Best Pickleball Shoes 2019: Find the Top 5 Shoes to Ensure A Great Pickleball Experience

Pickleball is almost considered to be a professional sport and many of the people enjoying the game have started buying professionally designed equipment and clothing. The paddles and the balls may be important, but your footwear has also become one of the most important parts of pickleball.

Buying the best pickleball shoes may be a lot easier than you think and many companies have started designing shoes with all the features already included to give you the ultimate pickleball experience. These shoes are made to provide you with optimal grip on the surface and ensure a comfortable fit throughout the game.

We have decided to them a try and we have found these as the top 5 pickleball shoes on the market. Should you be a beginner or a pro, these shoes will certainly improve your game and experience

Top 5 Best Pickleball Shoes For Men and Women 2017

1. ASICS GEL-Dedicate 4 Tennis Shoe

Made from leather and synthetics, these entry level tennis shoes could make all the difference on the court for you. The ASICS Gel tennis shoes feature an advanced gel feature in the forefoot to provide you with added comfort and easy transitioning into every step.

The leather on the shoe has been refined to create a flexible exterior and the rubber outsole has been specifically designed for people moving fast from side to side. This will ensure that you do not slip and provide you with confidence to go for those difficult shots.

Furthermore, the midsole has been fitted with an advanced Tuss tic system, thus allowing you to move more comfortably and provide you with extra stability.

The midsole has also been designed to perfectly mold to the shape of your foot. This should be a great benefit to anyone with supinated or pronated feet and you will have no excuse to try out the sport.

Overall, these shoes will not only give you extra confidence and stability in a game of pickleball, but they also promote a healthy and happy lifestyle that encourages people to get outside and try new things.

We highly recommend them to anyone starting out in tennis or pickleball and they are extremely affordable compared to some of the other top brands.

  • Incorporates advanced technology for comfort in the midsole
  • Gel cushioning in the forefoot for easy transitioning
  • Great for supinated and pronated feet
  • Extremely affordable
  • Designed for slimmer feet and may cause some pain for people with wider feet

2. ASICS Gel-Challenger 10 Tennis Shoe

The Asics gel challenger has been handcrafted by some of the most experienced sport shoe creators on the planet.

The shoe has been made with synthetic leather and a soft upper mesh to ensure that your feet can breathe on the inside and that they are kept cool on the hot court.

Originally designed for tennis, these shoes incorporate and advanced gel cushioning system in both the forefoot and the back of the shoe. This will provide you with added comfort and also ensure that every step flows, creating a smooth transition between steps with no discomfort.

The PGuard toe protector has been incorporated to protect your feet from any slippery surfaces and ensure that your feet cannot sustain any damage when you accidentally stumble over objects. This will ensure that the shoes are great for everyday use as well as sporting events on the court.

For the supinated and pronated feet, the standard Asics EVA and spEVA midsole technology have been incorporated. This will allow the shoe to perfectly mold to the shape of your feet and ensure a comfortable and quality experience on the court.

Finally, you will be able to experience the advantage of the personal heel fit collar lining to help prevent any abrasions and add the feeling of comfort to your heel, a part of the shoe that people sometimes neglect.

With these Asics shoes, you will be able to perform to your full capacity without having foot pain or any unnecessary problems that may hinder you from becoming the best. We highly recommend these to both pro’s and beginners and you are sure to get a lot of use out of them.

  • EVA and spEVa midsole technology will be beneficial to supinated and pronated players
  • Non-slip rubber sole for a smooth experience
  • Gel cushioned forefoot and back foot cushioning to enhance comfort
  • Personal heel fit collar lining that will prevent any abrasions
  • The shoes are available in a multitude of colors
  • Handmade stitching may leave some flaws and hinder every shoe from being the same

3. ASICS GEL-Game 5 Tennis Shoe

Perfectly designed to bring style to the feet of women, the Asics women’s gel-game tennis shoe will be the perfect and most comfortable addition to you pickleball outfit.

Made from synthetic leather, the shoes can stretch to size and shape of your feet and the break-in period on these shoes should be short and easy.

To help reduce the shock that your feet may experience in a game of pickleball, the shoes incorporate a patented gel forefoot cushioning system. This will help reduce the stress on your feet, while also giving you comfort when moving and allowing a smooth transitioning between every step.

