots: Everything About Red Wing Heritage You Need To Know
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