The added Trusstic system will reduce the overall weight on the sole and evenly spread your weight throughout the shoes. This will ensure stability in your playing structure and also help resist fatigue, allowing you to play longer and even train harder to become the best you can.

The shoes also feature a Pguard toe protector that will enhance the strength of the shoes when sliding and protect your feet from abrasions and even hard knock. Women tend to have more fragile feet and this should be extremely beneficial.

Finally, the rubber outsole has been specifically designed for slippery indoor surfaces and will ensure that you have maximum stability when going for those more difficult and longer shots. These shoes will be great for all women and they are sure to provide multifunctional use, thus giving you perfect value for your money.

  • Stretchable synthetic leather to shorten break-in period
  • Trusstic system that evenly spreads your weight and combats fatigue
  • Slip resistant rubber sole designed for indoor use
  • Available in a lot of colors and styles that should please any women
  • Lacks support for more advanced player and speed players

4. ASICS GEL-Resolution 6 Tennis Shoe

While the Asics men’s gel-resolution tennis shoe may be a little more expensive, it does offer some great value to pickleball and tennis players alike.

Not only have the shoes been professionally designed with synthetic leather, but they also feature a high-quality rubber sole to provide extra comfort and add non-slip protection. This should be extremely beneficial on the indoor courts and the stretchable material will ensure a painless playing experience.

The shoes are also fitted with the patented Asics toe guard that will greatly enhance your playing experience and remove any possible pain that may occur from bumps and knocks. This feature will make the shoes great for training and multifunctional use.

Furthermore, the shoes also incorporate a highly professional and patented gel protection layer that will enhance the cushioning for your feet, while the solyte midsole technology will absorb shock to your feet, thus making fatigue more bearable and offering you some added resistance to tiredness.

Finally, the AHAR plus outsole is extra durable and will allow you to wear the shoes for longer, thus giving you more value for your money. These shoes are great for intermediate players and beginners and will allow you to test out the game and train harder to become better.

  • Stretchable synthetic outsole for more comfort and flexibility
  • Solyte midsole technology for better shock absorption and combatting fatigue
  • Great for multifunctional use outside of court games
  • Slip resistant rubber sole for a better moving experience
  • A little pricey for beginners

5. Adidas Performance Barricade Club Tennis Shoes

Adidas has been one of the leading brands for many years when it comes to sports clothing and with the Performance men’s barricade club tennis shoes, they have made no exception.

The design has been specifically made to ensure that you have a tight fit that brings out the natural form of your feet and provides you with extra and longer lasting quality.

To help with foot drag and comfort, the ADITUFF technology has been incorporated around the mid foot and the toe. This will ensure that you never have any abrasions from those fast moves from side to side and when going for that harder to hit shots that may require more speed and risk.

ADIPRENE has been one of the most talked about technological advances made by Adidas. This technology will provide you with a smooth transitioning between stems and also mold to the walking pattern that you exert, making this one of the best features to have in any sport shoes.

Finally, you will have the advantage of the ADIWEAR 6 technology that has been proven to be one of the leaders in durability and traction. The technology will ensure that you never slip and with the torsion system, your feet will be able to perfectly mold the shoe. Making the shoes great for supinated and pronated feet at and extremely affordable price.

  • Advanced technology built into every aspect of the shoe to give you an added edge
  • Great moldable midsole feature for supinated and pronated feet
  • Patented Adidas style and design for unique and attention seeking individuals
  • Advanced rubber sole for perfect traction in every aspect of sport
  • Break-in period may be longer for individuals with larger feet

Final Thoughts

Having quality shoes may very well improve your gaming experience. As tiredness and fatigue start to set in, you will need something to fall back on to get you through the game and still keep your skills at their absolute best.

The Adidas Performance Men's Barricade Club Tennis Shoes might be a little more expensive, but they certainly provide you with a better and more advanced experience. We highly recommend these for the quality and the features. They will also give you more longevity and value for you money.

Thank you for reading this article and we hope that you now have the knowledge to choose the best shoes for your sporting needs. These shoes will be great for any court sports and we highly encourage players to take advantage of the technology incorporated.

We would like to encourage you to let us know more about you experience with these shoes and how they have improved your game. If you have any more questions about the shoes, we would like to encourage you to leave a comment and we will provide you with the necessary assistance.

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